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“Countries of Intrest” post Underwear Bomber, are Nations rest- SAFE.

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 Can USA. Or any nations afford to relax on security, concerns with any    Nation .   Will it be right to list a few and give immunity to rest?     

The security, measures in effort to make traveling in to America from destinations of the world, specifically from nations listed by TSA,  are divided in to   two categories.    

The first category being the nations which show signs of the state, suspected to be irresponsible towards terror plots, listed by TSA, caution the order for them.    

 These can be called as  “Countries with  Suspects”  The nations four of them Cuba, Iran, Sudan, and Syria, are  mentioned by the department of TSA Transportation Security Administration, making it mandatory to an enhanced screening for all passengers coming to US form these four countries. Except Cuba, the other three are Muslim Countries.     Read more…

Al Aqsa calling, “Wake up Oh Muslim, I am your first Qibla”

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Night View of Masjid Al Aqsa in Jerusalem, May Allah Keep the light of Glowing Al Aqsa Mosque for Ever and Ever and let the First Qibla of Muslim be protected and respected for all times Amin.















History manupulated by the tricky western nations in the past to give a hepocratic helping shoulder to jewish people in past seventy-odd years in Middle East.

The innocent people of Palestine left to suffer and the Jewish forced occupying people protected, supported,and helped. Can any one answer few simple questions on Middle East, where was Israel pre 1948 on the face  of World Map.

The reality of Palestine and Israel and its people, and the truth about the mentors of the Middle East Mess.

First the history, facts are in place there was no nation called Israel pre 1948. Israel was born with aggression and by force fully occupying the peaceful nation of Palestine.

The people of Palestine became refuge in their own country. Thousands of innocent men, women and children become homeless in Parts of Palestine State of Sixties. They were helpless, with no means, and politically weakened and thus continued to be so for decades, with the Arab nations doing not much to comfort them.

They became targets of instigation, and conspiracies most lost there homes and got humiliated, further humiliated by successful fragmentation in the forms of Al Fatha, Hamas and what not. In strips, and ghettos. and Heights. Read more…

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Hundreds detained with no charge in Isreal, human rights voilated.

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Media Report. from Middle East. Jeruselem.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Salwa Salah was 16 years old when she was arrested by Israeli forces and jailed for seven months.

Israeli court minutes said Salwa Salah, 16, had been involved in "planning military operations."

Israeli court minutes said Salwa Salah, 16, had been involved in “planning military operations.”

To this day she says she does not know her crime and is struggling to get her life back on track.

She was released shortly before her final school exams but was unable to catch up and now has to re-sit before she can go to university.

Salah was held under administrative detention – detention without charge or trial. It is legal under international law which permits its use only in exceptional cases to protect the security of a state.

But human rights groups say Israel abuses this right.

A report released Wednesday by human rights groups B’Tselem and HaMoked has called on Israel to release the detainees or charge them. They say there are currently 335 Palestinians being held under administrative detention, three of them women, one a minor.

When asked about Salah’s case, Israeli prosecutors gave CNN the court minutes which read, “It has been shown that the prisoner was involved in planning military operations very close to the time that she was detained.”

Salah insists she is a schoolgirl and not a terrorist but no further information was given to her lawyer. Much of the evidence in these cases remains secret.

Sahar Francis, a lawyer from Ademeer human rights association said: “It is submitted to the military judge and me as a lawyer. I don’t have access to this file so actually I can’t defend my clients properly since I don’t know what the exact suspicion against my client is.”


  •  Salah said the prison conditions were fit only for animals and she found her time inside psychologically hard. “The prisoner does not know if he or she is going to be released or not,” she said.

“So sitting in a prison confused and weary asking ‘am I going to be released?’ You are distorted by this one question.”

Israel says administrative detention is a valuable pre-emptive tool in its ongoing war on terrorism and often evidence cannot be made public. Lt. Col Maurice Hirsch, Israeli prosecutor, said: “Most of the evidence is not shown to the detainee but rather is kept a secret in order to protect the lives of the people that provide the information and the technological means by which the information is acquired.”

The al-Hidmi family has found itself on the wrong side of administrative detention for many years.

One son Islam, 20, was held for twenty one months without charge or trial.

Two months ago there was an emotional homecoming for Islam, his mother had not seen him since his arrest.

Two weeks ago, Islam was arrested again, again without charge.

Islam’s brother, Wa’ad is also in prison. Held since April 2008 from the age of 16, his administrative detention has been renewed six times. His father Arafat al-Hidmi  said  to a media group “They arrested him and said this is an administrative detention meaning his file is secret and no-one can look at it except the Israelis.”

His mother, Fawzia al-Hidmi says of her 18 year old son, “I want my son here so he can do his exams and I can be proud like everyone else who celebrated their children’s graduation.”

Both sons had previously been charged with throwing stones at Israeli troops and affiliation with Islamic Jihad

“The default should always be towards trial and punishment,” said Mark Ellis of the International Bar Association.

“These types of administrative detention can never be a substitute for punishment and trials. Based on the numbers of individuals detained, the Israeli military appears to be using it as the default and that is what makes it in my opinion illegal under international standards.” 

Israel playing with fire, it is under threat of being isolated.

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Israeli Police in Holy Mosque Al Aqsa vecinity, they are teaseing the world, and creating new hurdles for peace in the region.

Israeli Police in Holy Mosque Al Aqsa vecinity, they are teaseing the world, and creating new hurdles for peace in the region.

Jerusalem –  dated 8th October 2009  a Media Collection of Reports.

 As grand mufti of Jerusalem and orator of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Mohammed Ahmad Hussein has the power to sway millions of Muslims.

But in his three years since being appointed mufti – a title that dates to the British Mandate and bestows guardianship over the Islamic holy places here – Sheikh Hussein has been relatively reserved. He chooses his words carefully, stays above the political fray, and, despite his ability to issue fatwas, has not made any Islamic rulings that have engendered controversy.

Which is why, when he now says that Israel is creating tension in the holy city and endangering the Al-Aqsa Mosque, it’s a sign that things are not business as usual in the disputed capital at the heart of the Middle East conflict.

“We are always giving a message of peace, of avoiding violence, of no aggressiveness,” the mufti said in a rare interview on Thursday. “But the Israeli authorities are continually taking aggressive actions and creating a situation that leads to conflict.”

Sheikh: Wrong move by Israel

Most unacceptable, he says, is Israel’s move last week – not for the first time – to limit access to Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock complex to men over the age of 50.

Israeli police say it’s a temporary but necessary measure to keep out rabble-rousers looking to disturb the peace for Jewish, Christian, and Muslim worshippers seeking access to the city’s elbow-to-elbow religious sites.

That explanation doesn’t fly, Hussein says, and anger over the policy is only growing.

“Even if it were only one day when they did this, we would find it offensive and problematic.

It blocks our freedom of worship,” says Sheikh Hussein, a slight-framed, serious-minded man who sits in a well-appointed office beneath the portrait of the man who appointed him – Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas – and another of the late Yasser Arafat.

“There are military checkpoints surrounding the mosque on all sides, and they inspect anyone who tries to enter,” says Hussein, himself included.

It is difficult to predict how worrisome that anger might be and what it means in the short term.

 Tomorrow’s Friday midday prayers, the biggest of the Muslim week, are feared to be the site of clashes with Israeli police who maintain overall control of the area. Israeli police are on their second-highest level of alert. Not a day of the past week has passed without clashes somewhere in Jerusalem.

Earlier this week in Cairo, Qatari Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, head of the International Association of Muslim Scholars, called on Muslims to observe a “day of rage'” Friday in support of the al-Aqsa Mosque.

Hussein says he hopes that won’t be read as a call to violence, but of steadfastness.

“We don’t want conflict,” he says, “but the feeling on the ground is indicating an escalation, if the Israelis don’t change their approach.”

Tensions near the city’s holy sites and in East Jerusalem neighborhoods have been high since Sept. 27, the eve of Yom Kippur – the holiest day in the Jewish calendar – when

young Palestinian men clashed with Israeli police near the holy sites.

But the focus over the past week has centered on the Islamic Movement of the North, a Muslim fundamentalist group which operates inside Israeli borders, centered in the town of Umm el-Fahm.

Israeli officials view its leader, Shaeikh Raed Saleh, to be a firebrand who is stirring up religious passions by warning Muslims that Israel is endangering the al-Aqsa Mosque by doing archeological excavations in the area. On Wednesday, Mr. Salah was arrested on charges of incitement, then released after being barred from entering Jerusalem for 30 days.

The mufti defends Salah, and points to his being banned as an example of a policy that is serving to build resentment, not diffuse it.

“I don’t think Sheikh Salah is the problem. He’s done nothing against the law, and he has the right to visit al-Aqsa like any Muslim,” Hussein says. “It’s Israel’s measures that have created the problem.”

Too harsh a message

Not everyone agrees. Even some leaders in Sheikh Raed’s own movement say his message is coming across too harshly, and could be communicated more peacefully.

“The battle cries by Sheikh Salah represent us in essence, but can be said differently, in a calmer tone,” one of the movement’s founders, Sheikh Hashem Abed al-Rahman, said in a statement.

Ata Ighbarieh, a member of the High Committee, an organization of Israeli-Arabs or Palestinians inside Israel, called for a more measured approach.

“Clerics like Raed Salah should work on calming down the Muslim masses in order to avoid loss of life,” he says in a telephone interview. “As clerics, we should be responsible to maintain peace and stability for our people. The best way to do that is through dialogue, not harsh words.”

“I believe that the Muslim reaction should be less intense, to give an opportunity to the Israeli government to oppress their own extremists,” Mr. Ighbarieh says in reference to fringe Jewish groups that have for years been petitioning to pray on the same site as the mosques. The plateau is known as the Noble Sanctuary in Arabic and the Temple Mount in Hebrew, a reference to the site of the Second Temple destroyed in A.D. 70.

Israel’s President Shimon Peres, visiting with rabbis on Thursday in the last days of the weeklong Sukkot festival, also known as Feast of the Tabernacles, said he was worried about a religious war in Jerusalem and concerned that “inciters can set the whole thing on fire.”

Rabbi Yosef Sholom Elyashiv, considered one of the most senior Ashkenazi rabbis, said Jews are forbidden by religious law from walking on the Temple Mount at all.

One, the site is so holy that no single Jew can be sure he is “allowed” to tread there, for it contains a place that in the days of the temple was reserved for high priests only.

And two, in the modern context, it’s is not worth the political outrage in could set off. Ariel Sharon’s visit there in 2000 sparked riots that escalated into the second intifada, or Palestinian uprising.

“I have declared this in the past, and I repeat once again my statement,” the rabbi says. “Beyond the halachic [legal] aspect, it is also a kind of provocation of the world’s nations that could lead to bloodshed, and this would be one sin leading to another.”

What ? If Israel continues to be Evasive, like always.

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Obama Addressing the World Which distanced it self due to failures  of Bush Administration the Islamic World,1.5 billion Mulsims.

Obama Addressing the World Which distanced it self due to failures of Bush Administration the Islamic World,1.5 billion Mulsims.





        Mr. President your message from Cairo Al AzherUniv. to the Islamic World was a pleasant breeze of a definite hope of a unified effort between the Muslims and the Americans to inclusively make this world better. Mr. President your expressions gave a great hope for all those Muslims who in past have been subject to uncertain relations with America and its people.

 It will also help the American people to look at the unfortunate incidents like 9/11 and Terror acts by a very small minority who unfortunately call themselves Muslim fundamentalists in different parts of the world, as acts of mindless few who are seen by the Muslims and World in general as threat to the Muslim cause and the Islamic Ethos. 


We expect  the Palestinians to forget and forgive   the Israelis  who are apparently seem responsible for 60 long years of aggression, isolation, abuse, insecurity, destabilization, forced occupation, loss of home, loss of opportunity, loss of self-respect, disrespected leaders, pained women  and children losing there loved ones. in hopeless conditions of grave darkness of uncertainties and abuse of all kinds.


All this in the shadow of all powerful weaponry of the Israelis in Uniform looking for reason to punish and abuse  the blood of the Palestinians for decades.  World has seen it all. Now we expect them to forget and forgive in hope of Peace and well being of its people, and their adversaries Israelis.  Well  well..


We can’t put a blind eye on attacks in the past on the innocent Israeli People who lost their lives for no mistake of theirs. The people in Israel also became targets to the Palestinian extremist groups too. A helpless suppressed lot if Palestinian expressed their agony and pain by resorting to acts of terror,    with out caring for their and their loved ones lives.


As a child I remember the first Al Fatha lady Suicide Bomber who was motivated   kill herself and many others in Israel in early seventies. She can be a martyr for many but, she has done no good to Mankind or   to the Palestinian Cause.


But, But…. one has to think what made her to kill herself so mercilessly with out caring for her loved ones?


We know Islam will never approve killing of any innocent soul, on the other hand will condemn killing of innocent soul as killing of whole of Mankind.


Can the Israelis realise the amount of pain and agony that brings on being hostage in your own country, for generations.  Yes I believe they can realise as the history shows us that for hundreds of years in past Jews were subjected to such pain but never at the hands of the Muslims, or Islamic Rulers, and Nations. One needs to go deep and turn the pages of history to realise this fact.


History of yesteryears paves paths for present and future. Mr. Obamais a man with a golden heart and he cares for the people of Palestine.


It is important to spell the action the American administration proposes,  in  the event if the Israelis are adamant on their stand and do not peacefully agree for a two nation solution to the whole middle east issue. 


The Palestinians,  Arab and Islamic World, Europeans, Asians and the African agree for the two nations, Obama witha golden heart for peace to prevail will be firm and committed withpeople of United States desires a respectful living for the people of both Israel and Palestine.


But, but… in the event  Israel  continues to  disrespect  the feelings of the world community and their willingness to reach a respectable solution with out conflict of any kind,  what is the option the world has to offer, will Mr Obama  and his Administration be assertive enough to   say  to Israel  enough is enough, you have no choice but to respect the world opinion and agree on two nations solution and give the people of Israel the most needed relief and option for lasting peace with its neighbour Palestine.


The body language of Mr. Netanyahuin his meeting with Mr. Obama when he met him in US was of low in energy that could be instrumental in forging a solution as we expect. A Two Nation Solution to M E.


Failure and non co operation from Israel will put the world which hopes for a lasting solution for M E in a very uncertain phase. It would be very unfortunate is such situation is born due to lack of wisdom on the part of Israel.


Palestine in Occupation and Mixed with Israel it is Confusing and un clear.

Palestine in Occupation and Mixed with Israel it is Confusing and un clear.

Decades of Experience has shown us that your processors though willed to put this issue to rest on peace lines, with great truthful intentions, every time they fall short of belling Israel.  I have strong belief  that this time with your  noble intentions and persuasion with the blessings of Creator of this Universe the God of All Human beings, your are the blessed President of America and its People are destined to achieve the goal of bringing lasting peace to Middle East by making Two nations Israel and Palestine a reality in your time.


As peace is always and will always be Priceless, Mr. President this time let Peace stay for ever in the homes of Palestinians and Israelis.  With formation of Two happy nations Israel and Palestine –  Inshallah (God willing) That will be moment of celebration for mankind 

In the light of Mr. Obama’s commitment that Americans will not show their back to the people of Palestine in persuasion of their legitimate right of a Nation of their own.


Let there be no doubt: Thesituation for the Palestinian people is intolerable.  And America will not turn our backs on the legitimate Palestinian aspiration for dignity, opportunity, and a state of their own.”(President Obama said in Al Azhar in Cairo on 4thjune.2009 addressing the Muslim World.) 



Mr. Obama is seen as Messiah of peace and a man who is on mission of serious business.  Obamais not just another President of America. He works for time frames in the light of truth and facts.


Holy Bible tells us:  “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”

The Messiah of the Suppressed and the Disadvantaged ended his one hour talk saying.  

The people of the world can live together in peace.  We know that is God’s vision.  Now that must be our work here on Earth.


It will not be easy for Israel to be evasive this time, with this President of American people who is fast paving a path to hold the honour of being accepted as Un Crowned Prince of those suppressed, disadvantaged, and truthful people of the World.


 For them surely Mr. President you are their voice.  I wish I could share the air you breath in.  

 Obama with his courageous speech and display of confidence and will to March on the path of rightful horizons for beautiful people of the world, under the cover of Almighty. Is sure to succeed.

Is Israel in Jitters as Obama, takes over White House with a pledge to bring back the lost glory for US and work for new World order !

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tanks vacating gaza

tanks vacating gaza

Israeli and Hamas busy debating who won – the truth is – Humanity Lost, and Peace in Middle East has taken a back seat for now.


Mindless Aggression to Quench Thirst for Human Blood.

22 days of mindless agression of Israel and equally disgraceful venture of Hamas which exposed lakes of Palestinians women and children and innocent civilians to the ruthless Israeli Air attacks and inhuman acts of Israel, Today the world has matured to hate the enemies of peace and killers of innocent people world over. It is moving to read the world community irrespective of religion and region condemning the Israeli actions in Gaza.

World is not Blind to Believe Israel

Israel is a ceration of Britian which formed a state for Jewish community in the name of religion, Israel in 1946, it from years, the UN and majority of countires accepted it as a nation. In anticipation to better relations and peace in the region. Till now Israel is one country with out fixed interantional boundaries.

The rewards on it by its friends and international community in gereral have made her still greedy, that it expects, the world to put a blind eye to acts of gruesome massacre of innocent people by Israeal, in the name of teaching lesson to Hamas. The world is not blind to believe Israel, any more.

Where are the Marshals of Human Rights

Don’t we have a convincing thought that all that has happened in the last three weeks in Gaza resulting in killings of thousands of innocent people, and destruction of property broken families, homeless thousands, staving, with no medical aid, injured people is masterminded by people who claim to the marshals of human rights, preachers of peace, and who value serenity of the international boundaries.

Why Israel Disrespects UN.

The actions of Israel in Gaza in utter violation of the norms of United Nations and disrespect of the resolutions of UN and its General Assemble has raised a question about the effectiveness of UN and the role of International Community who are silent to the blatant disrespect by Israel to the UN requests and resolution.

Who won and who lost (winners after killing innocent people? shame. can they go any lower…)

One wonders what any one has gained in this, war between Israel and Hamas where both claim to be victorious, we find Israel boosting the low casualty on its side of both civilians and the army and on the other hand Hamas is claiming that it is a victory of the Palestinians, inclusive of all groups in Palestine. Intefada was not part of the peace talks and was not actively involved in it… there are allegations on the Hamas too of making the innocent children and women shield against the brutal attack of Israel.. God know better.

Lost – Life’s , Lost Hope….

The painful truth is the world community has lost, the UN has lost, all sensible people who value human life have lost and the precious life’s of 2000 plus innocent life’s are lost, once again the hope of early peace in middle east is lost.

Life of People made Difficult for long time to come

And life in Israel for the people of Israel is not made any easier by aggravating the sentiments and brutal killings of the innocent people in the region. Is Israel re working its strategies to hold on to the land it occupies forcefully?

Israel has lost purpose, and there is a degree of restlessness in them and in the manner between 18th and 20th the dramatic changes in stands on both sides took shape it looks too fishy.

Israel to Clear the Guilt Shop before Obama takes control in US…. Is Israel Feared?

On Saturday a unilateral seize fire was signed between US and Israel
Effecting the seize fire from mid night.

On Sunday Hamas continued to its very insignificant offence by shooting 19 hand made rockets.

On Sunday evening Israel wows to fight back on same evening Hamas unilaterally declare a week long seize fire.

On Sunday late Israel instructs its commanders to clear Gaza with all traces and tanks and its army from Gaza before the change of office in white house. And Barack Hussain Obama takes the white house office and the control in his had. 20th Jan 2009

Is Israeli comfortable with Obama ? was Israeli acting on the dictates of any ?

Is Hamas truly interested in the well being and the cause of Palestinians?

Can any war solve the problem of Israel and bring peace to its people and the region.?

 Respect Al Aqsa Mosque and Baitul Maqdas.

World knows the solution to the unrest and mistrust and, door for peace in world is achieved by respecting the sanctity and pride of holy premise Baitul Maqdas in Jerusalem where in is Masjid Al Aqsa ,which is house of ten’s of Messengers of God and premise of which are blessed by God Almighty. Setting aside the material gains and learn to live in peace and harmony so that the gererations and florish with peace and oppertunity and love, and mutual respect for all.

Jeruselem is home for, great grand fathers of Muslims, Jews, and Christians who lived, prayed for peace and preached brotherhood and oneness of God, and prayed for prosperity of their children.

Oh people of the earth respect the sanctity of Al Aqsa Mosque where the blessed and loved messengers and prophets of Allah lived, (May peace and blessing Allah be on all of them. Amen). And learn to live together in peace and make the gererations responsible and florish. amin.

The prayers to be continued

The prayers of millions and millions of people all around the world for the safety and security of the innocent people needs to be continued and beg for forgivness for our sins from the creator of the worlds.

Barak Hussain Obama is the 44th President of America.

World expects Obama to help bring lasting solution to middle east, crisis and bring maintainable peace in the region. With the skills and universality in his approach and character, we can hope he will.

As I conclude this article Obama is sowrn in as the President of Hope for the people of America, also giving hope to the world, in the wake up to a new America. His speach gives life to strings of hope.

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