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Wisdom Path for High Command and Jr YSR. Politics of Confrontation damaging for Congress, and State.

May 29, 2010 3 comments

Jagan Mohan Reddy son of Lat YSR, on Cross Roads, of his Political Carrier.  Is he politically right ? In wake of  drama and  preventive arrest of J Mohan Reddy yesterday in Nalagonda, followed by  TRS protests, and divided views of  political big wigs and sences of indicipline  and  The TRS has called for a Telangana bandh on Saturday while Jagan loyalists replied with a bandh call of their own in Kadapa. Makes me think that things are bit complicated and not sailing smooth in AP for Congress.

There is not much this young leader of Congress and son of Late Shri YSR, is going to gain from this exercise, except, some publicity. He has to be accepted as a mass leader by all in the state like his father, to make in roads in to the cadre and Corngress Party. He has to find friends in all regions of the state, Telengana, Rayalseema, and Andhra. Jangan Mohan Reddy is from Rayalseema. Read more…

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Man in rush to be a Beast. Kills 10 days old Irfan.

February 23, 2010 4 comments

10 day old Infant Irfan killed by protestors in Baramullah, in Kashmir. Is man not in rush to be Beast ?

The Big Picture and the breaking news of our times, most unfortunately is ” Man in rush to be a Beast”.  Civilizations, passed, with laurels of being civilized people, cultured and disciplined lots, ages have passed and centuries gone in oblivion yet man is on the bylines of filth and ruthlessness.

Man is becoming worst than any animal, in fact he is in race with the animals and the vultures to be surpass them in all acts they can could do. the Vultures are extinct in animals, they have taken the forms of humans and are dancing in joy and out there to punish the world for its deeds or the world has become so mean and low that they do not need the Vultures to help them them are evil enough to be worse than the Vultures.

A scan across nations, and horizon of our modern and so called civilized world will prove we display hate, enmity, aggression, killings, abuse, lawlessness, manipulation, exploitation and lies, far from any good sense and value of being human being in our surrounds, channels, and media, we speak the language of fear and divide, we support causes of hate, and honor abusers of law. Read more…

Who is responsible for Yadiaiah’s immolaition & loss of life ? Why could’t he be saved ?

February 21, 2010 5 comments

Yadiaiah who immolated himself, scummed to injuries, why could't he be saved. Who should be blamed for his un-timely death.?

A 19-year-old youth, who attempted self-immolation on the Osmania University campus here in support of a separate Telangana state, has died, police said on Sunday.

S. Yadaiah from Nagaram village in adjacent Ranga Reddy district, who had come to the university to take part in the students’ agitation for Telangana, had poured petrol over his body and set himself on fire on Saturday evening.

He was rushed to the Apollo Hospital, where he succumbed to the burns on Saturday night, police said.

The question is how to make sure that no one commits suicide, and immolates?

This is a very disturbing and painful incident, when Yadiaiah was on fire; he was surrounded by tens of police personnel’s, and media and common public. Read more…

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Religious Guru Says Bifurcation of AP will Be “Disastrous”.

February 16, 2010 1 comment

THE Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt is organising the 75th Avatar Mahotsav of His Holiness Shankaracharya Swami Jayendra Saraswati in every state of India He was speaking In Guntur.

Guntur (AP), Feb 15 (PTI) Opposition to bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh came out from a spiritual head today with Kanchi Sankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati saying the division would be “disastrous” as it would give Maoists a free run.

“If Andhra Pradesh is split it would be disastrous. Maoists will become stronger,” the pontiff told reporters here. “There is no need to bifurcate the state where all people speak Telugu.”

His remarks come in the wake of ongoing agitation for separate Telangana state. The Sankaracharya pleaded for unity of the country and deplored linguistic chauvinism. The religious leader is here on a three-day visit.

There are no reactions from the JAC or any Political Leaders of Telangana and who are demanding separate State of Telangana. The regious leader speaking openly in favour of united Andhra is significant.

We have to wait and see how the People in the Telangana will react to this statement of Achariaya.

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A P Govt. wants, Deccan Chargers, to pull out of IPL3. Lalit Modi in a Fix.

February 11, 2010 1 comment

Winners of IPL 2 . May opt out of IPL3 in protest.

Is it, Advantage Maratha, and  disadvantage Telugu ?  IPL3  game of sports or game of politics. 

Sharad Pawar  in interest of Maharashtra, his party NCP an alley in Maharashtra Govt, finds proper to see the Sena Chief Bal Thakrey to plead peace for IPL matches, under a threat from Sena in protest against the inclusion of Australian Players, even after the racial attacks in Australia, on many Indians. 

Sharad Pawar found it  proper, to reach out to Sena, he did not have faith in his own govt.  To maintain security to the IPL matches in Maharashtra, why did Pawar sideline the govt. in Maharashtra ?  Led by  Congress under  CM Ashok Chauhan.

On the other hand IPL  Lalit Modi  unilaterally withdrawn,  IPL matches from Hyderabad on the issue of security and normal play of matches, fearing Telangana Movement as threat to its Matches in Hyderabad. Though the Govt of AP has assured security and normal play, even the JAC promissed normal play.

This clearly means Sena, is closer to IPL; Sharad Pawar found it  proper to visit Sena Chief for IPL. But he did not attempt to set things right in AP in favor of IPL, to support IPL Home team of Hyderabad Deccan Chargers and cricket lovers of AP.  Why? was it love for Maharashtra which stopped BCCI Chief ? And allowed bais to grow towards AP Cricket Lovers. And allowed the whole issue to go out of  proportions. Read more…

Growing strength of Indian Muslims. They will carve their way ahead, & they can’t be ignored any more.

February 2, 2010 4 comments

Muslim of Today, is Wiser and Stronger, and Will strengthen the Constitution and the Ethos of India, He should not be taken lightly.

The Muslims of Andhra Pradesh were forced in to a merger against their wishes in the year 1956, on the national drive of the leader of Congress Party and the Prime Minister Shri Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, to allow reorganization of state on the basis of language. The Nizam’s state, post independence was one of the rich and  the one of the best, princely states of India. 

Hyderabad State, had people of four regions with different ethnic and religious backgrounds  living happily and prospering  under the Umbrella of the Nizam,  from Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra, and Nizam.  That was a golden era with public services, health, infrastructure, opportunity, development, communication, educational, and cultural development in the region un parallel and the Indian people, and the people of AP are proud. 

 The Nizam was the richest person in the world, he was blessed with great administrative, and organizational skills. He allowed multi religious,  multi lingual, multi regional family of Nizam estate to flourish, the Monuments and the infrastructural  masterpieces, reservoirs, and gardens and public building speak the tale in golden voice even today.                Read more…

PIL for Telangana, MLA’s in Supreme Court Rejected.

February 1, 2010 1 comment


Telangana Ministers addressing the Media.

SC rejects Telangana MLAs’ PIL for acceptance of resignation

1st Feb 12:5 HRS IST New Delhi: The SC today dismissed a PIL seeking direction to the AP Speaker to either accept or decide on resignation of over 139 legislators. A bench said that the petitioner had no locus standi in the issue.

Legal Battle for forcing the Speaker to Accept thier resignations sumbitted by the MLA’s the Telanga Region is lost in its first round.

This is an embrasment to the legislators, what will be the next move by these MLA’s will be interesting to know, the judge was very critical about the PIL filed.

A bench headed by Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan and Justices J M Panchal and Deepak Verma said that the petitioner M Narayana Reddy, a former MP, had no locus standi in the issue. Read more…

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Exams postponed by AP, Is it sacrifice, or embrasment, spilled from agitation?

January 30, 2010 1 comment

Several Bandhs, and agitation days take its first casualty "exams postponed" Education suffered.

What was feared has happened, the Student and the Education in the state has witnessed first blow on them, in the form of postponing of intermediate exams in the state.

Several bandhs, and agitation for separte state, and united Andhra, is given its first sacrifice, or has suffered first embrasment. ? The answer to this question should come from the political parties and the student organisations.

(PTI) Reported, The Andhra Pradesh government, today postponed the Intermediate (+2) exams by a week bowing to pressure from some ministers of Telangana region.

The exams will now begin on March 10 instead of March 3 as announced earlier. However, the SSC (Class 10) exams will begin March 23 as per the original schedule. Even, the Intermediate practical exams will be held as per the original schedule from February 3, official sources said. Read more…

Save Cricket from Politics. Has IPL & its Franchises, done dis-service to game of Cricket ?

January 29, 2010 2 comments

Sensible, Balanced, and Man of all hours, P Chidambaram, puts healing touch to the millions of Cricket fans by saying it will be a disservice to cricket if Pakistanis are not included.

Basis of  Strain between IPL and Govt.

Let us go year back and try to figure out the relations which the IPL and its Franchises had with the Central Govt and its Home Minister P Chidambaram, Mr. Chidambaram was freshly moved from Finance Minister to Home, and Mr. Pranab Mukerjee, was given Finance.  The challenge before the govt. at that time in summer of 2009 was the General Elections in India, clubbed with Assembly Elections in some states. And it so happened the dates of Elections in many IPL League matches were coinciding with the dates of Polling.  IPL teams Read more…

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Telangana Congress leaders adviced not to visit Delhi.

January 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Moily bats again, for High Command on Telangana.

Hyderabad, Jan 26 (PTI) Congress leaders from Telangana region today cancelled their planned trip to New Delhi after the party high command took a serious view of the issue and issued a stern warning against such plans.

Congress general secretary and Union Law Minister M Veerappa Moily announced in New Delhi that the Centre would soon announce its decision on Telangana statehood issue and asked party leaders from the region not to visit the national capital.

Following this, the Congress ministers, MLAs and MLCs from Telangana cancelled their Delhi trip. Two senior MLAs K Jana Reddy and R Damodar Reddy, who already reached Delhi last evening, returned to Hyderabad today on the high command’s directive.

The Telangana Congress leaders wanted to apply pressure on the party high command on the statehood issue by meeting the top leaders in Delhi.

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