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Why Muslims are underscanner ? Is being moderate a Sin ?

March 9, 2010 5 comments

The Question is why only a Muslim, has to prove time and again that he is a Muslim, and what type of Muslim, whether a Moderate Muslim, or a Staunch Muslim.

In Sept 2009. Muslims Gather on Capitol Hill for Prayer Nearly 3,000 people gathered Friday on the lawn of the Capitol for a day of Muslim unity that organizers said was about prayer, not protest. (Anna Uhls/The Washington Post) PLEASE SEE THE VIDEO link on search for capital hills Muslims gathering. or Double click on the Picture above. A MUST.

There is nothing like moderate, liberal or a staunch Muslim. A Musim is a Muslim. Just a Muslim. Then, Who is a Muslim ?   Just a Muslim. ?

We have debates in TV channels which try to pose these questions to  few among us. There are some who call themselves liberal or lighter Muslims,  some in them are  brave enough to accept that a Muslim has to pray five times Namaz, and   praying Namaz  is very important.  They also regrets that they are not able to pray for five times.  But this liberals are  proud to be a Muslim, and says they remember Allah eve ry minute of  their life.

All this is fine.  We know  there are, Muslims who do not pray five times Namaz. And we also known Namaz is a very important Pillar of Islam, an act which is one of the five pillars of Islam.

But  there is  greater commitment a Muslim makes when he calls himself a Muslim.  Than Just saying five times prayer.

To understand it better let us  try to know about the five pillars of Islam. And discuss.

Video link of  Muslim Gathering at Capitol Hills.

Read more…

“Politics of hate by Shiv Sena defeated in Mumbai” SRK wins the battle of nerves & MNIK judged, masterpiece.

February 13, 2010 1 comment

Indians in Mumbai, dare threats of Shiv Sainiks bravely display the tickets of MNIK out side a Mumbai theatre. Mumbai snubbed Sena second time in a row, last time for Rahul this tme for SRK. Sena may become histroy if they do not change.

Mumbai snubs Shiv Sena second time in a row, a week ago it was Rahul Gandhi this Week it is Sharukh Khan. India celebrates the defeat of Shiv Sena, and the T Company still will be on the wrong side of the fence. They have generation to emulate, like father like son. It was Bal Thakrey who flirted with law and twisted and meddled with it for over five decades.

The  lion Bal Thakrey roared always to put to shame the unity of India, and its citizens, they induced fear in fellow Indians sometimes targeting Keralites, and many  of  the  times North Indians, from UP and Bihar were targets of Shiv Sainiks.

Even the new off shoot  MNS Raj T  build his political base by spiting venom on the North Indians  couple of years ago before 26/11I Mumbai Terror Attacks,  These T Brigade was not  to be seen near the Taj Hotel or the affected areas of Terror invasion in Mumbai with any sympathy to the victims or to the media. 

The roaring loins were in there dens cooling heals, when Mumbai was burning.  Nation was fighting unitedly was against the terror outfits, be the BSF, the  Mumbia Police or the People of Mumbai. Read more…

Sharukh I owe you an apology. I thought you are gimmick master, I am happy you proved me wrong.

February 12, 2010 2 comments

MNIK will touch the highs of sucess and poeple of India will snub the Sena with their support to the movie and express solidarity with your being a Indian with conviction. But the big story and sucess is "Only brave, can stick to what they said, even in adversities. You are among them, Sharukh. "

I always thought you Sharukh, are a gimmick master, who knows how to move fast on the tracks of popularity, making money, climbing on the ladder for number slots of who is number one and two in bollywood. 

 Your venturing in to IPL, was seen as smart move but KKR started with roar and did not come back yet to prove its right on the IPL among the top teams, though you had like of Sourav and Hassise and Shoeb on your side.

Public opinion was divided on the issue of “US airport emigration authorities detailed and a bit rigorous checks and cross checks on your identity which embraced you owing to your name is Khan.” The public perception was this could be gimmick too to give the needed popularity for your upcoming movie “My name is Khan” which has a story post 9/11 based in US and how names suddenly become alarming to the West.

I am sure your must have told the Immigration authorities “My Name is Khan” Sharuk Khan in your own pleasing style, yet they suspected.  The Industry was divided then some against and some called it a routine which every one faces even VVIP’s and diplomats of India faced such embarrassments in the past.

The episode of Shiv Sena, verses Sharuk has proved to be the truthful and whole of Indian is in agreement with Sharuk.  This proves Sharuk Khan is real personality and Indianess in him is Genuine, He is a son of a freedom fighter, and loving Mother, who taught him to be kind and truthful.

 Sharuk Khan has demonstrated courage and conviction, with great level of National Pride and Indianess in him.  He knows the boundaries set by the constitution and the cultural ethos of our land.  

India is one billion strong, we are like a big bouquet of flowers of different colors and shapes and smelling differently yet looking fresh, and beautiful, we may be belonging to regions with different languages.  Read more…

Rahul’s Mantra Stumps Sena, as Mumbai dumps Udhav, for Rahul.

February 6, 2010 2 comments

Rahul Gandhi the leader, determined to make Impression, and Stand for Unity and Respect of one billion people of India against, short-sighted and divisive forces like Shiv Sena, Mumbai embarrassed Rahul with Hearts and Arms open. India seeing in him a leader with determination and guts. images of his Mumbai visit 5th Feb 2010

Weeks of tussle to claim Mumbai, reach to its climax, thank God India and the spirit of Mumbai Won.  

 Mumbai is for All, Tendulker  triggered, Mukesh Ambani, emphasized, Rahul came to support  one billion Indians,  and Mumbikaars, choose to side with the Nation and declare, they will not tolerate the politics  generating shame for the people of Maharashtra, triggered by  right-wing  political,  party Shiv Sena. 

 Thousands of  Mumbiakars, proved Sena wrong, by welcoming Rahul Gandhi with open arms demonstrated  the soul of Maratha Pride,   National unity and  love for all Indians.   

A set of few Sainiks of  Bal Thankrey and Udhav Thakrey cannot put to shame the true spirit of Mumbai.    

Four hour snap tour of Rahul Gandhi took Sena and its leader Udhav,by surprise. 

Rahul’s Visit to Economic Capital of India Mumbai, protesting against the stand taken by Shiv Sena,  “Mumbai for Mumbaikars only and  not for India.” Read more…

Save Cricket from Politics. Has IPL & its Franchises, done dis-service to game of Cricket ?

January 29, 2010 2 comments

Sensible, Balanced, and Man of all hours, P Chidambaram, puts healing touch to the millions of Cricket fans by saying it will be a disservice to cricket if Pakistanis are not included.

Basis of  Strain between IPL and Govt.

Let us go year back and try to figure out the relations which the IPL and its Franchises had with the Central Govt and its Home Minister P Chidambaram, Mr. Chidambaram was freshly moved from Finance Minister to Home, and Mr. Pranab Mukerjee, was given Finance.  The challenge before the govt. at that time in summer of 2009 was the General Elections in India, clubbed with Assembly Elections in some states. And it so happened the dates of Elections in many IPL League matches were coinciding with the dates of Polling.  IPL teams Read more…

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Is Khan Guilty, or Is he Framed ?

June 23, 2009 Leave a comment


 SRK is not a scholar of Islam nor is apparently a Good Practising Muslim, He has not been careful in airing his views in proper respectable forums.  I do not like to go in to the debate of whether he is guilty or not guilty in issue, which has involved him in to a legal battle on issue of hurting sentiments of Muslims, couple of days back.

Khan in Golden Temple

Khan in Golden Temple










 The Magazine could be using this issue for forwarding obsession to remain in news, who knows?   And pushing the worldly agenda of getting name, money, fame and popularity. It is possible that the magazine is efficiently using issues like this to get the world attention and publicity.

 Punish the Magazine.

 I have serious doubt on the intentions of the magazine, it is possible that this was done intentionally by the people who run the magazine to gain publicity, and Khan knowingly or unknowingly is trapped in to a controversy which is very difficult for him, to come clean from.

 Greedy for Media Space

 It is also true that Khan is having a history of generating news to achieve his popularity, and objective to keep himself in media headlines both in print and electronic, be it the issue of sitting in dug-out in first IPL, or Controversy of Sunil Gawasker the, Captains issue in IPL, even in returning back from South Africa when his team was loosing he used the opportunity to be in news. For SRK Media and Money go hand in hand?

 Guilty or Framed 

 How can the actor take the liberty of even mentioning the name of Prophet May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, in an interview to a magazine which by its name and ideology is an unthinkable venue to mention even the name of beloved Prophet Sas in any context, for any reason? 

 It is very sad that the Actor is satisfied with the corrigendum from the magazine wherein the magazine “Times Style- Luxury” accepted the error.

 How can the magazine be so irresponsible to a sentence which is carrying the name of the most influential person in the history of mankind (see book on most influential person in the history of mankind by Michael Hart) 


 Magazine Intentions to be Probed

 I suspect mischief on the part of the magazine, (another publicity stunt in most deplorable form) the whole Muslim Community demands a stringent action on the Magazine together with Khan.  

 How can Khan Let the magazine get away by saying it was a printing mistake, Khan could have been fixed by the Magazine, too.

 Don’t be on wrong side of Faith, Sharukh.

Is Khan, Muslim by actions and belief? God has given him the riches, fame, family and following.  I am sure Khan is not thinking he is very capable man and he achieved on his own merits and hard work, I hope you understand. All this fame and success is blessing of Allah on him, came as a test to him

This phase is only a test from Allah subhanwatala, he expects him to show gratitude and tries to correct his belief and do good to the people around him and obey by pleasing the Allah by submitting to his will.

 Prove Your Affection to Prophet of God, be servant of God.  

 As he claims to be a Good Muslim, and has respect and regard for Prophet Mohammed sas let him prove by being a Practising Good Muslim by his Deeds and Actions too.

 The truth is, in the past and in the present,  unfortunately his life is one bunch of compromises in all walks of life, he very conveniently gives importance to worldly gains,   drifting  from the limits and boundaries defined by Islam in  both personnel and professional life.

 Muslim Is

Muslim is the one who submits to the will of Allah and does not associate any with him, and follows the path shown by our beloved Prophet Mohammed sas.

 Muslim is one who believes in day of Judgement and Life after Death.

 Muslim is one who knows this is life temporary.

 Muslim is one who belief there is life after Death.

 Muslim is one who expects reward for good deeds and punishment for evils deeds, from his Creator Allah. Swt  

 Muslim is one who works to make his grave spacious with blessings of Allah, as ultimate victory, and fears the Punishment Grave and Hell fire.

 Muslim is one who loves, Prophet Mohammed sas, more than his own self, his family, his parents, his belonging, his wealth, and his existence.

 We care?  May Allah forgive us? 

 I am no one to judge how good a Muslim Khan is, it is between him and Allah.  

 What we like to remind is. Islam has its own framework it can not be stretched for us.  Allah swt will ignore the ones who tend to take it, not too seriously.

I wish you prove me wrong when it comes to your inner soul and intentions, Khan how nice it ill be if we are Muslim by soul and by our actions too. May Allah forgive us for our mistakes and give us chance to correct ourselves.