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Amar Singh the General Secratary of SP, I am happy to know from his blog his ideas and his comitment to do good for the nation and its people. His concern for the conditions of the Minorities and Muslims in particular his comitment to do good work for them.

Interaction and Comments by adilmohd  on  www.thakuramarsingh.com  on various articles of Amar Singh ji on his blog.  This politician and Industrialist from UP is impressive and a very interesting personality with great commitment to do good to the people of the nation, and world, I wish him the very best, you can read below my comments and discussion on his blog in a very humble manner to contribute my bit in his efforts if possible.

 adilmohd says:  on the article of Amar Singhji in his blog on Solar Eclipse.

It is nice to know the importance solar or lunar eclipse attracts in Hindu mythology and its Indian Calendar. I would like to share what it means to the Islamic World, the teachings of Prophet Mohammed sas, and Quranic verses in this regards.

Throughout the Qur’an, people are encouraged to look around them, observe and reflect on the beauties and wonders of the natural world – as signs of Allah’s majesty. “Allah is He, who created the sun, the moon, and the stars — (all) governed by laws under His commandment.” Qur’an 7:54 “It is He who created the night and the day and the sun and the moon. All (the celestial bodies) swim along, each in its orbit.” Qur’an 21:33 “The sun and the moon follow courses exactly computed.” Qur’an 55:05 in remembrance and gratefulness for all of His favors, Muslims all over the world bow down in prayer five times each day.

During the time of the prophet, a solar eclipse happened. People hurried to link this to a worldly event, namely, the death of the prophet’s son, Ibrahim. The prophet sas explained the truth of this matter to them. Volume 4, Book 54, Number 423: Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar: RTA. The Prophet sas said, “The sun and the moon do not eclipse because of someone’s death or life (i.e. birth), but they are two signs amongst the Signs of Allah. So, if you see them (i.e. eclipse) offer the Prayer (of eclipse), Apart from prayers Prophet used to seek forgiveness from Allah SWT, supplicate and give charity.

God willing the message above will add valuable information on the subject of Eclipse, a natural phenomenon of nature, which reminds us time in and time out, how dependent and at God’s merci this universe and all in it is.

We will always be helpless to the designs of nature, and its fury, we have seen it happen several times, in the form of natural calamities, like tsunami and most recent human apathy in Haiti. The human intelligence, power, resources and infrastructure are put to rubbles in seconds by natural calamity in the form of earthquake in Haiti.

We have one thing in our hands that is to be good and to do well and to expect good from our creator, and live honorable lives in this world and plan for the world after.

I wish to tell you Amarji, even the most powerful planet Sun is some put in shadow by a weak and not so powerful moon.

Similarly we in our lives sometimes go thru tough times and testing moments.

But then the moments pass as quickly as they came, for us to glow and be our best again. Giving opportunity to cheer. We all need to make use of the time allotted to its best.

There is lesson in the eclipse, to learn, for all of us.

It can you Amar Bhai, it can be me and any of our brothers on this blog or any.

May God guide Mankind, and protect them all.

May God, relief pains and agonies of the people suffering in Haiti. And help them in the hour of pain. Amen,


adil mh Hyderabad.

  • A.Singh A.Singh says:

    Thanks Adil Bhai for such an informative reaction.

    • adilmohd says:

      Amarji, thanks for prompt response to my comment.
      Mr. Deepak in his comment requested you to elaborate on the matter of Muslim PM, for India, which you raised in your campaign of Farhan in Mumbai. Amarji I think due to lack of sufficient time you did not reply to him.
      In August 2009 this subject is raised by this humble servant of this noble nation and its people in my blog, on the auspicious occasion of 15 Aug. with reference to Dr. Manmohan Singhji. Our beloved PM
      And recently, when Brother Rahul Gandhi, spoke about possibility of a Muslim P M, in his address to Aligarh students, I wrote an article on my blog too.
      If you permit, I can open a discussion on this subject, with our friends in your blog.

      • A.Singh A.Singh says:

        Dear Adil, you may go ahead with proposed discussion, I think this issue needs to be addressed with logics and not just sentiments.


adilmohd says:  on the article of Mr  Amar Singh,  My resignation…..

Amarji,I am surprised, this could not be done by Amar Sing with our very valid reason and justification. I am sure there is more than what meets the eye.

I understand it hurts most when the loved ones and people you have cared and supported and stood with in the worst crisis do not reach out to you, when you are a bit low.

The time you spent in Singapore has showed you the true faces of who cares for you and who doesn’t. Amar Bhai, I am of your age too, I request you to have courage and do not think you are weak.

You are self made man with great determination and courage to turn and tide in your favor. I am sure you read my replies on your blog, every time I wrote to you I wrote with so much expectations for you in store to extend the people of the Nation of ours, India.

Amar Bhai India and UP need you most. I would go a step ahead are like to predict, you are not a person who can sit on the bye lane and be a spectator.

No you are not going to do that, your destiny has great service to the people of India in store.

Mulayam Singhji taking couple of days time to react to your resignation is not understandable, as reported in media.

If I was Mulayam Singh I would rush to you be with you and find out what went wrong he should know Amar Singh a politician can be replaced but Amar sing a friend in need can not.

I would love to discuss this matter with you on phone or on mail there is so much we can discuss and share I like you to have courage and do not give the impression that you are not well, you will be fine. You have a special place in today’s India.

I am sure Congress will extend its hand of friendship to you, Your are truthful and reliable friend please tell me how many are out their in the arena you come from the Political Arena.

The world is full of all kinds of people the kind you belong are rear, you family is your strength, and your friends are your support.

You are very lucky Amar bhai , you have loving daughters, and a loving wife, and caring family in the from of Amit’s, Ambani’s and Sanju’s, keep doing well be care free.

I am sure Bhai All will be well. I would like to understand, You will have few cards up you sleeve which will checkmate your adversaries. May be a party of your own, or Joining Congress, I still hope Mulayam Singhji and you reach to a reconciliation and control the damage it will cause the SP.

We love you Amar Bahi be brave and be strong and be serving , have faith in Almighty he will help you.

Pledged to help the people who need your support and help. I know I have reasons to belive you are among very few who have the courage to speak and stand on their word.

  • A.Singh A.Singh says:

    Thanks Adil bhai, I respect and appreciate your emotions for me.

    • adilmohd says:

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      Thanks for appreciating my concern.

      You are bound to make millions of friends in the manner you have opened your heart and soul and become transparent to the world.

      I am sure it demanded guts and courage to be the person we are, inside out. You can count on me any time Amar Bhai, I like you more now, than in power, power can come and go, the real power is in the person and his approach, and his being truthful and worthy of his person, which you are, money and power can buy material world not a worthy friend.

      A friend comes from the beauty of once soul


 adilmohd : has to say this  on  Mr Amar Singh’s note on his blog titled  “From Dubai”
January 1, 2010 at 4:42 am

If we like to blame, and single out one single reason which has pushed the world to grave economic crisis in 2008-09 since economic crisis faced by the world 30’s, what comes to our, mind it is “Greed”.

Greed is the worst enemy of mankind, Evil Power of Greed has effected functioning, brought instability, and insecurity to individuals, families, and nations. Unless the human race is toned to behave more rationally.

One good virtue that will curb “Greed” and develop us as better human beings is “Share”.

Greed shrinks us in all respects. But the nature to share with fellow humankinds, from what we are blessed with, gives the glow to our being.

In this respect I wrote in one of my webs few years back ” Share Before you Shrink”.

Dubai was no different from other past of the world that where effected badly.

Dubai its approach to the style of enterprise and projections of growth and opportunity, pushing the bar of opportunity and growth to levels which the human intellect could not resist.

Trouble was due to speculative and fictitious projections of profits to allow them to jack up the base prices to levels abnormal.

Engineering technique to pressurize, inducing sense of getting deprived of opportunity in the minds of investors who had seen Dubai has the paradise to grow the tree of money at the fastest speed. Most of them from , Europe, and Saudi Arabia.

They are today in a state of shock, they feel cheated. There will be a great adjustment and confidence building, exercise needed before the Investor gain confidence in the word “ Dubai.” It is sad that Dubai one of the biggest success stories of this century has to see such low.

The Culprit on either side of the game was “Greed” The Investor and the Provider both
where plagued by Greed.

I am optimistic, like you Amarji, soon, this city will bounce back , Like you saw, the tourist in Dubai this holiday season, I hope we will see Melas of Investors like in the past too, to support its revival at the earliest.

adilmohd December 30, 2009 at 2:49 pm on Taking a break…. by Amar Singhji, from Dubai.

Amarji, you needed a break. I pray the coming year of 2010 will cruise you to greater heights in service of the nation and its people. My humble regards to your family which includes Amitji’s family too. Have a nice time get back to India with new energy and spirit. By the way, on the lighter side, I am on the side of Amitji in the matter of God and God-man, I sure your friend God-man will be visiting you both in Dubai this time too. Ha … just joking have nice time and, I pray that you never change, you are a gem of a person, may the glitter of your personality increase always. One thing is clear you are a transparent and true to heart person.

Let us pray this year will also bring smiles on the faces of millions of people around the world, who must not have smiled in the past year as we have by the grace of God. May God keep us close the hearts of the poor and the needy for all our life’s.

Happy New year to you and the community developing on this blog of yours with a wish that this blog space will influence the thoughts and actions of fellow Indians. hopefully.

Regards to you all. adil mh Hyderabad India.


adilmohd had this to say, Dec 29, 2009 @ 10:40 am  on article on  Atalji the last mogul….. by  Amar Singhji in his blog.

Brother Amarji, I read your feelings about Atalji, sure no one can dispute on him as tall figure in Indian Politics, and a good human being,

I like to appreciate your public relation skills and the importance you give to person to person contact and allow the doors of communication, contact, self dignity and mutual respect intact.

This was necessary in all times since the advent of mankind, one need all hands to clear the dirty we are in in today’s opportunistic imbalance in our polity. The system is keeping the self above the nation we need the nation before self of we all, hope this will help.

There is nothing wrong in being good. One thing which can bring the change is, by being good to all and try to understand various views and thoughts that will help in bringing the desired change to the system.

Atalji is a great individual, even today in BJP he is the tallest leader and the most respected.

I agree with you even beyond BJP he has the base and respect across party line, one can not take away the pride of him being the most able, disciplined parliamentarian which our Parliament has produced.

Atalji also had his share of failures, he will ponder on them hopefully. this is not the place to embarrass him. I respect his age.

I like to give a word of caution. We people are here for adding value to this blog of Amarji, we need to be more constrained and responsible in our comments and restrain from outbursts, which will do the opposite of the object with which the blog is ventured by Brother Amarji. Please appreciate the sincerity, time and effort which is going in to this by Amarji and many of us here.

We are developing in to a community which is putting its mind and soul to give and contribute positive energy to country of ours India. This country needs more people of the stature of Mr. Amar Singh to come openly like him to face the nation in the manner he is.

There are many issues which can be addressed in thir forum and reach to certain clarity and great value, I am very sure about this happening in near future.

Even with its problems differences we will be trying to bind and help the society across the party line and ideologies to reason out good things and help us all to understand our problems and reach to some understanding.

This is not a place of sanctity but surely it is a place which demands decency and disapprove all kinds of abuse and flaring of sentiments to be avoided please hope you and all our brothers will appreciate my humble request.

I will appreciate comments, and views on this comment of mine, are we all agreeing to this.

We are fellow Indians and brothers, we may have differences but our goal is one to make India Proud and all its people comfortable and happy, The advantaged and disadvantaged in us need to feel fruits of better and brighter India. Jai Hind.

  1. adilmohd had this to say,
    Dec 24, 2009 @ 11:13 pm
    Amar Singh Ji,

    This is adil again from Hyderabad, I am impressed, to feel the zeal and energy in your vibrant personality thru your expression at 53 your venturing in to one another activity to connect with the people of the nation you love, and wish to contribute and raise the bar of mutual contact and develop greater understanding of the issue faced by the nation and its people is remarkable.

    Your past is great, it has lessons to learn and experience to support your future.

    I see you as great under stander of the issues faced by our political system, and the hurdles in developing our nation a nation with equal opportunity to its advantaged and not so advantaged. Our constitution is supportive and protective of all its citizens belonging to all sections udder its umbrella.

    Your effort to develop person to person contact to gather energy and wisdom to do best in this life of ours, is commendable and respected.

    You have a very important role to play now on. The country is faced with various kinds of challenges and distractions true but this nation has come a long way since the exit of the white masters who pulled us apart and wedged our soul that the bruises are still unhealed.

    I am a proud Indian and proud Muslim, a Professional, Businessmen, a Social Activist and humble servant willing to help and be the positive energy to the world and people around me.

    I wish to help the process, to make the space we live in better, so that our generation remember us a good elders.

    Brother Amar Singji “ Welcome to the World that bridges the differences and Connects People.

    The World of Bloggers.

    adil mh Hyderabad

    • Edit Comment

    By: adilmohd on December 27, 2009
    at 3:53 am


  2. On Article “In Responce to his reader”
    by Amar Singh
    adilmohd had this to say,
    Dec 27, 2009 @ 7:46 am
    Amarji, great, there is a sense of huge responsibility in your writings, it has to be expressed, you are bold and transparent in your views and expressions, even, on issues as sensitive as Babri Masjid, and Lebehirian Commission.

    The Muslims or the Hindus of this nation do not constitute only to the few slogan shouting in surrounds of parliament, those guilty will have to find ways and means to cover their guilt. The nation I am sure is watching. we know as long as people like you are in Parliament we have not much worry, yes there is concern in our minds on such acts of putting wedges between communities by some.

    What bothers most, is similarity in the way our cases are progressing in our temples of Justice, The Courts of our Land. Babri Masjid, case running from seventeen odd years with no sing of Justice to the Victims.

    The accused in Ruchika case getting so little in the shape of punishment after Nineteen years of waiting, and the Sikhs Agony and Call for Justice in the Delhi with relate to riots after the assassination of Mrs.Indira Gandhi in 1984, still yelling for justice with no respite, and none punished. Where do we stand today.

    Don’t you think we as a nation we all are responsible and answerable to the victims, who do not get justice even after a wait for decades on the doors of Justice. How long will our system have to be at the merci of the few powerful with interests known best to them.

    How are we going to correct this, Amarji please guide the Nation on this, a humble request form a Indian brother ?

    adil mh

  1. Maaz
    January 1, 2010 at 9:40 am

    I Agree, Adil bhai Greed is the root. Unfortunately many a times the roots are so deep that to root that root out you have to start from braches……………….I think you are branching down :-))))))))

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