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SC Said “No Government wants strong Judiciary?”. Are our politicians ethically bank

February 14, 2011 Leave a comment

For many days, I am consciously concern and disturbed on the issue of growing of law less-ness in our society, basic problem looks to be failure our social and ethical bonds at a speed coconut fall.

If we, look around our structures of society rich or poor, educated or illiterates, flourishing and disadvantaged, in power and out of power, attached to social and religious bodies or free thinking and so called liberal and moderates all are in one way or the other have shown signs of growing unrest, selfishness, ego, anger, rudeness, less respect for others, growing as introverts, with bare minimal tolerance and respect for the feelings and law and rights of others. Read more…

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Do not be-little the good work of decades Dr. Zakir. (Part 2 of Zakir Naik How Correct How Wrong)

June 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Star Preacher and a Friend of Millions of People across religions and antions under fire from Britian on remarks irresponsible, yes/noA Master preacher with authority on all religions.

Zakir Naik a  has achieved great heights to spread the word of Allah in most responsible and appealing manner to the Muslims and to the Non Muslims, he is blessed with great skills and power of memory and mastering the scriptures of  Christians,  Hindus, Jews, and even ideologies of Communism and Capitalism.

He is loved, heard, respected and loved by people across religions and nations. A very good example of well managed skilled organized presentation and publication of print and audio and video and television media in a very successful manner reaching out to the people of the World.

There is great need for bridge between the religions of the world and a platform to make the world understand the Message of Quran and Teachings  of Mohammed sas.

Zakir Naik you have the courage and the knowledge to play a bigger role in building the Muslims Umma and acting as a positive bridge between the Religions and Nations, do not let this position   get damaged by diluting your good efforts by indicating and taking unilateral stands of issue so volatile as Terrorism, which is debate able, and the Muslim nations names not needed you know best have taken a pass on, they too understand the sensitivity of the issue and are very diplomatic in the matter. Read more…

Obama “Al Qaeda distorting Islamic Values”

May 23, 2010 3 comments

Obama speaking at gaduration class of US Military in a US...

President Barack Obama declared on Saturday the United States cannot act alone in the world and pledged to shape a new “international order” as part of a national security strategy to seal his break with Bush-era policies.

Setting out his vision for keeping America safe as it fights wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama stressed international engagement over predecessor George W. Bush’s “cowboy diplomacy” and signaled his likely repudiation of Bush’s justifications for pre-emptive war.

“The burdens of this century cannot fall on our soldiers alone, it also cannot fall on American shoulders alone,” Obama told graduating cadets at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. “Our adversaries would like to see America sap its strength by overextending our power.” Read more…

Hyderabad ko kiski nazar lag gayee ? Kaun hain woh log, jo iss Sheher Main, Aman Nahin Chate ?

May 18, 2010 2 comments

A Hyderabad elderly person in a state of shock at the way Hyderabad is being put to discomfort. He has many unanswered question in him mind.

Hyderabad, ko kisi ki nazar lag gayee. Kaun hai who log jo  es Sher main  Aman Nahin Chatee. This is the question in every Hyderabadis mind today. One more act of heinous crime. By suspected activists, Reports say a un identified men fired on a constable in Shailbanda area on Friday. Unfortunately a Police Constable on Duty serving the People lost his life. The investigation is on by the Police. This  was my first reaction to the news of shoot out in Sahlibanda in Old City of Hyderabad on last Friday late afternoon.

 Some reacted  to this incident by saying   “But also terrible is how innocent persons are arrested, tortured, giving electric shocks, their lives destroyed for acts of terrorism that have now been traced to saffron terror outfits. The state that finished their lives must be made accountable, for their rehabilitation and future” A friend of mine  Sanjay Ahuja, advised don’t believe in rumors; Indian police is not allowed to use electric current… if someone uses it… is doing so illegally…And can be charged. Read more…

Imam Bashar Arafat, on Mission for Universal Peace and Brotherhood

May 5, 2010 1 comment

Imam Basar Rrafat, in Hyderabad, seen with Adil Mohd to his Rigt and Cova Co ordinator Mr. Turab to his left. aheading for a talk on "Youth and Radical Influence Attraction and Dangers" organised under Public Affairs Section of the US Consulate in Hyderabad

Imam Mohamad Bashar Arafat
Founder, Civilizations Exchange & Cooperation Foundation
7745 Paddock Way
Baltimore, MD 21244

Born and raised in Damascus, Syria. He attended Damascus University and graduated with a degree in Islamic Studies and Arabic Language in 1987 and a degree in Islamic Law in 1988. From 1975 to 1989 under the guidance and mentorship of the late Grand Mufti of Syria, Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro, he studied Quranic interpretation, wisdom of the “Shari’ah” and the Islamic spiritual teachings. From 1989 to 1997, he accompanied the Grand Mufti during most of his international programs and conferences.
He served as Imam in Damascus from 1981 to 1989 and was then invited to the United States to lecture in various Islamic Centers. He was Imam of the Islamic Society of Baltimore, Maryland Inc. from 1989 to 1993, Read more…

Curfew lifted completely in Old City. Unity & Harmony Defeated Conspiracy & Hate.

April 11, 2010 Leave a comment

The man of the Hour A K Khan, in Relax Mood. People of Hyderabad thank you and your team Mr. Khan.

Hyderabad, April 10 (IANS) Hyderabad police Saturday completely lifted curfew in the old city and other areas rocked by communal violence late last month.
Police Commissioner A.K. Khan announced that night curfew was being lifted with immediate effect in all 25 police station areas as the situation had returned to normal.

However, prohibitory orders banning assembly of five or more people would remain in force in all 25 police station areas, he added.

Police had Friday extended the curfew relaxation period from 12 hours to 17 hours after the prayers passed off peacefully. Read more…

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Time to expose Rioters, of Old City.

April 7, 2010 3 comments

Come 5 pm the busiest business Road of Old City Madina Builing to Charminar and Gulzar House wears a deserted look, with the police effectively enforcing 5 pm to 8 am curfew. There seems to be an uneasy comfort as th police is not very confident to go for lifting the curfew, as yet.

The people of Old City have undergone losses which will be difficult to cover-up in three to six months.  BPL is under shock and stress, with uncertainty.

The business community is pained and is finding it difficult to understand what actually went wrong and how are they going to cover the loss, and how will they come back to normal fast, a trader, Ramcahran, a whole sale dealer of oils was complaining of loss of contracts with few of his suppliers and consumers.

The New city also got effected as nearly 25 to 30 percent of the work force which works in the new and hate city area comes from Old city, like the technicians, drivers, painters, carpenters, category 2 and 3 employees.

Also the IT professionals come from Old city especially in IT companies like GE, Infosys, Deloit and Google.

That also puts breaks on the normal functioning of New City offices and business centers and malls. And theatres and trading centers. Read more…