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Ekta Reaching Old City Victims, with Compassion and Care

April 1, 2010 1 comment

Ekta, DMO formed with the support of COVA, Help Hyderabd, Reach, and several other know NGO's Brain Stroming on How to support the Disturbe Old City of Hyerabad, and Express Inter Faith Solidarity, and Provide Relif to the Effected, and work on various demands with the Govt. On Tuesday. 30th in Hyderabd

Bye the Grace of God, the collective efforts of more than a dozen NGO’s who joined hands with US Cova, Reach of Adilmohd’s Blog,  Help Hyderabad, under a Banner of Ekata, to take up the immediate pressing initiatives that were most required in the areas affected by the most unfortunate and handy work of organized criminals who wanted to use the venerability of residents on Old City of Hyderabad, on a weak end on of a Hindu festival.

The Objects of this organization
1. To create display unity and condemn the propaganda that the Riots in Old City were between two communities.
2. To reach to the logical concussion with the authoritesi, and political parties and the police department based on the facts and indications leading to the elements of opportunistic agenda by some set of people who were hired and brought in to the city to disturb peace and damage life and property.
3. To impress upon the Got to immediately provide sufficient relief to the poor and BPL members of the riot affected areas of Old City.
4. Ban all rallies, processions, and bunking and flags, using of loud speaker, all over the state of AP.
5. To book all those media persons who are showing provocative clippings and misleading the people and inciting communal disunity. Read more…