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Time to expose Rioters, of Old City.

April 7, 2010 3 comments

Come 5 pm the busiest business Road of Old City Madina Builing to Charminar and Gulzar House wears a deserted look, with the police effectively enforcing 5 pm to 8 am curfew. There seems to be an uneasy comfort as th police is not very confident to go for lifting the curfew, as yet.

The people of Old City have undergone losses which will be difficult to cover-up in three to six months.  BPL is under shock and stress, with uncertainty.

The business community is pained and is finding it difficult to understand what actually went wrong and how are they going to cover the loss, and how will they come back to normal fast, a trader, Ramcahran, a whole sale dealer of oils was complaining of loss of contracts with few of his suppliers and consumers.

The New city also got effected as nearly 25 to 30 percent of the work force which works in the new and hate city area comes from Old city, like the technicians, drivers, painters, carpenters, category 2 and 3 employees.

Also the IT professionals come from Old city especially in IT companies like GE, Infosys, Deloit and Google.

That also puts breaks on the normal functioning of New City offices and business centers and malls. And theatres and trading centers. Read more…

Manual Search, for six vital mintues, led to loss of control, and loss of YSR.

January 21, 2010 Leave a comment

It is negligence, or lack of prepairedness, on the part pilots.Strange, they had to search for a manual for six long vital minutes, in a n emergency, in such a sophisticated helicopter. Was it shear bad luck or was it a gross failure to be efficient as pilots. The fact is a leader of the masses and a VVIP lost. This raises questions on the safty of all our VVIP's who matter so much to the nation and its people.


 Pilot error cause of YSR chopper crash: probe report 

New Delhi, Jan 20 (PTI) The helicopter crash which claimed the life of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S R Reddy was caused by pilots’ error who lost the chopper’s control and were engrossed for vital six minutes trying to locate a flight manual, the probe report said today.

The report, submitted to the government by the four- member inquiry committee, said the “probable” cause of the accident was that it “occurred due to loss of control resulting in uncontrolled descent in the terrain at a very high rate of descent due to entry into severe down draught”.

The crew flew the helicopter under the instrument flying condition even though their flight plan was cleared for Visual Flight Rules (VFR), it said. The crew noticed a snag and “was engrossed for vital six minutes before the impact in searching for the relevant checklist from the Flight Manual”.

PC’s “Wide ranging consultations on Telangana” greeted with, “Wide ranging arson, protests and resignations of most MP’s and MLA’s in Telangana”. Will the word “Wide” declare congress google as a wide.

December 24, 2009 1 comment

A gutted Bus standing as a witness to the kind of problem the state of Andhra Pradesh is riding on, due to lack of wisdom in our political brethern, the issue of Telangana has taken a very wild turn after the 23rd statement reversing the 9th Dec stand on formation of new state of Telnagna.

On the 23rd of Dec 2009 a U-turn on formation of  Telangana came in the form of a Statement by the UPA Govt  from Home Minister P Chidambaram made in brief statement saying “a large number of political parties are divided on the issue”.

“There is a need to hold wide-ranging consultations with all political parties and groups in the state. Government of India will take steps to involve all concerned in the process,” he said at a hurriedly called press conference. He read out a four para statement but took no questions.

Justifying the December 9 statement made by him on initiating the process for forming Telangana state, Chidambaram said “however, after the statement the situation has altered.

This change in heart came due to counter agitation  in Andhra and backing out by the opposition parties like TDP and PRP who where in favour of  formation of Telanaga State took also a U Turn post 9th Dec, under pressure from there leaders and MLA’s and MP’s of their party.

The statement given by PC wanting  ” wide-ranging consultations on Telangana”  has shown no signs of any of the parties in the arena of Andhra Rayalseema and Telangana conflict agreeing to take the advice of the Home Minister to sit and discuss the area of conflict and reach to a consensus. But a wide range of protests, incidents arson, damaging of property,road blocks,  resignations of MP’s and MLA’s from Telangana, and massive agitating crowds in villages, district headquarters, and universities came on roads to protest and paralyse the normal life and threaten the peace and property both govt. and public.  How long this will go on none knowns.

The selection of the word  “Wide ranging” has played the havoc, the statement was not worded properly, the objection of the Telangana TRS leader is the Govt has betrayed the people of Telangana and the absence of time frame and clarity on Telangana is unacceptable and amounts to a betrayal to the Region and  of Telangana and its people.

The state has gone in to worst mode, as all the MP’s from the Telangana region are reported to have submitted their resignations to the Lok Sabha Speaker.

The Turmoil has entered in to a phase with advantage to the Andhra agitation which was for united Andhra Pradesh and against the formation of Telangana state, and disadvantage to the Region of Telangana.  This is like a Tennis Match there will be many game to be played before the final set is played.

Who are players, who is the match referee no one knows, there is a hint on the referee,  but the teams  have mixed up, the player who  plays  for whom is know one knows.   The poor spectator, the people of the state are at  risk as always.

President’s Rule May be Imposed in AP. As Credibility of Electoral System & Governace thru Ballot is at Risk

December 13, 2009 Leave a comment

The State Turmoil of Andhra Telangana Deepens. President Rule may be imposed if the situation does not improve. This will be the biggest loss of the Voter and Abuse to the electro System which respectfully voted a Stable Govt to Take care of their interests and govern the state smoothly for five years.

The Voter and the electoral System is the biggest looser today.  Who is responsible for the pain and agony the common man is in on abuse of his vote and confidence in electroral System and confidence he had in governance by Balot.

Centres of Numbers and Tools for Power.

For the Political Parties and the Politicians our Assemblies and Parliaments are mere centre of numbers and tools to be in power, and to got to all extents to hold to power and authority even if it costs breaking of hearts of the voters who voted for a stable, consistent, secured and responsible government. 

Who will replace the Politician ? 

Every Election we  see promotional campaigns and motivation ads to show the importance of Vote and how our future is linked with our choice of vote. Voting is directly linked to our nations growth, performance, stability, unity, development, security, and stability.  

Today for the voter all these words are mere words the confidence is low and he is confused and in state of shock for being cheated with his vote and abused as the responsible citizen who went to the polling both to cast his vote in big numbers with and enjoyed the satisfaction of being part of governance and part of chosing the right people to lead him and the nation and state.    

The fallout in the Andhra Assembly and the Streets in all regions of Andhra Pradesh over the issue of division of the sate of Andhra and the total failure of law and order, good sence, and relink to the responsiblity towards the voters by these MLA.s and MP’s. 

What happens to the Comitments Given by Political Parties in Election Campain.

A govt was fromed with decent and save majority just few months back under the leadership of a leader of masses YS Rajsheker Reddy with certain commitments and promises of stable and strong govt for greater, growth, unity, security, stability,opportunity, and support to the disadvantaged sections or the society, the power given to our representatives is damaged and abused for one single reason that they have kept there interests ahead of the voters. 

The state is under shock and fast deepening of the turmoil is heading towards a situation where it may be possible that the govt and the president may be requested to impose Presidents Rule till the time the better sence return to the political parties and the warring groups over the bifurcation of state come to common terms and understanding. 

Voter Perplexed and Confused.

The loss of confidence in the Political and the Electoral system is so deep the voter is perplexed either to cry or to laugh or to just ignore them next time or to revolt for a better system rejecting the present. One thing is certain the confidence in the Credibility of Electoral System has diminished a lot and is in falling sphere. The fear is all this mess will lead to…. 

Is State heading for Presidents Rule ?

President’s Rule in Andhra Pradesh till the Turmoil Cools down and warring groups over the division of the state come to common terms and sit like decent citizens and thrash out differences like civilised and educated people who were expected by and trusted by the voters to take a good and effective care of all issued faced by the state.  

Hope this will be a better option to save the state which is considered to the crown of south India, unfortunately the crown is with out head ( the Assembly for now as hundreds resign over Telangana) all those who resigned are not realizing that the body Andhra Pradesh and its voter is pained and brushed profusely.

Let the Festival of Lights, Deepavali, Bring Light in the Darnkened lifes of Victims of Floods.

October 17, 2009 Leave a comment


Gift a Smile to our brothers effected in floods in south India.

Gift a Smile to our brothers effected in floods in south India.





Gift them with means to servive.

There are millions in south India who are not able of celebrate Deepavali the Festival of Lights, as the destiny has put them to the toughest test.

There houses are washed,  their belongings and materials are washed, and hopes dampened, and dear and near ones lost in many places. Still there hope in life and the Merci of the creator of universe is alive in them.

The loss is un asseseble, They went thru moments of grief and uncertainty fighting between life and death from more than two days, when there villages and cities were fully submerged in flood waters of rivers and rains.

We all need to pray and support them with our feelings, comfort, and care, and support with things and means they all need and try to give them a smile on this tough times as the world celebrates  Deepavali.

YSR “Hard to believe he is no more” But, “AP has to live the dream seen by YSR for its People”. With no delay.

September 22, 2009 Leave a comment
The Respect of this Flag of INC should be upheld in post YSR in AP By Party Protecting the Interest of AP and Its People like YSR would have wished to.
The Respect of this Flag of INC should be upheld post YSR in AP By Protecting the Interest of AP and Its People in the manner YSR would have wished to.

And Make AP Indias No. 1  Developed State and  a State of Oppertunity.






Can we Be the Eyes of Rajsheker Reddy, At least.

The only comfort will be the state lives his dream of seeing  Andhra Pradesh as The Growth Capital of India, and a State which Cares for its needy and disadvantaged at the same time. 

 The Rich and the Powerful  will find ways to adjust,  but what about the dreams YSR has shown the tiny Minds of the Poor and the Needy, who,  saw there dreams getting color, thru the eyes of YSR,  now for them the Eyes are lost .

We should At least become the Eyes of Rajsheker to see the pain of the Millions who are waiting to see there Dreams Accomplished.

Sea of Sarrow is Still Voilent – Hundreds lost life in the Sea of Sarrow.

The history of  recent times has not seen pain of the common man to the magnitude like it has seen in the tragic loss of Y S Rajsheker Reddy. 

 Hundreds committed suicide, and several not able to bare the loss of YSR lost lives mostly needy and poor people of the sate who saw in him a helper, friend, and support in there hour of need and pain.

The Pained Heart”s Agony un discribed.

And a man who was always available in person to hear to there agonies and came forward to give them relief.  Where are you Rajseker, they ask looking at skies.  And they scream in pain of not finding him around they have gone so restless they find it still very hard to believe he is gone, very far, very far.

YSR is gone he is Not with us any more. They surrender in pain to the fate and the agony that has fallen on them abrubtly, killing all hope and support for them.

The world will get moving but there will be no YSR, and There will never be one like him again.

His Padyatra, His fight for the needy in the society, His concern for the Minorities, His Brave Support to the Congress Party, His firm Support to his followers, and His Love for his State AP and His Country India, His affection to his Children and Wife, His support to his community, His love to one and all, will be fresh in the memories of millions and the people of the state who miss him and are not able to beleive that he is not with them any more. 

Rivals too Acknowledge  YSR was for AP and its People.

Many political rivals feel the loss, his adversaries keeping aside the differences in tears have remembered him,  as a man of the masses and the man who lived to give releif and support to the poor of the state, and provide oppertunity and uplift them economically and provide them educational liberty. 

The Chief Minsiter and the Cabinet should take certain Strong Decissions.

The  High Command of Congress should Keep a special Envoy permanently to,  keep track of the  the Dreams unfished by YSR for the People of the state. This is most exepcted of the Congress Party at this hour.

The Govt of AP now Post YSR should first form a Enforcement body which will monitor and make sure all the promises, and the felfare schemes introduced and promised by YSR in this term be fulfilled towards the needy, poor, minorities, economically backward. and the Developmental works in State.

As this is way the party and the people of the State are truely going to benifit and this will the true paying of respects to the departed sould of YSR.

There is Bothering Silence Post YSR

Confusion of Sucession and Emergence of  Y S  Jagan As strong Contender in Public and Political Circles.

There is Bothering Silence in Air over Comitment by the Administration over Continuation of  support mechnism, towards the needy and poor.

The Rich and the Powerful do not look to be very insecured and distrubed there silence communitcating concerns of  varied areas of concern.

 How are we as a state going to take things as they unfold and make best to make things normal. 

K Roshiaiah  it is your hour proof , your, age and experience will Prevail.   Allow A P to live YSR Dream in Full Size 

My appeal to the State Chief Minister K Roashiah and the Cabinet Ministers is to  live up to the expectation what Rajsheker Reddy would like them to live up to. 

There are very many un finished works and goals that have come to a serious setback due his sudden death and reasons,  of National Economic Set backs due to interantional Economic Recession and various local and national parameters, clubbed with.

The Chief Minister in Charge has to be very prompt in forming and a focussed effort in all Departments, and Policy and Action Plans to allow the momentum of growth to continue and the measures of confidence building and popular schemes should be geared as before.

Till the high command takes its call on who will be the regular CM of AP, or When Jagan will be Given the Reins of State. 

 Please live in Today and do as the most powerful CM of all times Like YSR. 

Keep your Concisece Witnes,  you will find your age will support you,  and the collegues who scuffed, will become your strength and the Congress Party will emerge as Victorious.

Be Brave  Mr. Roashaiah, Every Minute is Important, Governance is Responsibility of Congress.

The people are Watching they are getting impatient, act with authority as long as you grace the seat of Power once graced by YSR.

Let us not loose the valuable time, each minute of governance should be filled with governance of responsibility and achievement and value to the people of the sate of  AP, and to  the state.