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Jagan on Split Path. Showdown Begins. Congress to take path of wisdom.


Why ? The hands that showed comfort, care, and concern for Jagan Mohan Reddy and family of late YSR, should become the ones to distance Jagan from Congress and the comfort zone of High Comand which he once enjoyed. Once a CM Aspirant has become a Rebel today. It is surprising how can YSR's legacy be shadowed like this.

Jagan Mohan Reddy’s and his families, repeated attempts to pursue the high command to give green signal failed, for his  Odarpu Yatra.  Jagan  in defiance decided to go ahead with The Yatra.

The Son of late YSR in defiance to the dictates of High Command and leader of Congress Party Sonia Gandhi, decided to go ahead with The Yatra which starts from Itchapuram in Srikakulam District on July 8th tomorrow,

He will be  visiting   the families of the all those who gave their life in shock of  sudden death of their leader  YSR, whom they loved in a very tragic accident, last year September in a helicopter accident in Nalamala Hills in dense forest zone in Rayalseema Region of AP.

The High Command was of the opinion and that the bereaved families of individuals who lost their life in shock or committed suicide in memory of YSR could be called at one place and whatever relief Mr. Jagan and his family likes to provide can be provided. But the family, felt traditionally one is expected to visit the bereaved family in their houses how can they be called to meet some other place that would be disrespecting them and is against the respect to them.

Jagan in defiance Mode – Congress Firmly Opposes Odarpu Yatra.

The Congress high command and the senior leaders are of the opinion “there is no change in the party’s stand on Odarpu yatra” The Yatra is not permitted by the High Command and Sonia Gandhi.

This is clearly leading to believe Jagan Mohan Reddy is committed and is in defiance mode and the path taken by him is against the wish of the party and without its approval which amounts to defiance and is liable to be come in preview of disciplinary action initiation against Jangan.

Last Month in Telengana Region attempt by Jagan Mohan Reddy saw a major resistance riot from the TRS party cadre violent opposition to Jagan’s presence in Warangal and the effort to continue his scheduled program was abruptly was canceled by intervention of state police on the grounds of safety and fear of disturbances and riot in the region.

Politically in correct? Again.

The differences of  Jagan Mohan Reddy with the Congress its, CM Roshiah, many leaders in  State, and the High Command is  open to all to see and understand, there is no big secret about it.  From day one, and even before the last rights of  the great Congress leader and Messiah of the poor and disadvantaged in the State of  AP and the Iron Man of  Congress in AP.

The dissidence  in the ranks or State Congress Ministers and MLA’s was seen, there was open rejection of the leadership of  K Roshiah the elderly leader of  AP a close friend and confident of  YSR.  And protest and rioting supporters of Janga against the wish of JMR burned the posters of Party President Sonia Gandhi, and went ahead with indispline against the CM of AP.

Jagan wants Congress to suspend him.  To pave the path for him to form a Party of his own .

The battle lines are drawn clearly.  Jagan instead of resigning from the party himself wants to embarrass Congress and by pushing it to suspend him on its own, he is eying at gaining sympathy and capitalize on YSR Legacy.

It is already delayed action if it was to have an impact and gain support from the masses, and pull sympathy, as it is nearing a year since the departing of YSR the leader who never would have allowed such a thing to happen if he was alive.

YSR had difference with High Command But.

YSR also had differences with the party High Command but YSR was a loyalist and was a disciplined leader of the party who loved his leaders and did not go to extents of indiscipline and embarrassment to the party and it line of action, he had his ways and means to negotiate and convince and move ahead. He is missed most by the high command today; Jagan doses not have the patience and wisdom of the father YSR,

Who will be bigger looser Jagan or Congress?

The Politics of Confrontation may damage Jagan more than he expects it will damage the Congress Party. Jagan may not see Congress suspending and giving him the advantage of getting opportunity to form a party of his own, and hijacking the legacy of his father YSR, who is remembered by the State and its people as one who were in the hearts of the poor and the needy.

Numbers game in favor of Congress

Congress is playing its cards with care too, and it is to be seen how this showdown will shape up,  the political pundits do not see any threat to the Congress Govt in AP and it is keeping TRS in comfort zone by not really opposing or contesting the by elections with vigor, rather they like TRS to win.  PRP is in the kitty of Congress too. Jagan may have influence if things continue as they are now will be able to pull 20 to 25 MLA  in the AP Assembly which will be compensated from support by TRS and PRS.

CM Aspirant, becomes a Rebel – as Path of Wisdom, logic and Patience ignored by JMR

So sad nine months back Jagan Mohan Reddy was seen as CM aspirant by all in Media and Political Circles, why this young son of YSR failed to keep the momentum on, instead series of political misadventures have landed him in to be a Rebel Congress man.  Is this destiny or it is mismanaged by his supporters and his advisors or there is a stint from forces in Congress who are against him becoming CM.

This happens when wisdom, patience, and logic is grossly ignored and wrong advisors and lack of good friends around I still have hope Jagan takes with him good advisors, and takes the path of YSR his father who was an example of patience, hard work, and service to mankind, and wisdom, with the required political tact.

  1. July 14, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    hi this is govind from vizag jagan ODARPU YATRA is good.dont stop the yatra,all the best i want to say 1thing “yenugu veltunte kukkalu morugutay” manam bedara kudadu.jagan sir iwant to see u as a CM,when u coming to vizag sir.

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