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Wisdom Path for High Command and Jr YSR. Politics of Confrontation damaging for Congress, and State.

May 29, 2010 3 comments

Jagan Mohan Reddy son of Lat YSR, on Cross Roads, of his Political Carrier.  Is he politically right ? In wake of  drama and  preventive arrest of J Mohan Reddy yesterday in Nalagonda, followed by  TRS protests, and divided views of  political big wigs and sences of indicipline  and  The TRS has called for a Telangana bandh on Saturday while Jagan loyalists replied with a bandh call of their own in Kadapa. Makes me think that things are bit complicated and not sailing smooth in AP for Congress.

There is not much this young leader of Congress and son of Late Shri YSR, is going to gain from this exercise, except, some publicity. He has to be accepted as a mass leader by all in the state like his father, to make in roads in to the cadre and Corngress Party. He has to find friends in all regions of the state, Telengana, Rayalseema, and Andhra. Jangan Mohan Reddy is from Rayalseema. Read more…

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Hyderabad a Victim of Deep Conspiracy. Why the Inteligence has failed ?

March 31, 2010 5 comments

Hindu Family in Old City look at the massive procession on the occassion of Hanuman Jayanti, surprised to see themselves from where this people have come. Hindus and Muslims suffer at the hands o deep conspirators to advance their agendas, of divide and hate, disturb the noral life in A P. The Indians suffer and the dividers party.

Is Hyderabad, a victim of some conspiracy, this is not communal violence this is goondaism, by external elements who are not residents of Old City or New City. They have a plan to implement, and they are powered by the money, muscle, and evil intentions, and possible inroads in circles of authority, with a plan to destabilize the conditions working for their masters in disguise.

This is so organized and quick the police is not able to really keep the movements under check and it is scattered and spread.  And the plan is linked and designed to fall in midst of two religious functions and sentiments attached to make it look like religious intolerance by two communities.

I am witness to the sites where few small arguments erupted on last Saturday over placing, and removing of flags by two communities this was only a reason designed to trigger and put to action a plan to disturb and damage the peace and property and life in the effected zones. The people affected are from all communities, and even people of other states staying or who were on move for some purpose in the affected areas.

Where is the religious tone, why would it, the tone is induced by the miscreants to make it look like a resistance or provocation by opposite sections. And poor common man of any section a common Indian sometimes reacts in the spurt of the movement not realizing the real enemy of both sections, and enemy of peace, and safety of innocent people and property public and private. Read more…

Supporters indicipline, landed Jagan Mohan Reddy on sticky pitch. Jagan said not important to be CM now.

October 23, 2009 Leave a comment
Jagan Mohan  who has the caring touch of YSR, with a Flood victim in Cuddapah.

Jagan Mohan who has the caring touch of YSR, with a Flood victim in Cuddapah.

Jagan not keen to be CM of AP at least for now, this is a huge anticlimax to, his campaign to be CM of AP and to inherit the legacy of YSR

Jagan also renewed his appealed to party workers to strengthen the hands of Sonia Gandhi the Congress President.

Who is to be held responsible for the set back  Jagan is faced with, is it the indiciplined supporters of Jagan, who made is rough for Jagan.

Not all  went right in the hour-long meeting between Congress President Sonia Gandhi and son of late YSR’s son and MP from Cuddapah in Andhra Pradesh. 

This blog,  right from the day YSR the un questioned leader of AP  lost his life in a tragic Helicopter accident in Nalamala Hills near Kurnool, This blog raised several times the damage the supporters are causing to the interests of Jagan Mohan Reddy. and the legacy of YSR.

All the actions, and reactions by few of the ministers, in the state cabinet, and many MLS’s in the Assemble and few MP’s who openly violated the party discipline and wanted to be in very good books of the son of their leader YS Rajsheker Reddy forgot the fact that each of there action and word when acted and spelled against the norms of the party discipline can go against Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Repeated requests by the leaders of Congress and Many parity stalwarts did not discipline the unruly congressmen who heralded there support and posed as well wishers to the son of YSR. Even repeated appeal even by Jagan Mohan Reddy did not drive sence in them.  The result is a continued uncertainty to the future political responsibilities to be shouldered by Jangan Mohan Reddy.

Who else will understand more the damage these indicipline lot did by running a non co-operation to  the Present CM Roshaiah who has been a loyalist to YSR and seasoned worker of Congress who never objected to any responsibility given by High command and was willing even to put his papers if the high command wanted to make room for Jagan as CM. 

Some sections of the media  reported, few details of the meeting with Sonia Gandhi and Ahmed Patel.

Thru very respectable and reliable sources what exactly happened in the meeting which was attended by  Ahmed Patel  a Senior Congress leader and confidant of Sonia Gandhi and KVP Ramchander Rao the friend and right hand of YSR .   It is understood that few questions were asked to Jangan Mohan Reddy by Ahmed Patel and Sonia Gandhi, which Jagan Mohan Reddy did not expect he would be asked. 

There where question like 

 ” Mr. Jagan do you think you are having the experience and capabilities to head as CM to a such an Important and large State Like AP ?”

” Mr. Jagan as you will find difficulty in discussing with the top leaders in Congress we requested KVP to be present to help you in discussing with the leaders of Congress”

“Mr. Jangan Please make sure that  the CM Roshiah is respected and attended with full cooperation by all for smooth working of the govt.”

“Mr. Jangan some of the MLA’s called as ……………..and are not very sure …….about their support”

All question  originated from the very irresponsible and   acts of the MLA’s and MInisters who did not really knew what is the real interest of  Jagan Mohan Reddy.

The High command is firm and determined to keep the party discipline on its top priority, come what may.

Still the good thing is Mrs Sonia Gandhi will find a formula to protect the pride and legacy of YSR by a master move. What that move will be and when, still is not clear.

Where will the  “undisciplined  lot hide now, after embracing Jagan Mohan Reddy and not really helping him the way it was actually needed to be by being patient and obedient and takeing one thing at a time. The better lot of his supporters who genuinely were favouring Jagan are at pain, to see the situation changing in to long battle rather a comfortable walk, for their leader.  

 Jagan Praised Roshiah the present CM too, during the meeting. And left every thing to the High command, there are also unconfirmed  reports that he may to asked to takeup one of the Ministries at Centre. 

Congress is in a strong position with three win in three state in recent assembly elections.

There will be no tolerance to congress men who resort to messing arround and air confusion and indicipline with party and its leadership in state and centre.  

Sonia Gandhi is a huge successes when it comes to crisis management she has the wisdom and courage to act best in the worst situations.  


Is Congress – Testing Waters in AP.

September 29, 2009 Leave a comment



YSR Junior uneasy over the disrespect caused to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi by tearing Posters holding her Photos. All this is only puttting Jagan on Back foot. Not the way to support son of YSR. YSR stood and respected the party in all testing times.

YSR Junior uneasy over the disrespect caused to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi by tearing Posters holding her Photos. All this is only puttting Jagan on Back foot. Not the way to support son of YSR. YSR stood and respected the party in all testing times.








Why can’t  the  Supporting Congresmen see the Damage they are Causing to YSR Legacy and Jagan’s Interest. ?.

 The type of Situation that has emerged in last four weeks since the tragic death of  Rajsheker Reddy CM of AP  is like catch seventy  two situation.

Congress Masters of  Politics are finding it difficult to find,  the head or tale of the issue. 

Jangan himself,  in a fix,  on one hand he has the image of his father to which he has to live up to, on the other hand the supporters who call themselves as loyalist of Jagan, but actually not any help to his image.

Actions of these  so called loyalist of  YSR and supporters of Jagan  fail to understand that they infact are making Jagan’s position uncomfortable,  they are denting the efforts of  true  Jagan supporters who are sincerely lobbing for Jagan as CM of  AP with the Congress High Command.

Ineffectiveness of  KVP, and many Congress leaders, to dicipiline the Supporter of Jagan,   a cause of great concern to the people of AP, who loved YSR.

Among the true supporters of Jagan are KVP Ramchander Rao. Who was right hand of YSR, and  Jagan voice in Delhi. 

Repeated requests and calls from both Jagan and KVP have gone in air, with least respect to there calls to keep calm and respect the party and its leader, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

Many congress leaders whose names are so big and whose interests at one point of time or the other in the past has been to crown themselves as the CM of AP are very vocal in condemning the initative and disrespecting,  acts by some congress men calling themselves as supporters of Jangan Mohan Reddy.

Among them are the State Congress President Srinivas Rao, Ex Congress President, Keshava Rao, and Old from the group of Sanjay Gandhi in Seventies,  Hanmanth Rao all  from Telengana Region of A P. Mr. Roshiah is from Andhra Region the Present CM and  Jangan is From Rayalseema Region. And Renuka Choudary the MP who lost from Khamman MP Elections in 2009. Think ..

The Jagan Supporters resorted to , Locking Congress office,   halting membership drive to Congress  Party Tearing Poster of Party Leader Sonia Gandhi, We have to read much in all what is happening last few days. All this caused only discomfort to Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Though both Roshiah CM  and Jagan expressed there disapproval and pain over the incident in Khamman where some congress men calling themselves supporters of Jagan allegedly tearing down of poster of Sonia Gandhi. 

Mr Roshiah,  applozised with Sonia for the incident and in a meeting with the President of Congress Srinivas decided to expell those guilty of the act.

Few of  the Congressmen resorting to unlawful acts, and violence and disrespect to the party and its leaders, in day light in front of the cameras and media.  The manner in which  the, events are unfolding in Congress Party it is a concern for the People of AP too. A P Voter, Voted a strong  Congress under YSR Era to perform and accomplish the goals set for this term 2009-2014

Who is friend, and Who is not, to Jagan, to Congress Party to YSR Legacy.   Are there hard core oppertunist in them who do not care for the real interest of Jagan and the Party. 

I am forced to think, the kind of  trouble caused by these supporters,  will only  put Jagan to embracement.  I am afraid, this could   be evil desire to some in Party,  who  do not like  Jagan to head the sate as CM. Jagan should find them and decipline them before it is late.

Or  is it that, these are disparate lot who will be put to great discomfort if there power dynamics in sate is disturbed who like to hold to the power at all costs even if it is damaging the legacy of Rajsheker Reddy and opportunity of his son to be CM

There is great threat to Party Image, built  by YSR in is hard work for last seven years.

They say they want justice to there leader YSR,  they  resort to violence and disrespect.  Ironically putting  YSR legacy to embarasment and what all YSR  stood for in his life as Diciplined Congressmen. He  respected its leaders, Cadre, Collegues,  and Seniors, with  a smiling face.

I wonder for a while, is congress  testing  the depth of support and leadership qualities of  Jagan before to take a decission on Jagan’s bigger role in State or Centre.  Is Congress Testing Waters in AP. to find out if  Jagan Euphoria is Real.

Is this is a test of  leadership and skills of wisdom for young Jagan Mohan a first time MP.

Or is it a effort to screen the trouble mongers in congress who break the party stand and can to shown the exit door soonest.

Or when the high command ultimately find it ok to project Jagan as CM, May first  expell  all  those who broke the party discipline, and damaged image, and disrespected the leaders of the party, cauing confusion and pain and giving a issue to opposition to bicker on. Very Serious thought is it not…

Why can’t there be joint Press Conference by the State Leaders, CM, And Jagan to Clear the Air. And put a brave united face of confidence of Congress Party and concentrate on the issues faced by the State of AP.

The situation is bad, and it can not be allowed to further embarace the party and the state of AP and damage the legacy of YSR.

The High Command should  force   a Joint Statement by  CM Roshiah, Jagan, and few other leaders in AP in presence of  a observer  and incharge of AP Mr. Veerappa Moily at the earliest.  Let them clear that this will happen or this will not happen.  Further delay and leaving people guessing will not be a very good idea at this point of time.

Media Picture on Andhra CM is un clear, KVP Ramchander Rao key campaigner for Jagan as CM , takes Centre Stage, meets High Comand.

September 10, 2009 1 comment
KVP Ramchander Rao, Advisor of YSR and now Emisary of Jagan.  A college mate and a low profle person,  Post YSR has taken the cenrte stage, in state Politics, a MP from AP.

KVP Ramchander Rao, Advisor of YSR and now Emisary of Jagan. A college mate and a low profle person, Post YSR has taken the cenrte stage, in state Politics, a MP from AP.

The papers in the city of Hydrabad are  full of  not so decent picture of the way the sate has responded to the wish of Jagan  Mohan Reddy,  in his  Appeal to the Congressmen,  couple of days back in which he requested them to honour the word of the high comman and he had ful faith in Mrs. Sonia Gandhi he wanted them to wait for her decision and abide by it too. 

And on the other hand the high command gave clear signals that indipline will not be tolerated yet … yet… the media is full of  stories of indicipline and disrespect

The Papers give a very confilting and grim picture of the states, affairs.

Leading English Dailly Papers carry head lines like.



“Ministers rufuse to attent CM meets”    “Ministers N Raghuveera Reddy and Jupalli Krishna Rao did not attend

important meetings convened by Rosaish”  In news ” Mr Danam Nagender kept the CM waiting 20 Minutes” ”

Meanwhile Mr. Rosaiah will not clear improtant files until he gets a nod from the high command.”  ” Mr. Raghuveera

Reddyattanded a condolence meeting in his district on Tuesday but skipped the meeting on release of water for the

second crop undr Nagarjunasagar Dam”   as  reported in the news,  wtritten by B Krishna Prasad of Deccan

Chronicle dated 10th September 2009.

The other English Daily  The Hindu claims,    “lobbying for Jagan Continues” the paper reported  ” Veerappa Moily said

that no decision had been taken on the issue of making Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy Chief Minister even as YSR advisor K V

P Ramchandra Rao met PM  was  in the Capital on Wednesday ”  the paper says ” Congress leaders in state are waiting  

in Hyd are eagerly for  the AICC ‘s word on Leadership issue ”

The Times of India  Hyderabad addition “Mantris shun CM Rosaiah” the paper also read ” A non-coperation movement

has begun in the corridors of power in Hyderabad. Most ministers of the newly sworn in Rosaiah government are

refusing to attenx office and steering clear of review meetings called by the new chief minister. The only saving grace

for CM is that officials are working as usual. ”   ” The only political functionary attneding office is Rosaiah himself. I

have never seen anything of this kind ever before”  was said by a civil servic e, officer according to the times of india.

as reported on 10 th of sept 2009.

the New Indian Express  reported  “GADDI SOLUTION : MAKE RAHUL GANDHI  AP CM” and Jagan could be Deputy

CM, says citizens organisation.”  the paper writes futher  while the high comand is taking time an organization “AIEBCO

announce that AICC general Secretary Rahul Gandhi would be the apt choice for the role of Chief Minister of A P” and

“Jagan should be Deputy C M of the state keeping in mind his popularity” the organization sending a mail to high

command listing its sujesstions.

 In the midest of all this the is news  comng in  ..  the times of india says  ” The High command is considering Union HRD

Minister of State D Purndeswari as a Possible CM. Her name cropped up in the talks that congress president Sonia

Gandhi had with Jagan Emissary KVP Ramchadra Rao on Tuesday” reported the times of india on 10th of sept 2009

today.  This is not it   the paper goes ahead and wtites ” Purnadeswari is reportedly backed by none other than AICC

genrEal secretary Rahul Gandhi, but many familiar with AP politics claim such a move would be disastrous for the

Congress.  It reads it may trigger revolt. .. as per the times of india.

What will the common man of AP expect in the way the things look as per the reporting and the news coming out

of the circles of power both in the Cenre and the State.

As reported by me earlier  Article  on the same blog, saying the Clouds are Clearing on the issue of Sucession of  YSR it looks the 

Cyclonic Effect is still on.

This is turning out to be  chanllenge  for, Congress Party.  Under  Leader  Mrs. Sonia Gandhi,  to

sail thru, with  no Damage in the troubled sea of events that are unfolding.  Mrs Sonia Gandhi will with

her able advisor and state leaders will over come this termoil and the The Ship Congress will emrege

stronger with this episode too.

Condolence Messages of Singh, Sonia, Rahul on YSR

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PM , Sonia Gandhi, and Rahul Gandhi Consoling Wife of Late Y S R and spending moments sharing teh grief and pain that the Family and the Congress Party suffered in untimely death of YSR.

September 04,2009

Hyderabad, Sep 4 (IANS) Following are the messages Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and party general secretary Rahul Gandhi wrote in the condolence book after paying homage to Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy:

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh:

In the sad and most untimely demise of Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, our country has lost an outstanding leader and the people of Andhra Pradesh have lost an ideal Chief Minister who was personally concerned to the welfare of the poor.

My heartfelt sympathies go to the members of the bereaved family and the people of Andhra Pradesh.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi:

I am here to bid my last farewell to my colleague Chief Minister Rajasekhara Reddy. A dynamic, visionary, progressive leader who throughout his career strived for the upliftment of the poor, of the farmers, for the empowerment of women and welfare of children.

As Chief Minister he was untiring in his effort to work for the people of the state.

For us in the Congress Party his passing is a huge loss. We shall always cherish his contribution and we shall take inspiration from the manner in which day and night he worked tirelessly for all sections of society.

I convey my deep felt condolences to his family, his friends and supporters.

Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi:

YSR was true leader. Andhra Pradesh and India have had a tremendous loss. I personally learnt a lot from the Chief Minister. He is an inspiration to those who would like to impact the lives of the poor people of our country. It is a sad day for all of us. My condolences to the family and the people of Andhra Pradesh.

Jagan Reddy, Right Choice, for CM’s Post

September 4, 2009 1 comment
  Jagan Reddy Right Choice, to fill the Vacuum Caused by untimely Death of Y S R. 
Jagan Mohan Reddy son of YSR is the front runner to be the Chief Minister, of Andhra Pradesh and to fill the Vacuum Created in untimely tragic death of Y Samuel Rajasheker Reddy. There is name of another Leader and Stalwart Mr. Jaipal Reddy Union Minister and a very seasoned Politician and very senior Parliamentarian who has seen three generations of Politicians,  Inidra Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi,  from AP Telengana Region a close friend of Rajsheker Reddy and a loyalist of Sonia Gandhi too in run, with the metal but the people of the state will like Jagan to be the CM with the blessings of Sonia Gandhi and Congress Party.
Jagan Mohan Reddy Can Carry Forward the Legacy of YSR, and Live up to the Expectations of the People of the State of A.P and can be a loyal worker of Congress like his Father

Jagan Mohan Reddy Can Carry Forward the Legacy of YSR, and Live up to the Expectations of the People of the State of A.P and can be a loyal worker of Congress like his Father

Grief on Faces and with Great Respect and sence of loss of YSR, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi Paying Homage to the Departed Soul of YSR in Hyderabad Today 4th Sept 2009

Grief on Faces and with Great Respect and sence of loss of YSR, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi Paying Homage to the Departed Soul of YSR in Hyderabad Today 4th Sept 2009





The Members Sign a Memorandum to Pledge Support for Jagan M R. as A P – C M

With most of the MLA’S  and  MP’S signing a memorandum pleading their support to Jaganmohan Reddy,  a Media Baron, Business Man who was inducted in to active politics in dramatic manner on demand of congress workers in a rally in Rayalseem attended by lakhs of supporters few years back. 

Muslims like to see Jagan as CM

Even the Muslims of the State want to show there respect and appreciation to what  Y S Rajasheker Reddy has done for them by supporting and appealing the  Congress President Sonia Gandhi to honour the services of Rajsheker Reddy to Congress Party and State of  AP by considering there request to make  Jagan Mohan Reddy the CM of Andhra Pradesh. 

Muslims want to make sure that the policies and the direction Y S R had taken to uplift the economically backward Muslims, they like to see son Jaganmohan Reddy of their good friend YSR as C M of a P.

 An Able Son of Able Father

Japan Reddy an able son of   YSR Rajsheker Reddy, who like his father is also a charismatic leader with mass appeal and vast following in the youths of the sate, and a much organised yuva group with majority of congress leader’s support in the Sate Assembly.  

 Jaganmohan, an industrialist who runs the Sakshi daily and a television channel, was elected from Kadapa Lok Sabha constituency in the April-May elections.

Jagan has been taking an active interest in the politics of Kadapa for the last couple of years and he has built up a solid party cadre staunchly loyal to him in the region.  

Resolution Passed by Legislators demanding Jagan as CM

Within hours of the death of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy in a helicopter crash, a section of ruling Congress party leaders here have begun demanding that his son Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy be made the next chief minister.

A resolution was passed amid reports that over 100 legislators of the ruling party are supporting the demand. The legislators also met Union Minister for law and in-charge of party affairs in the state M Veerappa Moily to submit a memorandum.

Some ministers have openly demanded that the young MP be made the next chief minister. A group of MPs also held a meeting here and decided to take up their demand before Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

Agitative, Campaign Launched for Jagan.

Though peaceful, should be avoided in times like this. The party equally shares the feeling shared by the loyalist of YSR.

Jaganmohan’s loyalists among party workers have launched a campaign. Some workers sitting outside Gandhi Bhavan, the party headquarters in the city, said they would not accept anybody other than YSR’s son to head the state government.

‘When Indira Gandhi expired Rajiv Gandhi was made the prime minister. Why not Jagan be made chief minister now?’ says a SMS message being circulated by Jaganmohan’s followers.

A group of MPs also held a meeting and decided to place their demand before Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

Time show Faith and Confidence in the leadership of Sonia Gandhi 

This is the Area of Great Concern and which could trigger bickers in Congress like before this should be taken as a spark if not put off can trigger a fire of descent in the party, this for sure YSR did not work for. Neither Jagan would approve.

The State leaders and loyalist to YSR in the party should give time to the leadership at the Centre and allow things to settle first.  Decisions are to be taken in more sober and calm environment, bringing grace and respect to the functioning of the Congress party as a whole.

Jagan the Natural Successor of YSR

Every one in state likes to see Japan as Natural Successor of YSR, the party President Sonia Gandhi and many senior leaders in the party must be contemplating the candidature of Jaganmohan Reddy too.

Most important  for the party today is to keep the cadre, the leaders of the state with its three regions Rayalseema, Telengana, and Andhra together and emulate the example of YSR and keeping the sentiments and feelings in to mind.

Embarrassment to Congress President Sonia Gandhi

Rushing to conclusions and going to the extent of exploring the possibilities of asking for the support of parties out side congress in the event of some congressmen not agreeing for the candidature of Jagan, is sad. There are media reports that A Group of Congress men met  leader of  Opposition Party in State Praja Rajyam leader Chiranjeevi with a request for support of Candidature of Jagan Mohan Reddy for CM Post, this is very unfortunate thing that has happened. The note of which I am sure the Congress High Comand has taken and found it as a act of Indisipline. There was no such need to react with in hours of Death of Mr YSR this must have hurt the Leaders of the Party Specially Sonia Gandhi. The Interm Selection of Mr. K Roashia as CM was Must to give the State and the Party a leader with consititutional authority and Mr. Roshaiah is a leader who will abide by the Party and is a very obideint Soilder, in the event of Change in Favour of Jagan he will whole heartedly will support Jagan and work with him like he worked with his father YSR. Party Disipline is Must at this Hour.

As per the reports in electronic media by National Networks,

“Some Congress legislators also met Praja Rajyam Party President K Chiranjeevi to request him to support Jaganmohan Reddy’s candidature”.

The Congress party has 155 members in the 294-member Assembly”.

This will be worst thing to do.  Give time; let the party and the family of YSR come to terms with the shock they are put to by destiny.

YSR had faith in the Leadership Sonia Gandhi.

Let the Last Rights of YSR be performed and let him Rest with Dignity and Honour and let that Dignity and Honour remain with the Party and its Workers in the State for Every let us remember YSR was the most loyal, obedient, and General of Congress Party. He had full faith in the Leadership of the Party President Sonia Gandhi.

Jagan could only be like her son.

The party will not let him down even in his silence. YSR was like a family to Sonia and Jagan could only be like her son too.

Let us be Patient.  Let us pray for the departed soul, may his soul rest in peace.

Legacy of  YSR to be RespectedLet the YSR Histeria live – YSR was beyond just a Chief Minister he was near  Saint.

Reports of  People Dieing and Suciding as the last right are in progress in Hyderabad, not Bearing the loss should be respected – these people sadly so,  are not die not to put  disturb the Congress Party they are die because they loved the legacy and what he stood for.

Jagan is the right choice, and it will come thru, let there be discipline in the party and legacy of YSR maintained in this hour of grief and pain. Hope the right senesces prevails and the party keeps its unity intact. And respects it s leaders and mentors Sonia Gandhi and the Mentor of Rajsheker Reddy the late Rajiv Gandhi.

Jagan Mohan Reddy son of YSR is the front runner to be the Chief Minister, of Andhra Pradesh and to fill the Vacuum Created in untimely tragic death of Y Samuel Rajasheker Reddy. There are names of Mr Jaipal Reddy another able leader from AP Telengana Region who has the metal too. But the People of AP like to see Jagan as C M.

A P lost, Brother and Iron ManY S R. In Tragic Crash, Congress Shaken.

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Iron Man Y S R is no More. He is taken away by Destiny in Tragic Accident

Iron Man Y S R is no More. He is taken away by Destiny in Tragic Accident 1949-2009


Nation United in Paying Respects to its Leader Y S R, the man who had a soft heart for the Poor.  The State and the Congress party in state of Shock.The Party is trying to come to terms. And a Cabinet has to pass the resolution to make official the loss of YSR.

What it mean to the people of  AP.This is biggest loss for the Sate and  the Disadvantaged and Poor of the State and the Minoriteis.


The man who gave hope and relief to milliions to starving, sick, and disadvantated people of A P. Has been taken by fate in a tragic manner.


He stood as a man who can be trusted by the Congress Party he was the trusted hand for the President of Congress Sonia Gandhi.  And the people of State had confidence in his capabilities, as a go getter, a man with golden heart is no more with us.



The State is in Grief,   A P lost a man whose heart was very soft on the Poor and the people in need in A P with no dicrimination, of caste, religion and region.

The loss is irreparable for A P and Congress. 


The opposition joins the people of state in giving praise to the achivements of Y S R and condoling his Death.


All dead in the Copter Crash. A sadest moment for people of  A P .

State Finance MInister K Roashiah is placed as the Acting Chief Minister of A P for now.


There are names like Uniion Minister Jaipal Reddy, Srinivas Rao the present President of APICC were also in consideration.


There was also a news tthat as Rajsheker Reddy was the soul Architect of the Revival of Congress in A P from 2004 and retaining powern again in 2009 General Elections there are and were demands of Rajsheker Reddy;s Son Jagan Reddy too circling the Congress Emergency Meetings.


The state is in deep pain and greif on loss of its leader it may take time for things to get percolated. A honorable person YSR is set to get a very honarable homage on his last journey. 


His body will be Laid in Lal Bahadur Stadium for paying last right by 10 am tomarrow morning Friday.