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Press Conference on Value of Muslim Vote 13th of April at NSS Hyd.

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A press conference was conducted by Urdu Mass and Intellectual of Hyderabad on the subject of Value of Muslim Vote in Changing India, and the role Muslims can play in formation of the New Govt in the Country.


The focus of and the subject of the day was  The Value of the Muslim Vote and the role Muslims can play in formation of the new govt.


The out set in the open address to the press Mr. M H Adil said “The message is to be sent loud and clear to the Nation, that the Muslims of India no more should be considered integral part of the Main Stream for the Country.


Muslims are part of the main stream and not in any manner less in the zeal   and desire to see India prosper and reach the pinnacle of growth and lead the world.  And the majority Hindu and other communities of the Nation are standing   Today shoulder to shoulder as a one unit to take this country forward on the path of  Growth.


He said “It is also true that for the last 60 years since independence not enough has been done to take care of the economic, social, educational backwardness of the Muslims.”


Mr. Hasnudddin Ahmed IAS was asked by a Media Person that the timing of the appeal to the nation for the value and legitimate rights of the Muslim community is not proper mr.


Hasnuddin Ahmed responded by saying that “the timing is always right when it comes to ask for justice and legitimate grievance of based on issues and logistical failures time and again by the in the past and nothing is really changing concretely,”


Mr. Adel M H responding to the Media who wanted to know what is your demand for the


He said the demands are many but first and the foremost being

“Sachar Committee report which was whole heartedly taken positive by the Present P M Dr, Mahmohan Singh, and the implementation is kept in cold storage for reasons best known to the authorities.  Muslims are backward, in fields of education, economic, social, health, and woman and child affairs.”


Mr. Adil Said that the Muslims of India demand that the Sachar Committee Report should be implemented with our any further delay in its true sprit.


Speaking at the Press Conference S.A Khadeer Ret. S P. of Andhra Pradesh Police. .

Said. “Muslims are not given the rightful place in the Govt Jobs, like in states services, military services, polices force, Institutions, etc. And there is a step motherly treatment given to them which should stop.”


He also said few govts like the Andhra Pradesh govt gave 4 % which is good but not enough in comparison to the population and the economic backwardness of the Muslims in India.


He also said parties like Lulu’s and Maywati’s are getting popular because they are able to give security and protection to the Muslims in the sates they control.

The mood in the conference was not there is too much of lip service when it comes to the performance on the part of the govts that came to power form Time to time no matter which party or ideology they belonged.


Mr. Muktar Ahmed Fardeen said Muslims like many other sections of the Society are used as vote banks and they are needed only to fill the gap that Needs to covert the defeat into a victory by the political parties, they are just


Treated like show pieces in a drawing room on which discussion can be made   to promote the objectives of the political parties.


Mr. Muktar who is active in Fighting for the just cause showed great concern in deteriorating political   With hundreds of parties agendas of all of them almost like a copy and paste   Material from the books of law and governance and human rights except few Exceptions segment of the nation.


Mr. Naimatullah Reserch Scholar in his address said that there are several NGO organization who are requesting the voters to look for the best candidates who can take care of the interest of the people of the continuance and the votes whole be cased and they should be castled to the right person right party who work for unity, development and national pride, and social justice.


At the end in the closeting discussion Mr. Adil MH  said  the topic doesn’t end it opens, this is the end of campaign for a election 2009 we do not like to have the same problems also alive in 2014.  The coming five years are crucial for the safety security, development and unity of the country, and the justice system should be further improved.


He Mr.  Adil also said the main issue in front of the Nation today are National Integration, Economic Social Justice, and Safety and Security of our Citizens.  Self Respect for all Indians irrespective of there caste religion and colour.


Responding to a question from the Media he also said “Please think what prompted a Journalist like them to use a Shoe instead of Pen to get an answer for a Question.

He wants the Media to give a thought that when Justice is denied things change and laws break. Our system should improve, so that we are free from Frustration and Dissatisfaction.


The most important tool in the way of educating the people about the value of  vote is the nation should go for 100 literacy and it should be made a crime if a parent is depriving his child the right for educating him self up. 


A rich person in his ego of richness often does not all his child to get good education saying he has enough for a living the child does not need to study : such parents should be booked and punished for depriving knowledge to their children.


Mr Hasnuddin Ahmed said sates like Bihar, and UP are keen to keep the security of the Muslims at top in the agenda of their parties.


Apart from the above there was a very aloborate discussion on how the Political Reservations and the role the Political Parities should play in givng the rightful share of representation in political erena.