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SC Said “No Government wants strong Judiciary?”. Are our politicians ethically bank

For many days, I am consciously concern and disturbed on the issue of growing of law less-ness in our society, basic problem looks to be failure our social and ethical bonds at a speed coconut fall.

If we, look around our structures of society rich or poor, educated or illiterates, flourishing and disadvantaged, in power and out of power, attached to social and religious bodies or free thinking and so called liberal and moderates all are in one way or the other have shown signs of growing unrest, selfishness, ego, anger, rudeness, less respect for others, growing as introverts, with bare minimal tolerance and respect for the feelings and law and rights of others.

In a society which some times, expressed in celluloid screens of our growing media which is not exemption, nor the political parties and the bureaucratic are we all are equally responsible for our willing run down and giving a pass to our ethics and values. Unfortunately.

No day passes with out a Corruption Scam, Robberies, Killings of innocent, Women raped, and children abused, growing restlessness, and un-abiding are on rise. Our prime time news, and views and forums are hammering for decades on issues that originate from failing people we are either over doing on our effort to curb crime and discourage criminals, or unknowingly or knowingly giving more space and time to make celebrities out of criminals and allow them space and affinity to confuse and fight there war on grounds of sympathy and human right. while the real innocent are defend.

Innocent women are raped every day, the media highlights it if it is a Dalit or Backward, try to give advantage to some and disadvantage to some in politics of vote polarization in the name of dalit, minorities, forward, yadavs, kammas, lingayats and Kashmiry pundits.

They all fail to understand a rape is a rape it is abuse of a women a human being. Our crime comes to center stage when it is done on certain section of the peple and it goes with out mention if it is done to some other sections of society, like a rape and abuse of a whole family and brutal rape of a women by Gujarat Police in Gujarat of Modi 2009.

I am not surprised by the statement of our most respected and biggest temple of protecting law and order and Judiciary of the Nation and giving justice to people of India reaction. When The Supreme Court today said that no government wants a strong judiciary. These observations came during the hearing of the Amar Singh phone-tapping case.

Our governments are our reflection, our vote is instrument in our formations of governments, either we do no understand what amount of damage we are doing by siding with corrupt and selling our votes or not being serious in exercising our right to vote with responsibility towards our nation and our people the result is we are making hands of corrupt and selfish in our political system strong with each vote of ours, our poor and underprivileged even today is dependent of local leaders and soups and attractions of small monetary gain or grain against a vote sold to the tricky and corrupt politicians in nexus with officials this what is understood when we try to go in the depth of how our system is plagued.

Discussing the delays in disposing cases in the lower courts, the bench observed, “No government wants strong judiciary. Look at the allotment made to judiciary in the budget which is less than one percent. ”

Stressing on the need for more courts and manpower, the Court said, ” There is less manpower. On one hand the Suprem Court is saying we do not have enough man power on the other hand we have our CBI and investigative agencies after years of investigation are put to trial be people and media for not coming out conclusively on a double murder case of Arushi, with as few are five people involved two dead and two alive. We have a case of Kasab running as a prime time show capturing.

For every scam under the sky there is a committee, I had said on one of my episodes with Mr. Sayeed Naqvi India is become a CRC nation Corruption Resignation and Commission.

For every exposure, governments go in for a committee with one man, two or many man and buy time, to scrap it from the media focus justifying with large smiles that the government is acting swift on the corrupt and likes to be transparent and effective in it deliberations and running the government. But what happens is a Tain Tain fish at the end of the committee which even if given with most sincerity by the able Judicial Experts has always gone in Thanda Bastas.

Sri Krishan Committee, on Mumbai roits, Sachar Commission, Ranganth Mishra Commisssion, Sri Krishana Commission, all of them are in Thanda Bastas with no sign of any implementations. Enquiries and Enquires and Enquries and little to show on ground, few arrests and few scape goats but no concrete solutions to bring the deterrent fear in the people in power or other wise.

The Supreme Court also added not surprising again, “There are committees and committees. At some point of time we may have to issue directions”

The Supreme Court has asked the Additional Solicitor General, Mohan Parasaran, to inform it of steps taken by the Government on this issue.

Governments busy protecting own interests and working on a strategy to retain power, will do all that is needed to keep them in power and defame, weaken the opposition on all fronts be it any government one single point agenda by a major political activist group in all political parties works on the factor of holding power, the mind set is not greatly service to the people bu service to keep in power and if it comes at cost of damage to the opponents it is most welcome.

Where is political ethics and values where is fair play and passion nation and its people first. Who will drive sense in them all who belong to the family of politics with self brightened and nation saddened.

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