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Galloping India,Crippling Millions, & R C’s 15% Minority Reservation.

February 17, 2010 5 comments
 Press Conference by Adilmohd's Blog and MEC India Body. 14th Feb 2010.

Press Conference by Adilmohd's Blog and MEC India Body. 14th Feb 2010.

 This Blog of yours, in its commitment to serve the people of the Nation, and help bring social and economic justice to its people, on Sunday 14 Feb called for a Press Conference with a dual purpose, to launch a body formulated by your blog, with the support from people in society who care and are concern about various issues of Minorities of India.

The MEC, Headed by  this friend of yours Adil M H,  together with the support of its Comitted,  Members,  Mr. Abdul Qadeer retd. DIG AP Police and Member of MEC, and Muktar Ahmed Fardeen a Banker and Member of MEC with Mr. Anees Ahmed Iqbal a Member of MEC. 

Feels. The idea of an organization which will set non political  body which can fearlessly and within the framework of the constitution, will work for uplift of the minorities and raise issues related to their social and economic issues with the govts, and authorities. Build consensus and educate people about various reliefs, schemes, and measure govts, are taking to do the same.

This is a very huge task it requires support of the media, NGO’s, political bodies, and responsible and well off individuals, in the Minorities community who are advantaged, we expect them to come forward and support us in our Endeavour. Read more…

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