The speed of Life in todays world is at bothering pace. The one who gets lucky will pause, and ponder on the real purpose of life, what the creator of universe demands from him. Surely he is the true winner, of race in this life and the race after.

Faith is the force, that guides and builds us into good humanbeing, it allows us to bond with one another, and understand the complex nature of man and his belongs. 

God created this universe for us human beings for understanding his very purpose of us being here. We know how empty and hallow it would be for us to reason out our presence on earth with-out a purpose, even for a while. 

The whole human race is with a noble and a valid purpose on this planet earth, with universe at their disposal to ponder, understand and praise the creator of  Universe and for giving us this, life to be of purpose,  to contribute  goodness and energies it with our wisdom, care, determination, support, beautyfying its surrounds and adding value to nature and its belongs.

said on 27th of Dec 2009

  1. Maaz
    January 1, 2010 at 9:12 am

    Very true, that the speed of life is at a very high speed. But the big question is “where are we heading” ???
    Also to whom do we ultimately BELONG & to whom we have to REPORT, are few of the Querries, which I think should certainly put a SPEED BREAKER on this highway, which is called
    L I F E.


  2. Maaz
    March 17, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    Life is racing fast and getting ahead of me and soon it will defeat me in this game as I scram closer and closer to my end. The rope called life which I am hanging on to will eventually snap for me and sever my link with life. To call my life as full, all I need is to be content and grateful with what I have and indifferent to what I don’t. But if I succumb to the dangling carrot of greed, all I will have will be bait down my throat which will drag me along; too late for me to be saved. If I rather choose to be content and grateful then I can live and die in peace as death will be for me a promise of peace.

    As I near my forties I seem to age faster in my mind than my body. Ah! That doesn’t mean I am staying young or better still getting younger in body. It is this race which I am referring to above. Soon the tide will change and my mind will slow down and my physical aging will accelerate and get ahead of all.

    My graying hair will increase from many to millions and my new and few wrinkles will slowly encompass me all over. My grip will become frailer and my gait stooper. Forgetfulness will become my new mental malady and insomnia my new physical disorder. Even of all this does not strike in me fear of the meeting with my Creator, then there is no one dafter than me.

    I had been most callous of all the bounties showered on me by my God, if I am to start counting them our super computers will explode and burnout. His bounties on me are innumerable. If I can breathe with ease than it is a bounty, if I have a an eye that can see it is a bounty, if my ears can hear than it is a bounty. If I can sleep with peace at night it is a bounty, if I can breathe with ease from my nose than it is a bounty. If I have the strength to walk on my own than it is a bounty. If I can relief myself with ease than it is a bounty. They are one too many and can never be enumerated…

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