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Obama’s Magic Stand, that got him Nobel Peace Prize 2009.

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Nobel Peace Prize for OBAMA will strengthen universal brotherhood. and peace

Nobel Peace Prize for OBAMA will strengthen universal brotherhood. and peace

 Obama as a true Nobel said “.. I do not feel I deserve to be in the company of so many…. Who’ve been honored by this prize…

“This is not how I expected to wake up this morning,” the president said, after hearing that the  Norwegian Nobel Committee had awarded him with the prestigious Nobel Prize for Peace. “I am both surprised and deeply humbled,” he said, and “do not view it as a recognition of my own accomplishments, but rather as an affirmation of American leadership on behalf of aspirations held by people in all nations.”

“To be honest, I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who’ve been honored by this prize — men and women who’ve inspired me and inspired the entire world through their courageous pursuit of peace,” he said.


Let us go back to the times when there was no Obama, on the horizon of the world communities, and nations.

Peace was just a word which had lost its meaning, the word peace was put to shame laying low in the books of history, and hundreds of resolutions passed by various organizations of dozens of countries united and individually. Hundreds of UN General Assembly resolutions and dictates disrespected and forgotten.

Pre Obama World how it looked

The World Pre Obama had little inclination for model of co existence among the people of the world, respecting the color, region, religion, and culture. The level of intolerance was high; the level of mistrust was high too.

The Common American white and black with roots in continents apart, belonging to multiple faiths, and schools of thought once on the day Osama delivered his inaugural speech stood in the cold evening in Washington with a hope to see a new and fresh air of hope to live with courage, happiness, equality, respect and care u Hownder this new son of America Barrack Husain Obama, as he called himself on the day he delivered his historic speech, with tears of joy and shedding of pain and hope to live in peace here after. God Willing.

The Challenges were big, they still are big.

The Challenges on economic, social, regional, nuclear disarming, people to people contact, bridging the gap between the faiths, image of American nation, winning friends, seeing world as one nation with one people.  With common goal, to give opportunities, to the people of the world.  With a dialogue on issues faced by the people of our time.  Respecting for American nation and happy association with the people of the World.  

Obama’s Magic Stand which won him the Nobel.

Obama Did the Magic by communicating one single message to the people of the World we live in. And that one thing is “He Expressed true intention that he loves this World and its people and he like each one of us to do so” All those who feel and think now or, in the past or in future time immemorial are the winner of this peace prize which Obama is Decorated with. When

 Obama in the minds of the Nobel Committee.

 But Norwegian Nobel Committee Chairman Thorbjorn Jagland announced the decision in Oslo, he compared President Obama to other peace prize winners such as former West Berlin mayor Willy Brandt and former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, whose own reform efforts had not been achieved when they received the prize.

 He also said the Nobel will give Momentum to confront the common challenges

The president said the prize has been used to “give momentum” to causes, and he said he sees the award, which will be given in Oslo December 10, as “a call to action” for the United States and all nations to “confront the common challenges of the 21st century

Can Critics answer the Question raised by Chairman Nobel Committee.

“The Question we have to ask is who has done the most in the previous year to enhance peace in the world,” Jagland said. “And who has done more than Barack Obama?”

This one question asked by the Chairmen of Noble Committee is enough to put to rest the questions and objections raised by some in the few quarters of the vast world community we have. 

Critics,  help World With Peace and Join Obama he needs your help.  

The mixed reactions are welcome, there has to be a reason for people, to better their performance in future. As we say there is room for improvement always. Are you satisfied now, my dear critic?  Take care let the Angel  do his  good job.


Journey of Freedom, Pandit Nehru to Manmohan Singh.

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 Pandit Nehru addressing India in Free air of Independece 1947 from Majestic of Red Fort coplex build by Shah Jehan in 17 th Century.

Pandit Nehru addressing India in Free air of Independece 1947 from Majestic of Red Fort coplex build by Shah Jehan in 17 th Century.


While we Celebrate our 62nd Independence Day we have lessons to learn, Dreams to Accomplish, and Tears to Wipe, Faces yet to smile, Freedom for many yet to achieve, Deserved celebrations we have earned in areas few, but still there are many a sorrowed hearts which long for comfort after a journey of freedom and liberty we have since 62 years now.

As I move my fingures on my laptop to pen few sentences in Memory of 1947  15th Aug, our Moment of Freedom from the British, my gardener, informs me he is collecting few roses form  the garden to be part of  flag hoisting ceremony,  I said these flowers are lucky.

Manmohan Singh P M addressing India in Closed Air. Our journey becoming tough as we reach 2009 leaving behind 1947

Manmohan Singh P M addressing India in Closed Air.

Our journey becoming tough as we reach 2009

leaving behind 1947


Hope we each Indians get lucky too, and   tastes the real Freedom and none remains pained and none with an un-wiped tear.   As we celebrate our 62nd year of Freedom, there are millions who sleep with fear, where would their next meal come from, to feed themselves and their loved ones.  Hope, Justice, Equality and power of true freedom protects him and remains his best friend.    

Our leaders Lal Bahadur Sahsrty raised his voice “Jai Jawan and Jai Kisan” India Gandhi slogan of “Gareebi Hataoo” and Pandit Nehru. Modern vision for Industries is our Temples of Prosperity and Social Justice and Economic Liberty. 

We know we in our hearts that neither we succeeded in satisfying our Armed Forces who protect our boundaries, nor we succeed in putting an end to the agony of our Farmers who commit suicide due to lack of resources, Our industry is suffering and we still are dependent of many a thinks on imports, and Gareebi is still the main problem, we are still not able to provide jobs and opportunities to all and pull them out of the levels of poverty. Why?

Our boundaries are still unprotected, our people die in hundreds in the name of Terror,  Enemy with in, Religious, Regional, Social,  and Ethinic, intolerance.  We still see people who love to divide us in the name of religion, caste, and region.

Will it be true to say, we are allowing our enemy, external, or with in to be stronger than the values, and determination we inherited from of forebears of our struggle for freedom. 

We have walked as a Nation a long Way forward, our leap could have been still longer but for our failures, and complete determination to be fully united and look up as one people and one nation and face the challenges with determination and courage.  We have issues yet not settled in many quarters of our vast spread of cultural, ethnic, religious, regional, linguistic, social, political, body of free India.

Did we give long rope to our, selfish, ignorant,  corruption, lethargy, divisiveness,  lack of tolerance, greed for power, indiscipline,  in us to ride  body of our true self in  free India. Could this be our reason for short on our leap in the historic manner as Indians?  Yet…

Are we a people with Rich becoming richer, and poor become the poorest. We see big giants in co prorate culture unsatisfied with their greedy to grab the market shares and rivalry among them to show the other competitor in low light.  Small entrepreneurs getting wiped off in struggle to survive.  Why is it so, important to be greedy and can they not be, sharing, bringing contentment with inclusive growth of all people.

May we see the wisdom and appreciate the strength of unity, and love, comfort to our hearts, power of sharing, and happiness of living together. My heart beat for the millions who are yet to taste the true taste of Freedom and reminds me of what our First Prime Minister and Freedom Fighter; Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru spoke on 14th Aug 1947 at the stroke of Mid Night in Parliament Hall in Delhi.

Part transcript speech of Pundit Nehru 14th Aug, Mid Night 1947 in Parliament Hall.   Pundit Nehru said.

At the stroke of midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.

It is fitting that at this solemn moment we take the pledge of dedication to India and her people and to the still larger cause of humanity.

The achievement we celebrate today is but a step, an opening of opportunity, to the greater triumphs and achievements that await us. Are we brave enough and wise enough to grasp this opportunity and accept the challenge of the future?

Freedom and power bring responsibility. That responsibility rests upon this assembly, a sovereign body representing the sovereign people of India.

 That future is not one of ease or resting but of incessant striving so that we might fulfil the pledges we have so often taken and the one we shall take today. The service of India means the service of the millions who suffer. It means the ending of poverty and ignorance and disease and inequality of opportunity. The ambition of the greatest man of our generation has been to wipe every tear from every eye. That may be beyond us but so long as there are tears and suffering, so long our work will not be over.

Nehru appealed in his closing remarks to the full house and the members then

“To the people of India whose representatives we are, we make appeal to join us with faith and confidence in this great adventure. This is no time for petty and destructive criticism, no time for ill-will or blaming others. We have to build the noble mansion of free India where all her children may dwell.”

Are, our leaders of today ready to take this advice from Pundit Nehru, and work still harder to fulfil the dream seen by him, and  satisfy the desire and, ambition of  Gandhiji our Father of the Nation and greatest man India has seen, “ to wipe every tear from every eye”.   

Let us make our Nation Proud by our deeds and wilful goal to make it caring nation of the world, which has learned to respect its citizens and takes pain to give relief to millions, left out, even as we celebrate today 62 long years of Freedom.  

  Jai hind,

 Hindi hain ham hamwatan hai

sare jahan  se accha Hindustan Hamara.

What ? If Israel continues to be Evasive, like always.

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Obama Addressing the World Which distanced it self due to failures  of Bush Administration the Islamic World,1.5 billion Mulsims.

Obama Addressing the World Which distanced it self due to failures of Bush Administration the Islamic World,1.5 billion Mulsims.





        Mr. President your message from Cairo Al AzherUniv. to the Islamic World was a pleasant breeze of a definite hope of a unified effort between the Muslims and the Americans to inclusively make this world better. Mr. President your expressions gave a great hope for all those Muslims who in past have been subject to uncertain relations with America and its people.

 It will also help the American people to look at the unfortunate incidents like 9/11 and Terror acts by a very small minority who unfortunately call themselves Muslim fundamentalists in different parts of the world, as acts of mindless few who are seen by the Muslims and World in general as threat to the Muslim cause and the Islamic Ethos. 


We expect  the Palestinians to forget and forgive   the Israelis  who are apparently seem responsible for 60 long years of aggression, isolation, abuse, insecurity, destabilization, forced occupation, loss of home, loss of opportunity, loss of self-respect, disrespected leaders, pained women  and children losing there loved ones. in hopeless conditions of grave darkness of uncertainties and abuse of all kinds.


All this in the shadow of all powerful weaponry of the Israelis in Uniform looking for reason to punish and abuse  the blood of the Palestinians for decades.  World has seen it all. Now we expect them to forget and forgive in hope of Peace and well being of its people, and their adversaries Israelis.  Well  well..


We can’t put a blind eye on attacks in the past on the innocent Israeli People who lost their lives for no mistake of theirs. The people in Israel also became targets to the Palestinian extremist groups too. A helpless suppressed lot if Palestinian expressed their agony and pain by resorting to acts of terror,    with out caring for their and their loved ones lives.


As a child I remember the first Al Fatha lady Suicide Bomber who was motivated   kill herself and many others in Israel in early seventies. She can be a martyr for many but, she has done no good to Mankind or   to the Palestinian Cause.


But, But…. one has to think what made her to kill herself so mercilessly with out caring for her loved ones?


We know Islam will never approve killing of any innocent soul, on the other hand will condemn killing of innocent soul as killing of whole of Mankind.


Can the Israelis realise the amount of pain and agony that brings on being hostage in your own country, for generations.  Yes I believe they can realise as the history shows us that for hundreds of years in past Jews were subjected to such pain but never at the hands of the Muslims, or Islamic Rulers, and Nations. One needs to go deep and turn the pages of history to realise this fact.


History of yesteryears paves paths for present and future. Mr. Obamais a man with a golden heart and he cares for the people of Palestine.


It is important to spell the action the American administration proposes,  in  the event if the Israelis are adamant on their stand and do not peacefully agree for a two nation solution to the whole middle east issue. 


The Palestinians,  Arab and Islamic World, Europeans, Asians and the African agree for the two nations, Obama witha golden heart for peace to prevail will be firm and committed withpeople of United States desires a respectful living for the people of both Israel and Palestine.


But, but… in the event  Israel  continues to  disrespect  the feelings of the world community and their willingness to reach a respectable solution with out conflict of any kind,  what is the option the world has to offer, will Mr Obama  and his Administration be assertive enough to   say  to Israel  enough is enough, you have no choice but to respect the world opinion and agree on two nations solution and give the people of Israel the most needed relief and option for lasting peace with its neighbour Palestine.


The body language of Mr. Netanyahuin his meeting with Mr. Obama when he met him in US was of low in energy that could be instrumental in forging a solution as we expect. A Two Nation Solution to M E.


Failure and non co operation from Israel will put the world which hopes for a lasting solution for M E in a very uncertain phase. It would be very unfortunate is such situation is born due to lack of wisdom on the part of Israel.


Palestine in Occupation and Mixed with Israel it is Confusing and un clear.

Palestine in Occupation and Mixed with Israel it is Confusing and un clear.

Decades of Experience has shown us that your processors though willed to put this issue to rest on peace lines, with great truthful intentions, every time they fall short of belling Israel.  I have strong belief  that this time with your  noble intentions and persuasion with the blessings of Creator of this Universe the God of All Human beings, your are the blessed President of America and its People are destined to achieve the goal of bringing lasting peace to Middle East by making Two nations Israel and Palestine a reality in your time.


As peace is always and will always be Priceless, Mr. President this time let Peace stay for ever in the homes of Palestinians and Israelis.  With formation of Two happy nations Israel and Palestine –  Inshallah (God willing) That will be moment of celebration for mankind 

In the light of Mr. Obama’s commitment that Americans will not show their back to the people of Palestine in persuasion of their legitimate right of a Nation of their own.


Let there be no doubt: Thesituation for the Palestinian people is intolerable.  And America will not turn our backs on the legitimate Palestinian aspiration for dignity, opportunity, and a state of their own.”(President Obama said in Al Azhar in Cairo on 4thjune.2009 addressing the Muslim World.) 



Mr. Obama is seen as Messiah of peace and a man who is on mission of serious business.  Obamais not just another President of America. He works for time frames in the light of truth and facts.


Holy Bible tells us:  “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”

The Messiah of the Suppressed and the Disadvantaged ended his one hour talk saying.  

The people of the world can live together in peace.  We know that is God’s vision.  Now that must be our work here on Earth.


It will not be easy for Israel to be evasive this time, with this President of American people who is fast paving a path to hold the honour of being accepted as Un Crowned Prince of those suppressed, disadvantaged, and truthful people of the World.


 For them surely Mr. President you are their voice.  I wish I could share the air you breath in.  

 Obama with his courageous speech and display of confidence and will to March on the path of rightful horizons for beautiful people of the world, under the cover of Almighty. Is sure to succeed.

Rahul the Natural Leader

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rahul the boy learing a leason or two on politics from grand mother late indira gandhi.

rahul the boy learing a leason or two on politics from grand mother late indira gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi a disciplined silent revolutionary leader and hero of 2009 Election in India, Rahul cares and is concerned about the deprived in the society.  


Rahul like her Grand Mother Indira Gandhi is pleasant and magnetic personality, inheriting political wisdom from her Grand Mother, the Elegance of his Father Rajiv Gandhi, the Disciple and Patients of his Mother Sonia Gandhi, and Progressive, and Calculative in the company of Dr. Manmohan Sing, making Rahul a Leader with qualities needed to lead the Nation in 21st Century.  


Yet Rahul prefers to be close to ground reality, likes to understand the issues faced by the common man specifically and broadly always willing to keep himself informed about the affair of the party and the nation.


Some people are blessed and are born leaders who can carry with them masses and have the charisma to motivate people around them, Rahul is one such leader.


Like his Mother who took the major decision to refuse the post of PM in 2004 and spoiled the party of BJP and its allies to make a national issue of Foreigner becoming the PM of India, to streets and protest to halt a govt just elected. She sacrificed for building Congress and consolidating the family pride and kept the interest of the nation above herself and her family, and Dr. Sing became the PM. And how this team of Sonia and Manmohan Singh Clicked is proved in Verdict 2009.


Rahul taking lessons of leadership and sacrifice from her mother has said no to Cabinet Berth in 2009 formation of Govt. by Dr. Sing, he prefers to be close to the people and work to build Congress parties image and its cadre. Surely he will concentrate in regions where once Congress was an unchallenged force for decades.


The decision of Rahall Gandhi will be good for his growth as a leader with greater understanding of the ground reality and political know how, its if’s and but’s.

At the same time he will be able to priorities the needs and issues before the National Growth by 2014, when he will graduate to be true contender for the post of PM.



My best wishes are with him, and his family, I look in him the sprit Nehru, a true nationalist, Secular, Progressive, and Pleasant personality.


Dear. Rahul do keep Nation and its people, always above self and family.



The nation needs warriors who can fight the forces that are dividing the nation on the lines of caste, region and religion.

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win it for good work

win it for good work

 “Mother who is Politician”, young boy asked his mother when he heard this word repeatedly on a channel he was watching

The mother  little disturbed by the failures on many fronts by the politicians, and broken promises answered “ok… son he is a very irresponsible and not so reliable person”.

The son insisted to know more about this character politician  from his mother, reluctantly the mother to give a funny definition of a Politician said “do you know who is a Burglar”, the son confused replied “ I think I know the man very suspicious looking, who robs innocent people on streets is Burglar uncle”.

The mother replied “Politician uncle is more dangerous than Burglar, a Burglar is one who robs things and you don’t even see him and you never will know him.

But a Politician is one you will trust him with you vote, he will rob you of your trust, he will be with you he will come again and again after robbing your trust again and again and you rarely have no choice but to get robbed by voting him again and again. ” and son “you don’t address a burglar as uncle

The son replied “mama… if the politician is more dangerous than burglar why are you calling him Uncle” the mother replied

“Son the burglar is only part time worker he  comes and gos, but we have to live with politicians we can not get odd with them son…don’t forget to call them uncle“

Son replied “ok mama. No wonder we are a tolerant people” the bell rings and Father is back from a tough day spent in the hassle bustle of the traffic and the conditions in office, totally drained, and tired, surrendering to the fate asks his son

” Son what lesson did you learn today” the son quickly replies” daddy I learned that the politician is as dangerous as a burglar, Is it true daddy” the father is disturbed by the answer and sits beside the son and quietly in depth explains, and clarifies.

“Son politicians are also like us they are not saints; in them are good, bad and ugly as in any society and any class of people. Politicians are not always bad, in them we have seen in the great leaders who were self less and did all they could to better our nation, and sacrificed self in service to the nation.”

Son showed signs of interest and wanted to know more asked his father “daddy then why every one speaks bad about the politicians and hate the, abuse, mistrust them and joke on them if they are not so bad” the father replied

“It is true we are seeing a big low in the value system, many politicians today are selfish they resort to all sorts of tactics and manipulation to achieve there not so noble goals


Divide the nation on the basis of religion, caste, language, and region and make vote banks, and polarize them for power.”

even after doing all this if they are short that magic number to give them power to fool you they use the holy constitution to master unholy alliances and power sharing formulas to further there not so holy goals to achieve there not so noble goals.

“Still son very soon there will be a change, we know there are few good and very good politicians in them. When we see at a huge gathering of politicians across party line in the parliament and the assemblies do not feel shy to say that in them are noble and worthy leaders whom we are not shy to call our leaders it is just that the numbers are less”

“The hope is in our youngsters who are our future leaders.
They should not shy form joining politics and change the balance in favour of the nation by showing exit door to those entire politicians who have damaged and brought disgrace to our nation and the political system.”

“Son one day you can lead this nation, you can be a Gandhi, Bahadur, Subash, Nehru, Indira, Desai, Manmohan and Kalam, whom we all respect, and admire.”

It was late already and the son satisfied with the explanation,