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I am thankfull to Allah for all that he has given me and my family.

I like to be a very good Mulims, and I belive a Muslim is one who spreads peace and happiness and maintains him self as best example to emulate.

I would like to think and do a bit for the society and lessen burden of many in society, Who are not as blessed as we are.

There is a lot of pain and unfulfilled dreams and aspiration of millions yet. Let us help the people who want to make the dreams of such people a reality.

Such people in todays world are few who like to help the needy with true intentiosn, one of them is Obama, and I see in Rahul the spark to be another.

We have to reach them and help them and bring the change in the system both politcally, socially, in India.

And be good to people of the world.

Be positive and help retain the energy to spread optimism.

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