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Joti Basu the legend is no more. He left a legacy behind.

January 17, 2010 Leave a comment

The Great Leader of Left, and Lion of Bengal, who came close be PM of great nation India, is no more. He has left a legacy for Indian to emulate. 1914 -2010 he breath his last in Kolkata Hosptial Today afternoon.

Joti Basu has passed away leaving a legacy behind. Decipline and Values stood with him all his life. The present day politicians have serious lesson to learn form life of this king of dicipline, and dedication towards his people at all life.

Generations of India have grown hearing about Lion of Bengal Shri Joti Basuji, a true socialist, and man of the masses, a learned leader of left with a vision to take his party and the people he led to the light of new world thru his vision he is a loss to the nation and to all those who value discipline, goodness, and dedication in public life.

Our leaders of today have an encyclopedia in the life and achievements of Shri Basu. He will a source of energy and direction for many who wish to serve this great nation and its people my heartfelt condolences to the people of Bengal and the left party and his followers and all who loved him and respected him.

Comrade Joti Basu ji came so near to be the PM of India, in National Front govt. in 1966 if I am right, had he personally insisted or had showed desire to take it up I still feel it would be difficult for the left to disagree.

But, he kept his party discipline and honored the left decision to support the N F govt from outside refusing to join the govt at any level.
These are legendary Leaders; this nation has produced who had discipline and courage to sacrifice self for discipline. 

Hat’s off to you Joti Basuji. You will be remembered and respected for ever by your country men. The Tricolor will always smile in your memory.

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