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Ban Identifying, Terror Act with any Religion

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“Demonisation”  of Muslim in Particular

Demonisation of  any religon  should be fought.  We know we have many non govt organisations, Sensible Govts bodies, Human rights organization,  media, both print and electronic, helping differet sections in the scoiety in fighting this “Demonisation” by various groups, who are in a systematic manner trying to defame and demoralize certain section of society   generaly and more specifically the Muslims,  all over the World.

I would like  Indian  Muslim to lead and help the world Muslim in association with Heads of other Religions, Media, World Bodies (formed on theory of co existence) like UN, OIC, to raise loudly their voice, In the framework of constitution, as civilised and equal citizens of this Indian  Nation and Condemn such “Demonisastion” of Muslims or any other Religion by linking it to Terror.

“Do not hurt any one, so that no one may hurt you”

Muslims need to open a dialogue with the world community and educate them about Islam and the teaching of Quran and the life of Prophet of God Mohammed peace and blessings of Allah are upon him. The Prophet in his last sermon to his followers said “do not hurt any one, so that no one may hurt you”, this saying has given the world the best tool to keep the world at peace and that laid the foundation of mutual respect, tolerance, and peace.

 Muslims with their deeds and with their right presentation of Islam can make the world acknowledge that they are strength to any society and any nation. 

 This is proved in many parts of the world. Those who experienced Muslims, know how fare, friendly and caring Muslims are in dealings. 

 The principles of Islam advocate universal brotherhood, this quality of brotherhood glows around practicing Muslims; they are the ones who represent Islam.

 1.5 billion Muslims have best and most successful stories of economic growth, political wisdom, social and cultural pride, to boast theories of co existence, in many Islamic Countries, and Muslim ruled nations, and Muslims know they have embarrassing examples too.

 Muslim ruled nations are safe homes of millions of our brothers from other religions, they find these countries, more comfortable to settle and prosper, and the demography is full of such examples.

”In a statement on Ihsanoglu’s remarks, Geneva spokesman for the International Humanist and Ethical Union Roy Brown argued that Islam was often linked to terror because perpetrators of many terrorist acts identify themselves as Muslims”

Tools of Terror

In a society full of poverty, discrimination, hate, illiteracy, lack of social and community support, a poor ill informed individual is bound to get lost from the path of believe he is born with.

It is very much possible that such individuals can become tool in the hands of evil mongers, terrorist net works and defame the roots to which that individual belongs. This individual at times is a Muslim, Hindu, Christian, and Jew or a Communist. The history is full of flaws committed by all the sections of the society; I don’t need to repeat in this column.

“Islam was often linked to terror because perpetrators of many terrorist acts identify themselves as Muslims.”

1. These perpetrators of terror are a curse on mankind and burden on society.

2. They should be neutralised and cornered with Iron fist, these are the people who are mentioned in scriptures as evil mongers who spread unrest on earth.

3. They are enemies of peace. They may matter identify themselves with any.

4. They can not be Muslims, Christians, Hindus or Jews. All societies have differences and discrimination histories we calling ourselves civilised should learn to fight all our odds at right forum.

Muslims, Christians, Hindus, or a Jews should show unity in condemning associated them with terror of any kind.

1. Be clear a killer of innocent people and mindless act of terror can not be a human being.copy-of-12x9_size-modified1

2. There should be a Ban on identifying any Terror Act with any Religion.

3. Words so often used Muslim Terror, Hindu Terror, Christian Terror, or a Jewish Terror groups should be history.

4. I will not be surprised if we implement such a ban the toning of so called terror groups will be lost, they will have no identity and no platform to exploit, and this will itself act as major deterrent for them.

5. This could be best first step forward to isolate terror. The other steps can follow.

20th Dec.2008

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