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Rahul ki Raha “Aam Aadmi ki Rahat”

April 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Did you see one like him, in independent India, This Gandhi, is Modern Mahatma of 21st Century. A Borther of Indian Nation. I know I will not be proved wrong. Insahalllah

Congress need to do it on its own strength, and defeat the forces of polarization in the name of castes, and hijacking the growth and development in the name of saving the pride of the dalits, and the backward in UP.

The Pride is in better facilities, better opportunities, and better conditions and self-respect. Not in projecting and allowing the egos to grow day in day out in the form of statues and monuments of abuse with criminal wastage of funds that could have changed the lives of lacs of dalits by now. Read more…

Rahul Gandhi to flag off Congress’ ‘Chetna Yatra’ in UP on April 14

April 9, 2010 Leave a comment

“Rahul Gandhi will flag off ten vehicles to form the part of party’s chetna yatra at a function to be organised at Ambedkar Nagar district on April 14,” Uttar Pradesh Congress chief Rita Bahuguna Joshi told reporters in Lucknow.

Joshi said that after the flag off, party’s yatra will begin from 10 corners of the state.

“As a part of the yatra, we will make people aware with the history of the party and its programmes,” she said.

The Congress leader said that the yatra will cover one assembly segment every day during which five public meetings will be held.

About the programme, the UPCC chief said it will be attended by a large number of people and party workers.

When asked about BSP’s programme on the same day, Joshi said that it was a government rally. “I am happy that after three years, BSP has given a call to organise rallies on the birth anniversary of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar,” she said.

Joshi claimed that her party had decided to organise Ambedkar Nagar programme much in advance.

Shining Stars,Obama & Rahul

March 26, 2010 1 comment

Rahul Gandhi, on way to see his Vision for Change as reality with the support of Indian Youth.

Rahul Gandhi ji,  is a force which is like the one which emanated in United States of America in the year 2008, a star started to shine, with a definite vision, backed with a golden heart which could hear the pain and the language of the beat of a suffering disadvantaged American, irrespective of Religion, Color, and Caste.  The star to shine on the horizon the galaxies was a humble but, intelligent, humorous, but firm and assertive like a volcano.  I mean my own, Barack Obama, the new voice of the poor, and suffering people of America, and the progressive youth, of America.

He promised change and he kept his promise. He won as President, took tough measures to pull the economy back on track in most adverse condition, still pushing.  He promised a Health care Bill to make health affordable for each American.  He is my angel and his speeches are like songs of hope, inviting breeze of prosperity for US people.

Read more…

Brave Rahul for “A Corruption Free India”

March 17, 2010 4 comments

Mahatma Gandhi, once said "You must be the change you want to see in the world" is the youngest of Gandhi's Rahul try to relive the quotes of Mahatma.

This  quote, Rahul  Gandhi, used   “Money Doesn’t Corrupt Politics – Politics Corrupts Money.”  Is to remind us that  “Power Corrupts.”  The people who are brave enough to control the temptations  which come with power, become good leaders.

In the yesterday 15 th March SC  apex court observation, on how the public distribution system is corrupt in our Indian, present day system, is shameful.

The judgment is very clearly indicating a nexus to drain allotted public funds, in most dubious manner.  In midst of the judgment and corrupt allegations on Mayawati govt.

A Bold statement and quote of Rahul  ji on Corruption, is a clear sign of him being clean and plain hearted individual, who is holding guard for the ruling party Congress. Read more…

Sharukh I owe you an apology. I thought you are gimmick master, I am happy you proved me wrong.

February 12, 2010 2 comments

MNIK will touch the highs of sucess and poeple of India will snub the Sena with their support to the movie and express solidarity with your being a Indian with conviction. But the big story and sucess is "Only brave, can stick to what they said, even in adversities. You are among them, Sharukh. "

I always thought you Sharukh, are a gimmick master, who knows how to move fast on the tracks of popularity, making money, climbing on the ladder for number slots of who is number one and two in bollywood. 

 Your venturing in to IPL, was seen as smart move but KKR started with roar and did not come back yet to prove its right on the IPL among the top teams, though you had like of Sourav and Hassise and Shoeb on your side.

Public opinion was divided on the issue of “US airport emigration authorities detailed and a bit rigorous checks and cross checks on your identity which embraced you owing to your name is Khan.” The public perception was this could be gimmick too to give the needed popularity for your upcoming movie “My name is Khan” which has a story post 9/11 based in US and how names suddenly become alarming to the West.

I am sure your must have told the Immigration authorities “My Name is Khan” Sharuk Khan in your own pleasing style, yet they suspected.  The Industry was divided then some against and some called it a routine which every one faces even VVIP’s and diplomats of India faced such embarrassments in the past.

The episode of Shiv Sena, verses Sharuk has proved to be the truthful and whole of Indian is in agreement with Sharuk.  This proves Sharuk Khan is real personality and Indianess in him is Genuine, He is a son of a freedom fighter, and loving Mother, who taught him to be kind and truthful.

 Sharuk Khan has demonstrated courage and conviction, with great level of National Pride and Indianess in him.  He knows the boundaries set by the constitution and the cultural ethos of our land.  

India is one billion strong, we are like a big bouquet of flowers of different colors and shapes and smelling differently yet looking fresh, and beautiful, we may be belonging to regions with different languages.  Read more…

Rahul’s Mantra Stumps Sena, as Mumbai dumps Udhav, for Rahul.

February 6, 2010 2 comments

Rahul Gandhi the leader, determined to make Impression, and Stand for Unity and Respect of one billion people of India against, short-sighted and divisive forces like Shiv Sena, Mumbai embarrassed Rahul with Hearts and Arms open. India seeing in him a leader with determination and guts. images of his Mumbai visit 5th Feb 2010

Weeks of tussle to claim Mumbai, reach to its climax, thank God India and the spirit of Mumbai Won.  

 Mumbai is for All, Tendulker  triggered, Mukesh Ambani, emphasized, Rahul came to support  one billion Indians,  and Mumbikaars, choose to side with the Nation and declare, they will not tolerate the politics  generating shame for the people of Maharashtra, triggered by  right-wing  political,  party Shiv Sena. 

 Thousands of  Mumbiakars, proved Sena wrong, by welcoming Rahul Gandhi with open arms demonstrated  the soul of Maratha Pride,   National unity and  love for all Indians.   

A set of few Sainiks of  Bal Thankrey and Udhav Thakrey cannot put to shame the true spirit of Mumbai.    

Four hour snap tour of Rahul Gandhi took Sena and its leader Udhav,by surprise. 

Rahul’s Visit to Economic Capital of India Mumbai, protesting against the stand taken by Shiv Sena,  “Mumbai for Mumbaikars only and  not for India.” Read more…

Dynastic Culture in Indian Politics.

January 4, 2010 1 comment
What is so magical about them, the Gandhi’s. India has loved them so much they have governed for more than 45 years and still governing and going strong. Is it quality of leadership, integirty, sacrifice, love of people, or just the family. I don’t think it can be just the family they have more in them.
Are they Smarter Families, or is it  Just, “Luck by chance.”

Every person dedicated to give his best and contribute positively in affairs of the nation and its people under any political setup, can not be sidelined, as long as he puts nation before self. Having said this.

India is no different from nations of the world, when it comes to growing influence of families that take. centre stage in politics of nations. Read more…

Rahul Gandhi, Leader with a difference, Speaks to Students of Aligarh Muslim University,

December 15, 2009 Leave a comment

Rahul GandhiRahul Gandhi interacts with the students of Aligarh Muslim University, during his two-day visit to Uttar Pradesh starting December 8. "Rahul, who is invited by vice-chancellor PK Abdul Azis, addressed students at Kennedy hall of the university on December 8," Rahul Answered to a student asking weather a Muslim can be PM of India he answered Yes he can provided......

The common perception among the Muslims was a Muslim will not be made the PM in India of which he is the citizen.

This perception was a danger syndrome for the young generation, and specially the children who is told that all Indian are brothers and sisters, our constitution gives all its citizens equal rights and equal opportunities with out discrimination on the basis of religion or caste and region.

Unless the confidence is induced in our young boys and girls at the level of  primary school, the induction  of oneness concept and the ambition to excel in life will not be present.

Each Indian needs to be motivated to work hard become good valuable individuals who later become the asset and pillars of our great nations who can strengthen our democratic and constitutional values and uphold them and administer them with vigor and discipline.

By allowing the syndrome to live we were isolating,   great percentage of population from getting involved.

We need to strengthen the ethos and values set by our fore fathers who got us the independence and the liberty to breath fresh air of self-rule and opportunity for our people.

Rahul Gandhi accused for appeasing the Minorites and people like Bal Thackeray been very harsh on him for his comments in Aligarh University. Read more…

First Meeting of Junior YSR Jagan with Sonia Gandhi.

October 22, 2009 Leave a comment
Jagan Mohan Reddy in Delhi, met High Command, Much depends on this meeting, how the state of AP takes final call post Assembly Elections which gave Congress Victory.

Jagan Mohan Reddy in Delhi, met High Command, Much depends on this meeting, how the state of AP takes final call post Assembly Elections which gave Congress Victory.

 Jagan said  Sonia said. “Leave it to me  Jagan, I will take care of You”

Jaganmohan Reddy, son of late Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy after meeting Congress President Sonia Gandhi at her residence in New Delhi on Thursday. Said,

After his one-hour meeting with her, Jaganmohan shared,

 “I have been assured that my interests will be looked into, I will strengthen the party and I am with Sonia Gandhi and the party.”

There is little doubt about what’s on his agenda. Jaganmohan is accompanied by Ramachandra Rao, who was close to YSR Reddy, and is the man behind the Jagan-for-Chief Minister Campaign.  

In the meeting with Sonia the Congress leader Ahmed Patel was present too. Jagan also met Veerappa Moily Congress leader incharge for AP.

He met  Congress President Sonia Gandhi at her residence here amid demands by his supporters to make him chief minister of Andhra Pradesh.

 This is the first visit of Mr. Jaganmohan to the national capital after the death of his father in a helicopter crash.

The meeting between Ms. Gandhi and Mr. Jaganmohan lasted for over an hour but he refused to comment on what was discussed between the two.

On Wednesday, the 37-year-old first-time MP from Kadapa had sought an appointment with the Congress President.

His supporters must have kept there fingures crossed to know the out come of the meeting.  YSR son the MP is contender for the Post of CM in AP which the High command kept in indecisive mode due to Assembly Elections in States of Maharastra, Arunchal and Haryana.

How the Highcomnad moves now is to be seen the chances are bright for Jagan and he has to be given a greater role in the state politics, head the state as CM or help the Congress at the Centre  as the Central Minsiter will be known oon.

State needs dynamic leadership and comitted leader so does the centre.  We need to know how Sonia Gandhi will move in the direction of giving final view on future of  Jagan Mohan Reddy, and his supports from AP.

Jagan with the press

His interaction with the Press out side the Residence of Sonia Gandhi, revealed  Jagan Mohan Reddy has given an impression of a obident worker of Congress Party and he expressed he has faith in her and she will do the best and he will abide by her decision.

However when asked to comment of  the possibiility of him projected as CM and the talk about his claim he tactfully with great humility avoided the question with no clear answer.

He said speculative talks will not be good was the impression Jagan gave to the media.


AP CM K. Rosaiah said “I am not a stop-gap CM”, will continue as long as high command wants.

September 26, 2009 1 comment


Party  unity is  part of his legacy. Let the YSR legacy smile.

Party unity is part of his legacy. Let the YSR legacy smile.








I am… here as long as hihg command wants says Rosaiah.

The Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy camp for the last three weeks demanding his appointment as Andhra Pradesh chief minister in place of his father, the late Y.S. Rajaseker Reddy. On the other hand An unnerved current CM K. Rosaiah insists he will continue in office.
“I am not a stop-gap chief minister. I have been appointed as full-fledged chief minister by the Congress high command. In fact, there is no such thing as interim CM or caretaker CM in the Constitution. I am here to stay in this post as long as the high command wants me,” Rosaiah said.
Lakhs attend meeting of Jagan Meeting

He dismissed a 1,00,000-strong public meeting Jagan held near Pavuralagutta in the Nallamalla forests on Friday. “Jagan’s show of strength is obviously an attempt to lobby with the high command for the chief minister’s post. In a democracy, there is nothing wrong in having high ambitions… (but) I am not worried about it,” he said.

“Many ministers and MLAs feel that Jaganmohan should take over as the next chief minister. He was elected by the people of Kadapa for the Lok Sabha. Their mandate is that he should be an MP. He is still young and has a long way to go,” he said.



Roshiah the  CM of  AP Loyalist to YSR, and seasoned Politician  of AP.

Roshiah the CM of AP Loyalist to YSR, and seasoned Politician of AP.








Roshaih Stood Firmly as a Loyalist and a Friend to YSR

I beleive Mr. Roashiah is a very balanced mind person with a vast experience and a loyalist of YSR, it was the present CM of AP Roashiah who stood firmly in fight against the allegations and counter allegations of the Opposition in the state Assemmbly and out side Assembly.

He is not a big aspirer of power neither he believes in groupism, he is just a obedient worker of the Congress Party and he will be in Power as long as the high command wants him.

Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Base is whole of AP and its People. Don’t restrict him to a Region alone it will be unjust.

Saying so it is also to be understood as along as he is in seat of CM he will do his job with full commitment and responsibility. He will do his best to maintain the momentum set by YSR and his Vision. As far as Jagan Mohan Reddy is concerned he does not need to prove his support thur rallies as his base is the whole of Andhra if we say he is based in idumalaiaya in Cuddapah dist. it will be an embarrassment for Jagan.

Roshiah not a Resistance to Jagan as CM. Jagan is not limited to a region in AP, he is hope for AP State.

Roshiah not a Resistance to Jagan as CM. Jagan is not limited to a region in AP, he is hope for AP State.


Jagan Mohan is CM Material. The Stage Has to set for a Comfortable Innings.

YSR’s sudden exit is a very unfortunate thing that has happen to the state of AP. There are infinite issues that are in focus for the high command for consideration to keep AP on the same footing as it was kept by YSR.

Jagan is material for CM’post the question is when. This is a million dollar question which can be answered only by high command and the core committee, congress will not like to put Jagan on loose footing when he take over he has to be for a long innings and free from any resistance and discomfort because it will be a opportunity lost if his timing is not set properly.

One another thing is with the timing it is also important the caution with which the
decision is to be taken keeping the interest of the legacy of YSR, and the aspirations of People of AP attached with Jagna, as Jagan can’t be pushed in the spurt of the moment and handle the legacy of YSR with firmness and care.

Politics is Game of Opportunity, and Stalwarts in Congress taking Stretching.

High Command would take ultimate care all said we are not more in the era of Great Leader YSR, the Congress in time of YSR was one solid Rock with no fishers for the whole tenure of YSR,Politicts is game of opportunity we know now there are groups in State Congress formed by stalwarts and polarizations how small them may be no one can deny there presence.

Roshiah not a Resistance to Jagan.

Jagan is Sure to be CM of AP Only Time will answer when. It will be wrong to see Roashiah as a Resistance to Jagan. This will not be good for AP. and the Congress Party. Roshiah has clearly said he will be in the post of CM till the High Command wants him to be, he is not going to challenge the decision of Sonia Gandhi.  The worst and greatest disrespect to the services of YSR would be if Congress Divides and forms groups on issue of Sucession. Every single congressmen today should be cautious in this respect. The grace of YSR should live.

State to Set up 350 Crore Memorial of YSR at Accident Site.

We should know that it is the govt of Roashiah which with the Tourism Minister Geeta Reddy in Co ordination with Jagam Mohan Reddy is at the verge of announcing a 350 cr. Memorial of YSR at the site of Accident in Nalamala Hills, and develop it as tourist Point, in remembrance of YSR and as a mark of respect for YSR for his Service to the Poor and the people of the state.