adil mh addressing a forum in Hyderabad

Adil MH BE Civil, M I E Arch Hyderabad 

 Social Activist, &  Architect, Businessmen, Political Analist, Student of  Islam, Promote National and International Brotherhood among all people,  understanding the process of change world is going thru, with concern for our environment and its implecations on our generations.

Creator of Universe, the Almighty has, given us a beautiful place to live, we are best his creation. We should strive to make ourselves worthy of his blessings. Be mindful,  we are with a purpose on Earth and we will have to account for our stay on Earth to the Creator when we meet him on the Day of Judgment,  In life after.

 www.adilmohd.wrodpress.com email.  mhadil@rediffmail.com

Social Activist, Architect Engineer, and Real Estate Developer, and Ex NRI with a 27 years  of experience in Infrastructure Projects, with Multinational Companies, overseas and business and development of projects, and real estates and experiences in various related furniture.

Associated with Socio Political,  Religious, Infrastructure, and Organizations driven to build Unity and Integrity, irrespective of Region, Religion, Caste, Color and Social Status.

Justice and Equality for all people of the world. To, contribute to change in society.

Induce positive energy in the system, say no to negativity. Keep Hope Alive. The Change is round the corner, things are getting better.

President of MEC India,  a Minorities Empowement Council  of India.  Working for the legitimate rights of Minorities in India.  the organization objectives and views can to seen in detial on page MEC India.

A regular in discussions and comments sections on www.cnn.com www.ibnlive.com www.ndtv.com www.indiatoday.com www.headlinestoday.com www.indianmuslim.in www.thakuramarsingh.com www.cnn.com www.bbcnews.com www.aicc.com

Respects Barrack Obama and his vision, contributes positive energy on www.America.gov on issues like middle east peace, curb terrorism, Islam, justice and equality of people across continents, hope to see Obama to lead the American People for second term, expecting America will play positive role in making this world better and more meaning full with human touch.

 Actively participate on TV and Print Media on Social and Political Issues.  

Attend Seminars and Conduct road shows and present Web Videos on subjects that matter, and a Bolger. please visit  the link for a speech in a forum in Hyderabad loaded on you tube.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4-GVFgGmrA

Associated with social and chritable trust by the name cpqs for the educational, social, and suppor the poor and the need. “Reach” A unique concept allowing the blessed among us to reach to the needy and neglected poor in our neighbourhood.

  1. June 23, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    hy adil this is miraj psl remmeber me in newses

    • June 24, 2010 at 2:06 am

      I will, sorry if we missed you I will get your no. included in our sms group for adilmohd blog.

      God Bless you ..

      Allah Hafiz.

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