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The Clouds Clearing, over Succession of YSR.

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supporters of jagan displaying placards in his support, jagan disapproved all actions of his supporters and appealed for restrain and maintian party dicipline

supporters of jagan displaying placards in his support, jagan disapproved all actions of his supporters and appealed for restrain and maintian party dicipline

Following Jagan’s statement. “I request you to await the decision of Smt Sonia Gandhi, President, and AICC on the issue of leadership and also urge you to abide the decision”  

Yet , The Disturbing Developments of past week Demand Answers to  Many Disturbing Questions.

From the time Dr, Rajsheker Reddy’s Helicopter was missing, in  Forests of Nalamala followed by his death in Helicopter Accident.  There was a unpleasant,  indiscipline, revolt and  peculier urgency  in statemets and actions of many  Congress leaders, MLA’S and MP’s.   It  reminds me of the type of unruly moments for allotment of  Assembly and  Parliamentary B form for,  2004 General Elections under President     D, Srinivas. 

Efforts of Late Y S Rajsheker Reddy  after years of hard work and confidence building had disciplined the party cadre, and its leaders. To maintain, regard and respect for leadership of the Party. Abruptly, reasons known to those who for no reason and gain have earned bad taste for  party since the news of Late Rajsheker Reddy Missing with Helicopter came.

The Party as was written in my earlier article “Jagan Mohan the Right Choice for the Post of CM” couple of days back,  is observant to the developments and will deal with indiscipline in the party at a proper time.  I am sure a fitting  action for causing embracement, disrespecting in the hours of grief shall be administered on the guilty.

 This group of Congess men enacted,  series of acts, like

 1. Disrespecting  the Interim Chief Minister Mr. Roshaih. And Refusing to accept him as authority over them. Even before he took the oath.  

 2.  Resorted to Slogan Shouting,  attempted Dharnas and Placard agitative representation, 

 3.  Run signature campaigns,  pleadging support to Janagn Mohan Reddy. As CM.

 4.   Airing unwillingness to take  re-oath of office of Minister,  As constitutional      requirement under the Interim Chief Minister, Mr. Roshiah

I am surprised how they came to understand that the party lead by Sonia Gandhi is having a which is having zero tolerance for indiscipline can not take notice of these acts of indicipline and damage to the Interest of the Party.

 They all forgot  and Mrs Sonia has  very fine ways of sidelining such congressmen who bring direct, disregard to the party and its leadership.

 As if all this is not sufficient they took the wildest step by Approaching Chiranjeevi for support.

 The Group Approached a rival party lead Praja Rajayam of  Chiranjeevi,  asking for his help in filling numbers in the event of failing to sustain the majority by the split group from Congress in Assembly.  This is wildest and the worst thought which, amounted to not just split but the to reduce the Indian National Congress in A P to a mere minority.  

 Fearful and destructive Idea to the cause damage to the party.

It will be  interesting to observe the action and the measures high command of congress will take under the leadership of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.   Conspiracy was engineered in the style that was engineered by Chnadra Babu Naidu on his Father in law N T R. Hope the intensity of wildness of thought is measured to full scale and a doze is formulated to cleanse the party from such evil minds at the earliest. 

Thankfully Jagan had the wisdom to smell the magnitude  of damage this was causing he, acted just in time before  further damage happened.  The Evil Brains fpimd the time ripe in the first few days thinking all are in sorrow and trying to come to terms with the grief in loss of YSR history books are full of such conspiracies. Very fortunately Congress is possibly will do the damage control

The following words by Jagan Mohan Reddy should do the magic safe Jagan the Congress Party, legacy of YSR and the Congress Leader ship the required relief.  Jagan acted the moment he was able to after the ceremonies followed by death of YSR still in grief the Man in Jagan acted to do the damage Control.

 Jagan Said

I request you to await the decision of Smt Sonia Gandhi, President, and AICC on the issue of leadership and also urge you to abide the decision. Our beloved leader and President of AICC, Smt Sonia Gandhi ji will take a decision in such a way that Dr Rajasekhara Reddy’s ideals, mission and zeal would not be compromised in any manner. I humbly appeal to you to be strong and courageous; I am with you in these trying times, just as you are with me. (Y S Jaganmohan Reddy)

The distractors will get isolated 

As the drama was enacted in Hyderabad over sucession and oath taking of Ministers the Air In Delhi High Comand Party is keenly watch the events of last few days to act accordingly.

 The Air in Congress High command still of discomfort with what happened in past few days in A P.  Hope the President Sonia Gandhi and her loyal and able litenetents , will set things right soon.

State incharge  Mr. Mouli need to scratch the dust off and lift the curtain to see what conspired behind the curtains. Was this a conspiracy against Jagan, or was it to benefit rivals, or damage congress party in state, in all cases the looser would be the common man the people of the state of Andhra.

If the agitative demanding style had continued the damage would have come unforturantely on the shoulders of Jagan as this would give room for misunderstanding between the party and the YSR family. Jagan’s appeal to the congressmen came to clear the clouds.  All this excercise had left a very bad taste and some way or the other has not helped any one.

Sonia Gandhi is a seasoned respectable and very shrewed politician helped by team of advisors they know the job best. Jagan’s respect for Sonia ji is remarkable, like wise Mr. Gandhi knows what is best in the interest of the State and its people. The State and the people will well come the decision of Soniaji and the destractors will not get the last laugh.

2014 Congress will sweep the Elections under  Jagan Mohan Reddy  as CM Canditate.

The possibility is it could be 

front Runner  Jagan Mohan Reddy will be declared as the CM, as first choice,

the Second in line should be Mr Jaipal Reddy a very deserving and a highly respected and man with intigrity can be brought in for couple of years till Jagan is groomed,

and lastly it could be  Mr. Roshiah  the interm CM may be asked to continue for couple of years and groom Jagan and set him for 2014 as Canditate for C M and sweep the Elections for Congress. 

Only Time will speak let us hope for the best will come to A P and Its people and the legacy of YSR lives for long long time.

Y S R Congress Leader and C M of A P who, Earned the Love of Millions is Missing.

September 2, 2009 Leave a comment

 The Family of Y S R and Millions in A P and Nation Praying for his safe return from the Jungles of Nalamala, In Kurnool Dist.

Y S R  We  Like You We Pray for Your Safty and Security and safe Return to you Family and People in A P

Y S R We Love You, We Pray for Your Safty and Security and safe Return to your Family and People in A P

The search operations by helicopters for locating Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy has been called off because of light and weather conditions and will resume tomorrow morning, Home Minister P Chidambaram said here today.

“There is no good news yet. We are keeping our fingers crossed. Our prayers are with Rajasekhara Reddy and his family,” he told reporters more than nine hours after the helicopter lost the contact with the ATC at 9:35 AM.

The search has been stopped for the time being because of weather and light conditions. Tomorrow in the first light of the day, helicopters will continue the search, he said.

However, Chidambaram said the search on foot by forest and revenue officials was on around the point where they think the helicopter was last seen. Police and CRPF personnel were also moving on foot.

The Finance Minister of  A P Mr. K Roshaiah has been asked to be as the acting Chief Minister of  A.P and attend to the works of the C M as the search for the Missing Helicopter Carrying Rajsherker Reddy continues, with a hope and prayers form the Congress, Party and leaders accross the political parties. Even the opposition leader Chandra Babu Naidu showed sighs of concern on the unfortuante disapprearacne of the helicopter and wanted every effort should be made both by the sate and the central govt to locate and work for the tracing the copter and  of the CM, Y S R.

The people of Andhra Pradesh are in a Shock and Prayers are conducted by Muslims, Hindus and Cristians  for safe return  of  Y S R. 

This is Major Serach operation carried out by India and the focus of the operation is zeroed to 20 kms radius of Nalamala Jungles from the spot the helicopter was last located.

Mr. Sonia Gandhi spoke to Y S R ‘s son  Mr. Jagan  over the phone and central ministers Jaipal Reddy, Veeraappa Moily and Chauhan are in Hyderabad to take the stock of the situation and do the best to support the porecess of search operations.

Millions are spending sleepless nights and with concern for safety of  Y S R and prayers for his safe return.

Family and People of  A.P  and  the Nation are eagerly waitng to hear  the news of  his safe return.  Let us keep fingures crossed and pray for his safe return.

There are many questions raised in the media and in the minds of people about the air worthness of the Heliporter and the Security Provided with him on board of the copter. This is not the time to discuss that aspect but let me end by appeal to one and all to pray for Y S R and men with him on the Helicopter for safety and there retuning to their loved ones. 

The Brave People of A P, our Army, and Defence and Police personnel,  who are braving the Forests at night to search for the copter which carried YSR, in hostile weather conditions and unsafe forests with threats of Naxals, should be appreciated for their efforts to help the nation to find one of its leader who earned good name and love of people.