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Manual Search, for six vital mintues, led to loss of control, and loss of YSR.

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It is negligence, or lack of prepairedness, on the part pilots.Strange, they had to search for a manual for six long vital minutes, in a n emergency, in such a sophisticated helicopter. Was it shear bad luck or was it a gross failure to be efficient as pilots. The fact is a leader of the masses and a VVIP lost. This raises questions on the safty of all our VVIP's who matter so much to the nation and its people.


 Pilot error cause of YSR chopper crash: probe report 

New Delhi, Jan 20 (PTI) The helicopter crash which claimed the life of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S R Reddy was caused by pilots’ error who lost the chopper’s control and were engrossed for vital six minutes trying to locate a flight manual, the probe report said today.

The report, submitted to the government by the four- member inquiry committee, said the “probable” cause of the accident was that it “occurred due to loss of control resulting in uncontrolled descent in the terrain at a very high rate of descent due to entry into severe down draught”.

The crew flew the helicopter under the instrument flying condition even though their flight plan was cleared for Visual Flight Rules (VFR), it said. The crew noticed a snag and “was engrossed for vital six minutes before the impact in searching for the relevant checklist from the Flight Manual”.

Will AP sing Bhaiya “ALL IS WELL” after all party meet on Telangana on 5th Jan 2010.

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Is there a message for the People of Telangana between the lines voiced by Home Minister on Thursday 31st Dec on the Eve of New Year.

We have to take the note and clarity with which the Home Minister has spoken on the of the New year Celebrations on the Topic of Telangana. There is no pinch of doubt on the intention of the govts. determination to carve a state of Telananga, the govt. like to hold all its statement that where aired in favor of formation of new State.

Asserting that the government had done “no flip-flop” over separate statehood to

He said the Major political parties in Andhra Pradesh, he said, contested the 2009 Assembly elections on manifestos that “in one manner or other declared support for the formation of a separate state of Telangana”

He also said, “UPA government in its common minimum programme had said that a separate state of Tealangana would be carved from State of Andhra Pradesh” at an appropriate time after due consultations and consensus.

“On December 9, it was announced that an appropriate resolution would be moved in the state assembly. I would like to highlight key words in the statement, they are ‘process’, ‘appropriate resolution’ and ‘moved’. In the background of the minutes of the all party meeting, I would like to ask what was wrong with that statement,” he queried. And on December 23, after MPs and legislators from the state appeared divided over the issue, the government stressed the need to hold consultations with all political parties on the issue following a fortnight of protests in Andhra Pradesh for and against the separate state.

“We simply responded to the wishes of the people of Andhra Pradesh. I hope you don’t call the January 5 meeting a flip-flop,” Chidambaram added.

“The January 5 meeting is the first step in consultations. We have called the recognized parties in the state to devise a mechanism and lay a roadmap on the issue,” he said.

Chidambaram also pointed out that other student groups and interested parties would also be consulted at a later stage.

One thing is coming out clear from all this clarification is to send a message again that Telangana is a possibility which will have to come thru consensus. Even now it is not clear when it will happen, but it is, clear that sooner or later it will happen.

Our wish would be consensus and with no feelings hurt after all AP and its people shared the same space for over 50 years now. let us hope for the good of the people of the region and the business and the lost optimism returns and let it be said. All is well. 

The sowards are pulled in AP , both by pro and aganinst Telangana groups, in all the three regions of AP, Teleangana, Rayalseema and the very effulient region Andhra on the coasts of AP, with the coasts touching it, both Rayalseema and Telangana are land locked.

The activities in Delhi are hot to get charged for a very charged and cruicial meeting, both the camps in pro and anti claim it will be sucess to them.

PC’s “Wide ranging consultations on Telangana” greeted with, “Wide ranging arson, protests and resignations of most MP’s and MLA’s in Telangana”. Will the word “Wide” declare congress google as a wide.

December 24, 2009 1 comment

A gutted Bus standing as a witness to the kind of problem the state of Andhra Pradesh is riding on, due to lack of wisdom in our political brethern, the issue of Telangana has taken a very wild turn after the 23rd statement reversing the 9th Dec stand on formation of new state of Telnagna.

On the 23rd of Dec 2009 a U-turn on formation of  Telangana came in the form of a Statement by the UPA Govt  from Home Minister P Chidambaram made in brief statement saying “a large number of political parties are divided on the issue”.

“There is a need to hold wide-ranging consultations with all political parties and groups in the state. Government of India will take steps to involve all concerned in the process,” he said at a hurriedly called press conference. He read out a four para statement but took no questions.

Justifying the December 9 statement made by him on initiating the process for forming Telangana state, Chidambaram said “however, after the statement the situation has altered.

This change in heart came due to counter agitation  in Andhra and backing out by the opposition parties like TDP and PRP who where in favour of  formation of Telanaga State took also a U Turn post 9th Dec, under pressure from there leaders and MLA’s and MP’s of their party.

The statement given by PC wanting  ” wide-ranging consultations on Telangana”  has shown no signs of any of the parties in the arena of Andhra Rayalseema and Telangana conflict agreeing to take the advice of the Home Minister to sit and discuss the area of conflict and reach to a consensus. But a wide range of protests, incidents arson, damaging of property,road blocks,  resignations of MP’s and MLA’s from Telangana, and massive agitating crowds in villages, district headquarters, and universities came on roads to protest and paralyse the normal life and threaten the peace and property both govt. and public.  How long this will go on none knowns.

The selection of the word  “Wide ranging” has played the havoc, the statement was not worded properly, the objection of the Telangana TRS leader is the Govt has betrayed the people of Telangana and the absence of time frame and clarity on Telangana is unacceptable and amounts to a betrayal to the Region and  of Telangana and its people.

The state has gone in to worst mode, as all the MP’s from the Telangana region are reported to have submitted their resignations to the Lok Sabha Speaker.

The Turmoil has entered in to a phase with advantage to the Andhra agitation which was for united Andhra Pradesh and against the formation of Telangana state, and disadvantage to the Region of Telangana.  This is like a Tennis Match there will be many game to be played before the final set is played.

Who are players, who is the match referee no one knows, there is a hint on the referee,  but the teams  have mixed up, the player who  plays  for whom is know one knows.   The poor spectator, the people of the state are at  risk as always.

“Cat on the Wall” Politicians Punished, in Telangana. Statement of PC added fuel to fire in AP.

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For a change the Politician at the receiving end. Law is on a holiday in Andhra Pradesh, and TRS chief says Andhra Pradesh is non-existent.

The Cat on the Wall Position of various Political Parties, and the Politicians for several years in the Sate of  Andhra Pradesh over the Issue of formation of state of Telangana entered an absolutely intolerable stage in the recent times.

Since the 9th Dec Statement by the Home Minister P Chidambaram which was clear and in favour of formation of a state for Telangana Region, In his statement Mr. P C said the govt will like to start the process of carving a separate state of Telangana looking in the aspirations and concerns of the demands by the people of the Telangana region.

The Political parties couple of days prior to the central govt statement in favour of Telnagana State formation witnessed willingness and a clear stand in favour of Telangana by the Political Parties leaders like TDP Chadrababu Naidu and PRP Chiranjeevi supporting the formation of a state and to move a resolution to this effect in the state assembly.

The sentiments both Telangana and in Andhra Regions are so widely raised among the Political Parties that the Political Party heads found it almost reduced them to non performing heads of the parties with no control what so ever on any of the MLS’s and MP’s and the cadre, in such situation seeing the turmoil the same leaders who supported for the formation of a separate state backed out and started blaming the govt and the Home Minister for untimely and midnight drama and a hasty  by the Centre, in favour of Telangana with our takeing in to account the parties concerned.

This was seen as a major set back in the translate on the latest statement given on the eve of Christmas from the Congress High Command thru Home Minister Chidambaram where in he indicated almost as putting the Issue of Telangana on Back burner due to a  fortnight of intense campaign by leaders of coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions against bifurcation of the state which was countered by pro-Telangana groups, Home Minister P Chidambaram made a brief statement saying “a large number of political parties are divided on the issue”.

“There is a need to hold wide-ranging consultations with all political parties and groups in the state. Government of India will take steps to involve all concerned in the process,” he said at a hurriedly called press conference. He read out a four para statement but took no questions.

Justifying the December 9 statement made by him on initiating the process for forming Telangana state, Chidambaram said “however, after the statement the situation has altered.

Chidambaram’s announcement drew immediate condemnation from TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao who met leaders of various parties from the region and called it a “betrayal”.  This erupted wide range of violence and arson in the State Capital  Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh. The students of Osmania University  greeted the TDP leaders Nagam Janardhan Reddy and likes with Chappell and damaged their vehicles, in protest to their action of playing politics of Cat on the Wall by keeping the issue of  Telangana on Hanger and allowing to dry.

Political Clarity and truthful political culture is missing, in all the political parties of the Nation, each is working to promote and strengthen its base with no concern or value for what the people want we are a democracy but with a difference how different are we democratic to make it easy for the political system to make us mere spectators.

22nd Dec. a Big Day , PM to give statement on Telangana, All parties keep fingures crossed.

December 22, 2009 1 comment

Can his statement satisfy all regions of AP, Telangana, Andhra, and Rayalseema today. It is tough, AP keeps figures crossed much depends on his statement, which direction AP will take.

Today is a very crucial test of ability and skills of political wisdom for Prime Minster Dr Manmohan Singh.

As after a month long agitation on pro and anti Telangana by Various Political Parties, members of parliament and assemble protesting and many MLA’s resigning in protest to the statement made by the Home Minister P Chidambaram on 9th of Dec night, on the eve of a protest rally by the Telangana protestors on 10 in Hyderabad the state capital of Andhra Pradesh.

The statement diffused the agitation for separate Telengana and prompted the Leader of Separate Telangana Movement K C Rao of TRS breaking his 11 days old hunger strike in NIMS hospital in Hyderabad, statement on Home Minister change the mood from agitation to celebration and distribution of sweets and night lit by crackers and profuse celebration in the districts of Telangana, The people of Telangana appreciated the gesture of the Sonia Gandhi and the Congress Party and looked forward to it formation at the earliest.

But the celebration did not last long as the day progressed on 10th of Dec several MLS’s across party line resigned in protest to the statement given by Chidambaram the Home Minister demanding unified Andhra to remain.

The chorus on this demand was supported by the Congress party MP’s and MLA’s too, they where to most active in protest, going totally against the dictates of the party high command the Congress leaders on the State from Rayalseema, and Costal Andhra. The agitative mood and aggressive expression over night shifted from Telangana shifted to otherwise peaceful and disciplined regions of Costal Andhra and Rayalseema. The agitators burned and damaged public property and disturbed normal life in cities like many cities and districts of Andhra and Rayalseema regions of A P.

The reaction from political parties which heralded the cause of formation of Telangana in 2009 Elections TDP and PRP not able to control the situation by resignations of many of the Andhra and Raylseema MLS’s back tracked on the issue of Telangana under the changed circumstances, diluting there political stand on separate state of Telangana, This is Politics we can expect the unexpected by our political leaders even the likes of Chnadrababu and Chiranjeevi could spare themselves.

With several Hunger strikes by business interests giants like Rajgopal MP from Congress, and brother of YSR joining the voice to keep the state united, with many others in various districts protesting the complication and uncertainty increased in the state. The Central leadership of congress kept its vigil and the state CM Roshiah kept and tried to keep the conditions under control with mix of success and failure. Add to the fire to the fury the many hero of Andhra agitation to keep AP united in his 8th day of hunger strike broke the police bandobast and sneaked out of the govt hospital in Vijaywada on 10th 10 15 pm only to be surfaced in dramatic manner in NIMS hospital, on 21st Dec this embarrassed the state govt and the police dept.

As this was not enough Rajgopal ( Lagapati) MP’s who is protesting against formation of Telangana added like a catalyst to the separate Telangana agitator who where silent and were in mood of celebration and waiting for the govt to being the process of the resolution and the formation of the state of Telangana, became violent and protested at the NIMS against the stand taken by Lagapati Rajgopal MP the leader of united Andhra Agitation.

The situation has become worst and the tempers on both sides have grown. Andhra Pradesh a otherwise a peaceful and state which produce thousands of engineers, and IT professional keep its young section of the population busy with intense involvement in studies is harming its main asset base knowledge and educational discipline.

What ever is to be done the key would be it has to done quickly and make things clear and allow the minds to rest and settle. All representatives of the parties involved to the conflict, Telangana, Costal Andhra, Rayalseema and the Central Govt and the State Govt should enter in to a close door dialogue for several session and reach to common terms and amicably solve this issue to the benefit of all parties concern.

The tempers are high and damage is huge this will percolate further and could harm in a way it could be a point of no return.

Dr. Singh Please do your best and let the state and its people agree to your advice and decision as PM of the Nation and a person who cares for the aspirations of lakhs of people of AP and its regions.

Will the Prayers of Millions help YSR’s son Jagan Declared as CM by Sonia Gandhi.

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Will Sonia Gandhi accept Jagan as Shadow of YSR and Capable Loyal Worker of Congress Party or,  Will The Present CM Interm be a Man to Groom Jagan ultimately to the Post of CM in Couple of Years Then to Fight 2014 Elections to Sweep Congress to Power third time again under Jagan. or There will be a Dark horse in the form of Jaipal Reddy.

Will Sonia Gandhi accept Jagan as Shadow of YSR and Capable Loyal Worker of Congress Party or, Will The Present CM Interm be a Man to Groom Jagan ultimately to the Post of CM in Couple of Years Then to Fight 2014 Elections to Sweep Congress to Power third time again under Jagan. or There will be a Dark horse in the form of Jaipal Reddy.

Gradullay the leaders are settling after the weeklong moring follwing the tragic departure of  Rajsheker Reddy the AP C M in misterious and tragic conditions, with a probe ordered for investigation in the Crashi of Helicopter by the A P
Govt Home Minister, the political focus is gradually pointing towads how the High Command will fially resolve the Andhra CM Selction.

 There is a meeting on 10 th of Sept of the A P Legislative Party for this matter. The Quetion is will The Son of YSR be there Choice ? Or there will be a shift from the stand they have taken earlier this is to be seen with great anxiety.

There is a general opinion in the intelectual and political circles of the Capital of A P Hyderabad that, congress Leadership is Commanding the full Control on the States and the Cenral Politic of the leader ship of Smt Sonia Gandhi.

And she has a very firm decission makeing capability and her decission are well thought can not be challenged as  her type of governace and administration of running the party is one that is supported by the politics of cosenses and reasoning leaving no room for resent and discomfort. 

 Hope this time too the Sonia Gandhi Magic will Prevail.

Rosaiah has been in power for less than a week. He was sworn in after YS R Reddy died in a helicopter crash. There is a proposal to allow Rosaiah to continue a little longer, induct Jagan as deputy chief minister under Rosaiah, and then promote him in a year or two after he gains more experience.

But But.. there is this to consider too,  A Chief Minister from Coastal Andhra and a Deputy CM from Rayalseema could fuel the separatist Telangana movement that YSR managed to quell.

Where as the supporters of  Jagan Mohan Reddy YSJ   hold this  firmly they say  “We have only a one-point agenda before the Cabinet. To make Jagan the leader of the Congress Legislature Party.”

Most of these ministers and MLAs were hand-picked by YSR. Support for Jagan is not an issue of loyalty alone, it also involves political survival. The fear in them is how will it be possible for them if there is a change in linage of  control at the top in A P, there loyalty in turn brings them political security and blessings too. Will they be able to survie the  regional brunt and new forces in the party which will try to supress the present. The have not way but to Support Jagan.

The Minorities too are keen to see son of  YSR as CM, they are not going to agitate and embarass the Party and its leaders but are quitly praying in the isolation of there minds in the month of Ramadan to  Allah For Congress Party and   to give  Sonai Gandhi  that she be blessed by Allah to take the decision which is good for the state as only God only Knows what is right  choice the state.

And what, will be good for the poor, downtrodden, the minoriites, and betterment of the state, in general YSR was also sent to serve the peopel of the State by God he did his good work now we should pray that the person who takes the reins will be a selected one by God Almighty too.

But the Congress high command in Delhi worries that Jagan is young, raw and may not be able to fight factionalism within his party. The man currently in the hot seat, Rosiah, makes it clear that the final call will be made in Delhi.

“Everyone will have their own opinion. The Congress leadership, Sonia Gandhi, will decide based on many factors.”

Hope the Cloud will be cleared fully and A P Gets its New leader.

Condolence Messages of Singh, Sonia, Rahul on YSR

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PM , Sonia Gandhi, and Rahul Gandhi Consoling Wife of Late Y S R and spending moments sharing teh grief and pain that the Family and the Congress Party suffered in untimely death of YSR.

September 04,2009

Hyderabad, Sep 4 (IANS) Following are the messages Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and party general secretary Rahul Gandhi wrote in the condolence book after paying homage to Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy:

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh:

In the sad and most untimely demise of Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, our country has lost an outstanding leader and the people of Andhra Pradesh have lost an ideal Chief Minister who was personally concerned to the welfare of the poor.

My heartfelt sympathies go to the members of the bereaved family and the people of Andhra Pradesh.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi:

I am here to bid my last farewell to my colleague Chief Minister Rajasekhara Reddy. A dynamic, visionary, progressive leader who throughout his career strived for the upliftment of the poor, of the farmers, for the empowerment of women and welfare of children.

As Chief Minister he was untiring in his effort to work for the people of the state.

For us in the Congress Party his passing is a huge loss. We shall always cherish his contribution and we shall take inspiration from the manner in which day and night he worked tirelessly for all sections of society.

I convey my deep felt condolences to his family, his friends and supporters.

Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi:

YSR was true leader. Andhra Pradesh and India have had a tremendous loss. I personally learnt a lot from the Chief Minister. He is an inspiration to those who would like to impact the lives of the poor people of our country. It is a sad day for all of us. My condolences to the family and the people of Andhra Pradesh.

Jagan Reddy, Right Choice, for CM’s Post

September 4, 2009 1 comment
  Jagan Reddy Right Choice, to fill the Vacuum Caused by untimely Death of Y S R. 
Jagan Mohan Reddy son of YSR is the front runner to be the Chief Minister, of Andhra Pradesh and to fill the Vacuum Created in untimely tragic death of Y Samuel Rajasheker Reddy. There is name of another Leader and Stalwart Mr. Jaipal Reddy Union Minister and a very seasoned Politician and very senior Parliamentarian who has seen three generations of Politicians,  Inidra Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi,  from AP Telengana Region a close friend of Rajsheker Reddy and a loyalist of Sonia Gandhi too in run, with the metal but the people of the state will like Jagan to be the CM with the blessings of Sonia Gandhi and Congress Party.
Jagan Mohan Reddy Can Carry Forward the Legacy of YSR, and Live up to the Expectations of the People of the State of A.P and can be a loyal worker of Congress like his Father

Jagan Mohan Reddy Can Carry Forward the Legacy of YSR, and Live up to the Expectations of the People of the State of A.P and can be a loyal worker of Congress like his Father

Grief on Faces and with Great Respect and sence of loss of YSR, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi Paying Homage to the Departed Soul of YSR in Hyderabad Today 4th Sept 2009

Grief on Faces and with Great Respect and sence of loss of YSR, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi Paying Homage to the Departed Soul of YSR in Hyderabad Today 4th Sept 2009





The Members Sign a Memorandum to Pledge Support for Jagan M R. as A P – C M

With most of the MLA’S  and  MP’S signing a memorandum pleading their support to Jaganmohan Reddy,  a Media Baron, Business Man who was inducted in to active politics in dramatic manner on demand of congress workers in a rally in Rayalseem attended by lakhs of supporters few years back. 

Muslims like to see Jagan as CM

Even the Muslims of the State want to show there respect and appreciation to what  Y S Rajasheker Reddy has done for them by supporting and appealing the  Congress President Sonia Gandhi to honour the services of Rajsheker Reddy to Congress Party and State of  AP by considering there request to make  Jagan Mohan Reddy the CM of Andhra Pradesh. 

Muslims want to make sure that the policies and the direction Y S R had taken to uplift the economically backward Muslims, they like to see son Jaganmohan Reddy of their good friend YSR as C M of a P.

 An Able Son of Able Father

Japan Reddy an able son of   YSR Rajsheker Reddy, who like his father is also a charismatic leader with mass appeal and vast following in the youths of the sate, and a much organised yuva group with majority of congress leader’s support in the Sate Assembly.  

 Jaganmohan, an industrialist who runs the Sakshi daily and a television channel, was elected from Kadapa Lok Sabha constituency in the April-May elections.

Jagan has been taking an active interest in the politics of Kadapa for the last couple of years and he has built up a solid party cadre staunchly loyal to him in the region.  

Resolution Passed by Legislators demanding Jagan as CM

Within hours of the death of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy in a helicopter crash, a section of ruling Congress party leaders here have begun demanding that his son Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy be made the next chief minister.

A resolution was passed amid reports that over 100 legislators of the ruling party are supporting the demand. The legislators also met Union Minister for law and in-charge of party affairs in the state M Veerappa Moily to submit a memorandum.

Some ministers have openly demanded that the young MP be made the next chief minister. A group of MPs also held a meeting here and decided to take up their demand before Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

Agitative, Campaign Launched for Jagan.

Though peaceful, should be avoided in times like this. The party equally shares the feeling shared by the loyalist of YSR.

Jaganmohan’s loyalists among party workers have launched a campaign. Some workers sitting outside Gandhi Bhavan, the party headquarters in the city, said they would not accept anybody other than YSR’s son to head the state government.

‘When Indira Gandhi expired Rajiv Gandhi was made the prime minister. Why not Jagan be made chief minister now?’ says a SMS message being circulated by Jaganmohan’s followers.

A group of MPs also held a meeting and decided to place their demand before Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

Time show Faith and Confidence in the leadership of Sonia Gandhi 

This is the Area of Great Concern and which could trigger bickers in Congress like before this should be taken as a spark if not put off can trigger a fire of descent in the party, this for sure YSR did not work for. Neither Jagan would approve.

The State leaders and loyalist to YSR in the party should give time to the leadership at the Centre and allow things to settle first.  Decisions are to be taken in more sober and calm environment, bringing grace and respect to the functioning of the Congress party as a whole.

Jagan the Natural Successor of YSR

Every one in state likes to see Japan as Natural Successor of YSR, the party President Sonia Gandhi and many senior leaders in the party must be contemplating the candidature of Jaganmohan Reddy too.

Most important  for the party today is to keep the cadre, the leaders of the state with its three regions Rayalseema, Telengana, and Andhra together and emulate the example of YSR and keeping the sentiments and feelings in to mind.

Embarrassment to Congress President Sonia Gandhi

Rushing to conclusions and going to the extent of exploring the possibilities of asking for the support of parties out side congress in the event of some congressmen not agreeing for the candidature of Jagan, is sad. There are media reports that A Group of Congress men met  leader of  Opposition Party in State Praja Rajyam leader Chiranjeevi with a request for support of Candidature of Jagan Mohan Reddy for CM Post, this is very unfortunate thing that has happened. The note of which I am sure the Congress High Comand has taken and found it as a act of Indisipline. There was no such need to react with in hours of Death of Mr YSR this must have hurt the Leaders of the Party Specially Sonia Gandhi. The Interm Selection of Mr. K Roashia as CM was Must to give the State and the Party a leader with consititutional authority and Mr. Roshaiah is a leader who will abide by the Party and is a very obideint Soilder, in the event of Change in Favour of Jagan he will whole heartedly will support Jagan and work with him like he worked with his father YSR. Party Disipline is Must at this Hour.

As per the reports in electronic media by National Networks,

“Some Congress legislators also met Praja Rajyam Party President K Chiranjeevi to request him to support Jaganmohan Reddy’s candidature”.

The Congress party has 155 members in the 294-member Assembly”.

This will be worst thing to do.  Give time; let the party and the family of YSR come to terms with the shock they are put to by destiny.

YSR had faith in the Leadership Sonia Gandhi.

Let the Last Rights of YSR be performed and let him Rest with Dignity and Honour and let that Dignity and Honour remain with the Party and its Workers in the State for Every let us remember YSR was the most loyal, obedient, and General of Congress Party. He had full faith in the Leadership of the Party President Sonia Gandhi.

Jagan could only be like her son.

The party will not let him down even in his silence. YSR was like a family to Sonia and Jagan could only be like her son too.

Let us be Patient.  Let us pray for the departed soul, may his soul rest in peace.

Legacy of  YSR to be RespectedLet the YSR Histeria live – YSR was beyond just a Chief Minister he was near  Saint.

Reports of  People Dieing and Suciding as the last right are in progress in Hyderabad, not Bearing the loss should be respected – these people sadly so,  are not die not to put  disturb the Congress Party they are die because they loved the legacy and what he stood for.

Jagan is the right choice, and it will come thru, let there be discipline in the party and legacy of YSR maintained in this hour of grief and pain. Hope the right senesces prevails and the party keeps its unity intact. And respects it s leaders and mentors Sonia Gandhi and the Mentor of Rajsheker Reddy the late Rajiv Gandhi.

Jagan Mohan Reddy son of YSR is the front runner to be the Chief Minister, of Andhra Pradesh and to fill the Vacuum Created in untimely tragic death of Y Samuel Rajasheker Reddy. There are names of Mr Jaipal Reddy another able leader from AP Telengana Region who has the metal too. But the People of AP like to see Jagan as C M.