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Big B gets Cozy with Modi. Why ? The Big Picture.

February 25, 2010 3 comments

Is Amitabh taking lessons from " Girgut" changing colours.

Bachchan is a man to watch, there is much more than what our eyes see. This is a deep and well thought move of the Bachans, please try to understand this happened after new year’s blast jointly celebrated by the Bachans and the Amar Singhs in Dubai.

 Mr. Amar Singh was on his way out from the Mulayam Singh’s Samajwadi Party reason known to the world. Anil was in goa and he too joined them in Dubai with family. I do not know where Mr. Amar Singh stands.

 But I have a feeling and reason to understand,  is based on few facts, and moves by them. Read more…

“Politics of hate by Shiv Sena defeated in Mumbai” SRK wins the battle of nerves & MNIK judged, masterpiece.

February 13, 2010 1 comment

Indians in Mumbai, dare threats of Shiv Sainiks bravely display the tickets of MNIK out side a Mumbai theatre. Mumbai snubbed Sena second time in a row, last time for Rahul this tme for SRK. Sena may become histroy if they do not change.

Mumbai snubs Shiv Sena second time in a row, a week ago it was Rahul Gandhi this Week it is Sharukh Khan. India celebrates the defeat of Shiv Sena, and the T Company still will be on the wrong side of the fence. They have generation to emulate, like father like son. It was Bal Thakrey who flirted with law and twisted and meddled with it for over five decades.

The  lion Bal Thakrey roared always to put to shame the unity of India, and its citizens, they induced fear in fellow Indians sometimes targeting Keralites, and many  of  the  times North Indians, from UP and Bihar were targets of Shiv Sainiks.

Even the new off shoot  MNS Raj T  build his political base by spiting venom on the North Indians  couple of years ago before 26/11I Mumbai Terror Attacks,  These T Brigade was not  to be seen near the Taj Hotel or the affected areas of Terror invasion in Mumbai with any sympathy to the victims or to the media. 

The roaring loins were in there dens cooling heals, when Mumbai was burning.  Nation was fighting unitedly was against the terror outfits, be the BSF, the  Mumbia Police or the People of Mumbai. Read more…

Sharukh I owe you an apology. I thought you are gimmick master, I am happy you proved me wrong.

February 12, 2010 2 comments

MNIK will touch the highs of sucess and poeple of India will snub the Sena with their support to the movie and express solidarity with your being a Indian with conviction. But the big story and sucess is "Only brave, can stick to what they said, even in adversities. You are among them, Sharukh. "

I always thought you Sharukh, are a gimmick master, who knows how to move fast on the tracks of popularity, making money, climbing on the ladder for number slots of who is number one and two in bollywood. 

 Your venturing in to IPL, was seen as smart move but KKR started with roar and did not come back yet to prove its right on the IPL among the top teams, though you had like of Sourav and Hassise and Shoeb on your side.

Public opinion was divided on the issue of “US airport emigration authorities detailed and a bit rigorous checks and cross checks on your identity which embraced you owing to your name is Khan.” The public perception was this could be gimmick too to give the needed popularity for your upcoming movie “My name is Khan” which has a story post 9/11 based in US and how names suddenly become alarming to the West.

I am sure your must have told the Immigration authorities “My Name is Khan” Sharuk Khan in your own pleasing style, yet they suspected.  The Industry was divided then some against and some called it a routine which every one faces even VVIP’s and diplomats of India faced such embarrassments in the past.

The episode of Shiv Sena, verses Sharuk has proved to be the truthful and whole of Indian is in agreement with Sharuk.  This proves Sharuk Khan is real personality and Indianess in him is Genuine, He is a son of a freedom fighter, and loving Mother, who taught him to be kind and truthful.

 Sharuk Khan has demonstrated courage and conviction, with great level of National Pride and Indianess in him.  He knows the boundaries set by the constitution and the cultural ethos of our land.  

India is one billion strong, we are like a big bouquet of flowers of different colors and shapes and smelling differently yet looking fresh, and beautiful, we may be belonging to regions with different languages.  Read more…

Rahul’s Mantra Stumps Sena, as Mumbai dumps Udhav, for Rahul.

February 6, 2010 2 comments

Rahul Gandhi the leader, determined to make Impression, and Stand for Unity and Respect of one billion people of India against, short-sighted and divisive forces like Shiv Sena, Mumbai embarrassed Rahul with Hearts and Arms open. India seeing in him a leader with determination and guts. images of his Mumbai visit 5th Feb 2010

Weeks of tussle to claim Mumbai, reach to its climax, thank God India and the spirit of Mumbai Won.  

 Mumbai is for All, Tendulker  triggered, Mukesh Ambani, emphasized, Rahul came to support  one billion Indians,  and Mumbikaars, choose to side with the Nation and declare, they will not tolerate the politics  generating shame for the people of Maharashtra, triggered by  right-wing  political,  party Shiv Sena. 

 Thousands of  Mumbiakars, proved Sena wrong, by welcoming Rahul Gandhi with open arms demonstrated  the soul of Maratha Pride,   National unity and  love for all Indians.   

A set of few Sainiks of  Bal Thankrey and Udhav Thakrey cannot put to shame the true spirit of Mumbai.    

Four hour snap tour of Rahul Gandhi took Sena and its leader Udhav,by surprise. 

Rahul’s Visit to Economic Capital of India Mumbai, protesting against the stand taken by Shiv Sena,  “Mumbai for Mumbaikars only and  not for India.” Read more…

Growing strength of Indian Muslims. They will carve their way ahead, & they can’t be ignored any more.

February 2, 2010 4 comments

Muslim of Today, is Wiser and Stronger, and Will strengthen the Constitution and the Ethos of India, He should not be taken lightly.

The Muslims of Andhra Pradesh were forced in to a merger against their wishes in the year 1956, on the national drive of the leader of Congress Party and the Prime Minister Shri Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, to allow reorganization of state on the basis of language. The Nizam’s state, post independence was one of the rich and  the one of the best, princely states of India. 

Hyderabad State, had people of four regions with different ethnic and religious backgrounds  living happily and prospering  under the Umbrella of the Nizam,  from Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra, and Nizam.  That was a golden era with public services, health, infrastructure, opportunity, development, communication, educational, and cultural development in the region un parallel and the Indian people, and the people of AP are proud. 

 The Nizam was the richest person in the world, he was blessed with great administrative, and organizational skills. He allowed multi religious,  multi lingual, multi regional family of Nizam estate to flourish, the Monuments and the infrastructural  masterpieces, reservoirs, and gardens and public building speak the tale in golden voice even today.                Read more…

Exams postponed by AP, Is it sacrifice, or embrasment, spilled from agitation?

January 30, 2010 1 comment

Several Bandhs, and agitation days take its first casualty "exams postponed" Education suffered.

What was feared has happened, the Student and the Education in the state has witnessed first blow on them, in the form of postponing of intermediate exams in the state.

Several bandhs, and agitation for separte state, and united Andhra, is given its first sacrifice, or has suffered first embrasment. ? The answer to this question should come from the political parties and the student organisations.

(PTI) Reported, The Andhra Pradesh government, today postponed the Intermediate (+2) exams by a week bowing to pressure from some ministers of Telangana region.

The exams will now begin on March 10 instead of March 3 as announced earlier. However, the SSC (Class 10) exams will begin March 23 as per the original schedule. Even, the Intermediate practical exams will be held as per the original schedule from February 3, official sources said. Read more…

Joti Basu the legend is no more. He left a legacy behind.

January 17, 2010 Leave a comment

The Great Leader of Left, and Lion of Bengal, who came close be PM of great nation India, is no more. He has left a legacy for Indian to emulate. 1914 -2010 he breath his last in Kolkata Hosptial Today afternoon.

Joti Basu has passed away leaving a legacy behind. Decipline and Values stood with him all his life. The present day politicians have serious lesson to learn form life of this king of dicipline, and dedication towards his people at all life.

Generations of India have grown hearing about Lion of Bengal Shri Joti Basuji, a true socialist, and man of the masses, a learned leader of left with a vision to take his party and the people he led to the light of new world thru his vision he is a loss to the nation and to all those who value discipline, goodness, and dedication in public life.

Our leaders of today have an encyclopedia in the life and achievements of Shri Basu. He will a source of energy and direction for many who wish to serve this great nation and its people my heartfelt condolences to the people of Bengal and the left party and his followers and all who loved him and respected him.

Comrade Joti Basu ji came so near to be the PM of India, in National Front govt. in 1966 if I am right, had he personally insisted or had showed desire to take it up I still feel it would be difficult for the left to disagree.

But, he kept his party discipline and honored the left decision to support the N F govt from outside refusing to join the govt at any level.
These are legendary Leaders; this nation has produced who had discipline and courage to sacrifice self for discipline. 

Hat’s off to you Joti Basuji. You will be remembered and respected for ever by your country men. The Tricolor will always smile in your memory.

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