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Tears of Sorrow. “Har Din Garib Ki Roti Sookh Rahi Hai, Har Dam Azaadi Toot Rahi Hai.”

Har Din Garib Ki Roti Sookh Rahi Hai, Har Din Azaadi Toot Rahi Hai. Sare Jahan Se Acha Hindustan Hamara.

Saare Jahan se Achha Hindustan Hamara,
Hum Bul Bullein Hain is ke, Ye Gulsitaan Hamara,
Saare Jahan se Accha Hindustan Hamara,

Beautiful vision and song of unity written by great poet Allama Iqbal.
are we living up to his vision and his love for unity as Indians today.
Sare Jahan Se Achha Hindustan Hamara.

Kya app ko nahin, lagta,
Hindustan ko kisi ki Nazar, lag Gayee Hai,

Khain par Aman, aur Shanti Nahin,
Har Paranth mein halchal hai,
Har Shaer Pareshan hai,

Kya app ko nahin, lagta,
Hindustan ko kisi ki Nazar, lag Gaee hai.

Har Din Gareeb ki Roti Sookh Rahi Hai,
Har dam Azzadi Tooot Rahi hai,

Kya app ko nahin, lagta,
Hindustan ko  Nazar, lag Gayee hai.

Har Lamha Dard De Raha Hai,
Hamein, Theens, Pohancha Raha Hai.

Kyun  Hum Galati  Ko Kaboo Nahin Kar pate.
Kyun,  Galation Per Galiyaan Karte  hain.

Kya app ko nahin, lagta.
Hindustan ko Nazar, lag Gayee Hai.

Phir Bhi, Hum Hain Hindustani, Faqar Se Hum, Ummeed Karte Hain,
Hum Zaroor Badlein gey, Faqar se Kya Hum Keh Sakte Hain.

“Sare Jahan se  Accha, Hindustan hamara”

63 Saal Hum ko, Kafi Na They,
Humein Apne Aapko Sambhal Ne Ke Liye.
Ek Mazboot, Mutahid Mulk Bana Ne ke Liye.

Bahoot Hua Abb Ye  Tareeki Ka Safar,
Un Masoom  Hindustanion Se Koi Pooche,
Kya Dard  Hota Hai Aansoun Ko Paalte Huwe,
Jab Koi Nahin Hota,  Aansoun Ko Poach ne Ke Leye.

Bastion Mein, Hindustani He Rahete  Hain.
Aaj Bhi,  Garib Hindutani Ro Raha Hai…
Aur Ansoon Ponch  Ne Wala Koi  Nahin.

Buland Naare hamri Mushkilon  ko nahi sudhar sakengey.
Hamein Badal Na hoga,  Desh ko Badal ne ke liye.

Kya app ko nahin, lagta,
Hindusta ko  Nazar, lag Gayee hai.

Kahin par Aman, aur Shanti Nahin Hai,
Har Pranth mein halchal hai,
Har Shahair Pareshaan Hai,

Saare  Jahan se Acchha Hindustan Hamara,
Saare  Jahan se Acchha Hindustan Hamara.

Main Jaanta Hoon, Aye Mere Hamwattan

Oonchi Oun Assman Se Batein Karti Imaraton,
Ke Saaye Mein,Ek Basti Hindustanion Ki He Hoti Hai,

Oun Mein bhi, Wohi Aansoo, aur,
Wohi Dard Ki, Na Kahtam Hone Wali Dastan Hoti Hai

Har Din Garib Ki Roti Sookh Rahi Hai,
Har Dam Azaadi Toot Rahi Hai.

Saare Jahan Se Accha Hindustan Hamara,
Hum Bol Buley Hain uske yeh Gulsitan Hamara,

Kab Hum is Baat ko Haqeeqat Mein Badal Payein ge.
Kab Hum is Soonch Ko Haqeeqat Bana Payein ge.

Saare Jaahan se Accha Hindustan Hamara.

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  1. July 16, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    Nuha Sarwar 
    The best laid schemes o’ Mice and Men,
    Gang aft agley,

    And lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
    For promis’d joy!

    Ardaman Singh Singh 
    nazar to 1947 mein mein hi lag thi…ab to inteha ke kareeb hai….bahu tachhe alfaz hai…’har garib ki roti sookh rahi…har dam azaadi toot rahi hai yes karah rahi hai….

    Hari Mishra 
    The dark side..painful realities. Jeena isika naam hai. Can we try to wipe out tear from one eye, not more, may be by bearing education cost of a child or may be actively contributing to NGOs dedicated to welfare of downtrodden. It is not that difficult, we can make a positive difference. Together we can.

     And @Mr Adil- picture is extremely moving. Thanks. Let us make an effort to transform such images of despair to hope.

    Viquarunnisa Abdulaleem 
    Am I dead? why my eyes are dry? why my heart stop feeling any pain? why I just don’t want to see these pictures? don’t want to open any news paper? return home with heavy heart from any gathering, not able to handle any more, so much ugly scenes on one side and so much waste of food, money and resources on the other side.
    Ya Allah guide me, give me patience and wisdom to handle this, at least give me a sense of thanking you for so much blessing I am entertaining. Please guided me the way of thanking you and share that guidance with others. Please protect me from blame game, and give me courage to accept my shortcoming and improve that. Ameen

    Ardaman Singh Singh 
    I need know u better…..Ardaman!

    Anwar Khursheed 
    ‎” Basti mein Hindustaani hi rahte hain… Aaj bhi,Hindustani Ro raha hai…..Aur Ansoon poonch Ne wala Koi nahin hai ????? Hum Hindu hain ,Mussalman hain,Sikh hain ,Essaee hain……Hum mei se koiee ” HINDUSTANI ” Raha hi kahan Insaan hona to bahot door ki baat hai !!!!!

    Bhupinder Singh Bedi 
    I am agree with Anwar ji after his post there is nothing to write he said every thing about every communities JAI HIND

    Sadia Ansari 
    u r ryt

    Anwar Khursheed 
    ‎” EIGHT INDIAN STATES HAVE MORE ‘ POOR ‘ THAN 26 POOREST AFRICAN NATIONS ” ….. FOUR HUNDRED TWENTY ONE MILLION ‘ INDIANS ‘ In Bihar,Jharkand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pardesh, Orissa, Rajasthan, Uttar Pardesh and West Bengal…than in the 26 poorest African Countries Combined ,four hundred and ten million…..Inn Bhooke logon ka zaat aur Dharam sirf ” GHAREEBEE ” Hai !!!

    M Moinuddin Ali Khan 
    Nothing happens without The Will of Allah. Complexity abounds. Needs a lot of soul-searching. What goes around comes around. Thats all I can say. The Meezaan is in Allah’s hands… and who best can handle it than HIMSELF ?!
    When theres something pathetical happening, its sympathy and mercy which is expected. When theres something anti-social happening, theres a lot of society building necessary. These are the ways in which Allah tries to convey HIS message across to the human intelligence. 

    Jo samja wo amal kiya. AlHamdulillah! Ya Hayy ul Qayyoom!

  2. July 16, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    Thanks to all my face book friends who have contributed on this major social issue and concern for all of us as Indians and as Good Human beings.

    App sub ka is tag se is tarha judna is baat ka sooboot hai ke app sub mahsoos kar te hain us dard ko jo hamare desh mein hai, coroodo loog siski yoon mein jeete hian,

    May God Bless you and give and me heart to feel them and find ways and means to help them in our own way in what eve capacity we can.
    And rais our voice to influence the system to change and people to understand and bring the change we desire, that is a just, comfortable, happy living for all Hindustanis irrespective of who we are, where we live, what we practice, what color and what potitical or relgioous and regional section we belong. Amin.

    Ham Badlein Gey to Mulk Baldle Gaa.

    happiness of one billiion Indains and welbeing for all. Amin.

    @Anwar, Nuha, Vicar, Misra, Armandan Singh, Bubeder Singh, Sadia Ansari, Moinudding Ali khan and Buchi Koteswar and others all my sisters and brothers, I am very very encouraged to hear you all on a sub ject to protect the rights of the people whos voice is always put to silence by the oppertunists and politcal system of our Nation.

    Sare Jahan se Acha Hindustan Hamra …. Hum to is baat ko haqeeqat mein badal na hai…

  3. Amir
    July 19, 2010 at 10:09 am

    @AnwarKhurshid: Yes you are right, it is very important to be an Indian and a good Human Being while following your own faith/religion.

    @AdilMohd: InshAllah we will do something about htis, it will take a lot of time but we will try our best. I have to get back to you with a proposal on our intended programme ‘Reach’ will InshAllah send you information in a weeks time and we should be able t ostart full fledged before the Holy month of Ramadhan (22 days from now).

  4. Mohammad Imran
    July 19, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    A Nation where PIZZA reaches home Faster than,

    …Where you get CAR Loan @ 5% but,
    EDUCATION Loan @ 12%… See more

    Where RICE is Rs. 15/- K.g. but,
    SIM CARD is free..

    Where People standing at Tea Stall and reading an Article in newspaper About CHILD LABOUR and saying “BACCHO SAY KAAM KARWANEY WALO KO TO FAANSI PAR CHADA DEYNA CHAHIYE” and then they shouts. OYE CHOTU JALDI CHAI LA…

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