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Saving “Vessels of Deeds”

February 27, 2010 1 comment

The Seal of Prophet of God Mohammed May Peace and Blessings of Allah be on him. {It was engraved "Allah's messenger Mohammed sas" on His ring which he used as His Seal. }

In the name of Allah the most beneficent and merciful.  Quran the book of guidance and merci for all mankind, which guides us mankind out from the darkness towards light, Reads

“Oh you who believed! Obey Allah and Obey the Messenger (Mohammed sas) and do not invalidate your deeds. “   Quran -Chapter 47 – verse 33.

A reward for deeds is directly linked to  our believe.  A believing Man and Women are at advantage of getting the good deeds which they do accepted and rewarded in right measure,  by the creator and the sustainer of universe almighty Allah.  Both in this world and the world after, that will never end. 

No amount of good deeds in this world will guarantee the pleasure and Merci of Allah. For  one who is a disbeliever,  rejectng clear signs of Allah and calling of his Messengers towards Him. Even after witnessing open truth from Allah and his Messenger repeatedly.

“That is because those who disbelieve follow falsehood. And those who believe follow the truth from their Lord…”  Quran- Chapter 47 – Verse 3

“That is because they disliked Allah and what Allah has revealed, (This Quran) so He rendered worthless their deeds” Quran-Verse 9 – Chapt 47.

 Deeds of disbeliever are like the vessels which can never be filled till the cavity of disbelieve is repaired, and sealed  with submission to will of Allah  swt and accepting Allah swt as sole creator and sustainer of all Mankind, And to Him,  all mankind  will  return.  And he alone is worthy of our worship. Read more…

Mid Shab’an “The Stock Taking Night” (the Shabe Baraat )

August 4, 2009 3 comments

A way forward to protect the society form the sins,  it is loaded with today.

Praise is to Allah, and blessings and peace upon the Messenger of Allah.

O Allah Forgive us and Bless us, and Guide us amin,

O Allah Forgive us and Bless us, and Guide us amin,

Mid Shaban can be termed as  stock taking day for Muslims for their deeds, in privacy with Allah swt,  and assess how they are rated on the barometer of good and bad, as set by Quran in  Allah Subhanawatala, and as we understand from the live of our Prophet Mohammed sas.  

Mid-Sha’ban as a night of worship and salvation,   traditionally it is believed that
Allah swt , determines the destiny of all people, including whether a person lives or dies, in the coming year between,  Shab E  Barat to Shab E Barat

Mid-Sha’baan night is gaining importance as Prophet Mohammed sas used to fast on 13 th , 14 th and 15 th of every lunar month now it is but understandable that Prophet Mohammed sas used to increase his fasting days in the Month of Shabaan, and visited the Janatul Baqi in the advanced hour of the 15th Night and Pray as we understand form Ahadees Sharif.

Virtues of the 15th Night

Sha`ban in the eighth month of the Islamic calendar. There are numerous ahadith narrated about the 15th night of Sha`ban, indicating that it has a certain distinction over ordinary nights. Among the most authentic of these are the following two:

1) Prophet, (may Allah bless him and his Household and grant them peace), said,
“Allah looks at His creation in the night of mid-Sha`ban; He forgives all His creation except for a mushrik (polytheist) or a mushahin (one who has illegitimate hatred or enmity of others).”

Narrated by Hafiz Ibn Hibban recorded in his “Sahih,” [vol XII, p. 481; #5665] :
Some other versions mention other categories of sinners as not being forgiven on that night: those who commit zina (fornication or adultery) or murder.

2) It is narrated that Ummul-Mu’mineen `A’ishah  RTA awoke one night to find the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him and his Household) is not on his bed, and so she went out to look for him.

She found him in the Baqee` cemetery, with his head raised to the Heavens

[It is recommended in general to visit cemeteries for the purpose of reminding ourselves of death and to ask Allah to forgive the deceased Muslims].

After helping to further reassure her, it is reported that he said, “Surely Allah, the Possessor of Blessings, the Exalted, descends to the lowest heaven [with a meaning appropriate to Allah’s majesty; not to be likened to the descending of finite, spatial, created things] on the night of mid-Sha`ban, and forgives more [people] than the hairs on the sheep of [the tribe of] Kalb.”
(Narrated by Tirmidhi

Mid – Shaba’an the Month of Orientation for Ramadan al Mubarak.

As this night approaches, we should examine ourselves and try to rid ourselves of any traces of <shirk> (associating partners with Allah in deeds, words or belief), and also make sure that we are avoiding the other sins mentioned as hindering forgiveness: illegitimate hatred, zina and murder. Shirk; murder and zina are the most terrible sins, as indicated by the following habit:

Ibn Mas`ud said that he asked the Prophet Mohammeds sas  “Which sin is greatest?”  Mohammed sas said,
“That you associate a partner with Allah, although He has created you.”
“Then which?”
 “That you kill your child out of fear it will share your food.”
 “Then which?”
– “That you commit adultery with your neighbour’s wife.”
Then he recited the verse of the Qur’an meaning, “And [the believers are] those who do not call upon any other god beside Allah, nor unrightfully kill the soul which Allah has prohibited, not commit zina…” [Qur’an, 25:68]
[Narrated by Bukhari, Muslim and others]

In another narration, the following people have also been mentioned:

1. One who deals in usury (Riba),

2. One who wears his trousers below his ankle with pride and arrogance (In Arabia, people displayed their wealth and boasted in this manner),

3. One who creates disunity among two Muslims,

4. The person who unjustly takes away the right and property of another Muslim and has not yet rectified himself.

All these persons are not shown Mercy on this auspicious Night.  

Now as we see around us in the present day world the evils mentioned in the above sayings of prophet Mohammed sas are so common and so threatening to our society and becoming a major threat to our moral protection, we need to really take a serious effort to protect ourselves and the society and man kind in general for the evils that have become so common that they in many a places have attained a level of complacence.

 There are evils like “shirk”, “killing” “zina”  “riba” “covered ankle” “disunity” “unjust possessions”

“shirk”: this is we know is Major sin.  In Islam, associating any one living or dead or any form or kind with Allah swt Is “Shirk” 

We have seen in our society our Muslim brothers and sisters resorting to all sorts of tantrums and practices which are totally against the basics of Islam.

We find people burying there sick children alive (till neck) expecting the solar eclipse rays will cure them.

And we see people putting to risk there loved ones by throwing infants form height, expecting they will get good luck. 

Such things, will only take us towards shirk, an unpardonable sin, and disobedience to Allah.  May we be protected from it.

 “Killing” The world today is witnessing killings of thousands of innocent people, be terrorist organizations who target innocent people, or nations and groups  at loggerheads for there political and economic, and selfish goals, in turn killing innocent civilians, children, women and elderly people, be it Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Pakistan the looser is innocent person.

A great awakening is needed in this aspect and sees how Allah’s Prophet Mohammed sas and the Quranic verses expect us to refrain from this Major sin too. Of Killing innocent people. 

Zina” or Adultery, and illicitly relations that are forbidden.

 World today has almost approved this Major Sin, the Western world boosts about this evil and it is shame that it, no longer considered as sin, we have people defending, living in relation ships in today’s society by young boys and girls, to add to the agony of height of sickness in the minds of the people the west has legitimized guy marriages, and judiciary in India has gone soft and almost making legitimate in India. We have to do condemn this trend and safe our generations from sins that may call for wrath of Allah swt.   

“Riba” Today Banking system, and Business Procedures, and Means to grow are Routed thru Interest and Interest and More Interest, reaching, of massive greed levels in individuals, nations, organization, and institutions.

With very little concern for what it has done to the world as a whole. The world is suffering from the worst economic recession of the century as per the annalist this Riba or the Interest is one of the reasons, for destructions of economies and nations, institutions, and individuals as such. How we Muslims are blessed that Allah has made Riba a sin and Haram on us Alhamdulliah.

 “covered ankle”  In Arabia, people displayed their wealth and boasted in this manner, by wearing long robes which covered their ankles and spread around them on floor behind them, displaying there status and wealth boasting with stiff necks looking down upon the low in them. This is contrary to the teachings of Quran which expects one to walk of earth with humility. As a matter of fact the Muslims should fold the trouser or wear a dress which will be above the ankle for prayers. We all are equal in the eyes of Allah our status in Allah’s eye is with respect to our piety alone, and not our wealth and powers of this world.

“DisunityOne who creates disunity among Muslims.

All Muslims should find the ways which will unite us and keep the bones of contention aside as long as we do not contradict the teachings of  Quran and our Beloved Prophet Mohammed sas.  The most essential need today for Muslims Umma is Unity, at Best and at All levels. May Allah keep the umma united and let us pray for keeping ourselves away from this sin which will bring the wrath of Allah swt.  

“Unjust possessions” The person who unjustly takes away the right and property of another Muslim and has not yet rectified himself.

This is too a evil which is prevalent in our society this is not so openly visible unless you are near to the person effected or you yourselves is involved, this is true to individuals,

Sickness…  The laws are manipulated, lying is order of the day, smartness is cheating, strength is grabbing, pride is holding, depriving one of his possession has become a feather in the cap how sick, and stinking is this naked face of our society today, O Allah help and forgive us and show us the right path if you do not correct us we will be perished and disgraced for ever.  

Let us clean our souls and pray for ourselves and our Muslim Umma to safe it from the wrarth of Allah and get ready for the Month of Blessings, and Noor Ramadan al Mubarak. By . ..

What a Muslim Should do on this Night

On this night, perform Nawaafil, recite the Qur’an Shareef, recite abundant Durood Shareef, Istighfaar and Kalima Tayyibah.

Also on this night the Doors of Mercy and Forgiveness are opened wide, and those who sincerely grieve over and repent for their past sins and seek forgiveness from Allah are pardoned and forgiven by the Grace of Allah the Merciful.

Each Tasbih or Du’a should begin and terminate with the recital of Durood Shareef and one who wishes for the acceptance of his Du’as should use the Wasila of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah.

 So, it is our duty, as the Ummat of Rasoolullah to love and respect this month more than any other month (besides Ramadan). One should also offer abundantly salutations (Salaat-o-Salaam) upon the Prophet

“So, it is appropriate for the believer to free himself [from worldly pursuits] on that night, [and apply himself] to the remembrance of Allah, making du`a to Him to forgive sins, conceal faults, and alleviate hardships, and [it is appropriate] to precede this with repentance (tawbah) for Allah forgives on this night those who repent.”

Fasting on the 15th Day
However, if one wishes, he may fast on the 15th of Sha`ban, on the basis that it is recommended to fast the middle days of every month, and it is also recommended to fast during Sha`ban in general.

Usama ibn Zayd said, “O Messenger of Allah! I have not seen you fast in any of the months as [much] as you fast in Sha`ban!” He said, “That is a month which people are neglectful of, between Rajab and Ramadan, and it is a month in which deeds are lifted up to the Lord of the Worlds, and I like for my deeds to be lifted up while I am fasting.”


[Narrated by Nasa’i and Ahmad]
“Fasting three days from every month is like fasting perpetually.”


[Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim]

“When you fast three days from a month, then fast thirteen, fourteen and fifteen.”


[Narrated by Ahmad, Tirmidhi (who graded it hasan),  

 And Allah, the Flawless, knows best.

Praise is to Allah, and blessings and peace upon the Messenger of Allah.