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BioEnergetic Wellness

Your health only suffers when your birthright of natural balance and wellness is disrupted, disturbed, or destroyed.

Unfortunately, modern living has made these problems commonplace. Most People today are not enjoying optimal health and wellbeing.

It takes more than supplements, exercise and good eating to enjoy optimum health.

According to quantum physics the material universe is actually just a very dense from of energy.

Zero Point Energy is the infinite, formless, non-frequency energy that contains all potential in the Cosmos’ quantum vacuum.

When this energy is condensed down into matter, information is stored in the molecular structures and has vibratory frequency, commonly known as the electromagnetic spectrum (EMF).

The Science of Bioenergetics explains how frequencies damage or improve biological functions and health.

 For more information and getting started with Amega Global,  Energy Products, please log on to  http://adilmohdglobal.aftshare.com

  or send a request on mhadil@rediffmail.com  for  demonstration, you can request for a  visit by our associate with all details in  person to discuss and advice on products and order  of  products. 

Amega Global and www.adilmohd.wordpress will have a seminar on 7th of Feb 2010 in Hyderbad in Bharatiya Vidya  Bhava King Koti Hyderbad. at 10-30  am to 2 30 pm

  1. rafiuddin
    February 6, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    fine, i will attend the seminar on sunday,
    a small correction please,
    date of se
    .7th feb 2010, not 2006,

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