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Who Cares ?

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Khan with  Gauri before Marriage

Khan with Gauri before Marriage





Who  Cares ? 

 For most of these Actors Religion is only by chance. They are happy using their commuity to push their carrier as they can not neglect the Muslims because they need them  to keep themselves in business. And be available for  their defence when they are in trouble.



 Who Cares? They Want Laddu in both hands.

 Should we really care about them?  Some one, rightly said,  Who Cares?   You are right, who Care?  They want Laddu in both hands, when they need Muslims they come to Masjid and when they need Hindus they go to Temple.

Why  are we tolerating them?

 They are playing with the sentiments of both Hindus and Muslims alike.  Either they have to openly come and say who they are, do they have the guts to spell the Truth.  

 Their  actions  play with the sentiments of Muslims and Hindus.  These are fence sitters, they hjave no guts to declare to the world what , exactly they are, in plane terms can they be labelled as Hippocrates.  Let them say they have nothing to do with Religion  then they are free to do  what they like.  

 Young Indians in Delema.

Unfortunately the Glamour World has attracted millions of young Indian who consider these individuals successful and look up on them to emulate, it becomes futher more important that we  as a society check these individuals to inculcate right values in our youngsters.

 They are a Public Domian they have to check their actions and deeds and be truthfull. And should not confuse the masses.  In absence of such check we should expose them and show the true face to the people.

Is Khan Guilty, or Is he Framed ?

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 SRK is not a scholar of Islam nor is apparently a Good Practising Muslim, He has not been careful in airing his views in proper respectable forums.  I do not like to go in to the debate of whether he is guilty or not guilty in issue, which has involved him in to a legal battle on issue of hurting sentiments of Muslims, couple of days back.

Khan in Golden Temple

Khan in Golden Temple










 The Magazine could be using this issue for forwarding obsession to remain in news, who knows?   And pushing the worldly agenda of getting name, money, fame and popularity. It is possible that the magazine is efficiently using issues like this to get the world attention and publicity.

 Punish the Magazine.

 I have serious doubt on the intentions of the magazine, it is possible that this was done intentionally by the people who run the magazine to gain publicity, and Khan knowingly or unknowingly is trapped in to a controversy which is very difficult for him, to come clean from.

 Greedy for Media Space

 It is also true that Khan is having a history of generating news to achieve his popularity, and objective to keep himself in media headlines both in print and electronic, be it the issue of sitting in dug-out in first IPL, or Controversy of Sunil Gawasker the, Captains issue in IPL, even in returning back from South Africa when his team was loosing he used the opportunity to be in news. For SRK Media and Money go hand in hand?

 Guilty or Framed 

 How can the actor take the liberty of even mentioning the name of Prophet May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, in an interview to a magazine which by its name and ideology is an unthinkable venue to mention even the name of beloved Prophet Sas in any context, for any reason? 

 It is very sad that the Actor is satisfied with the corrigendum from the magazine wherein the magazine “Times Style- Luxury” accepted the error.

 How can the magazine be so irresponsible to a sentence which is carrying the name of the most influential person in the history of mankind (see book on most influential person in the history of mankind by Michael Hart) 


 Magazine Intentions to be Probed

 I suspect mischief on the part of the magazine, (another publicity stunt in most deplorable form) the whole Muslim Community demands a stringent action on the Magazine together with Khan.  

 How can Khan Let the magazine get away by saying it was a printing mistake, Khan could have been fixed by the Magazine, too.

 Don’t be on wrong side of Faith, Sharukh.

Is Khan, Muslim by actions and belief? God has given him the riches, fame, family and following.  I am sure Khan is not thinking he is very capable man and he achieved on his own merits and hard work, I hope you understand. All this fame and success is blessing of Allah on him, came as a test to him

This phase is only a test from Allah subhanwatala, he expects him to show gratitude and tries to correct his belief and do good to the people around him and obey by pleasing the Allah by submitting to his will.

 Prove Your Affection to Prophet of God, be servant of God.  

 As he claims to be a Good Muslim, and has respect and regard for Prophet Mohammed sas let him prove by being a Practising Good Muslim by his Deeds and Actions too.

 The truth is, in the past and in the present,  unfortunately his life is one bunch of compromises in all walks of life, he very conveniently gives importance to worldly gains,   drifting  from the limits and boundaries defined by Islam in  both personnel and professional life.

 Muslim Is

Muslim is the one who submits to the will of Allah and does not associate any with him, and follows the path shown by our beloved Prophet Mohammed sas.

 Muslim is one who believes in day of Judgement and Life after Death.

 Muslim is one who knows this is life temporary.

 Muslim is one who belief there is life after Death.

 Muslim is one who expects reward for good deeds and punishment for evils deeds, from his Creator Allah. Swt  

 Muslim is one who works to make his grave spacious with blessings of Allah, as ultimate victory, and fears the Punishment Grave and Hell fire.

 Muslim is one who loves, Prophet Mohammed sas, more than his own self, his family, his parents, his belonging, his wealth, and his existence.

 We care?  May Allah forgive us? 

 I am no one to judge how good a Muslim Khan is, it is between him and Allah.  

 What we like to remind is. Islam has its own framework it can not be stretched for us.  Allah swt will ignore the ones who tend to take it, not too seriously.

I wish you prove me wrong when it comes to your inner soul and intentions, Khan how nice it ill be if we are Muslim by soul and by our actions too. May Allah forgive us for our mistakes and give us chance to correct ourselves.    




Fear of Weak Iran Glooming

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Allegation of Un Fair Elections in Iran and Curbing of Peacefull Protests by the Govt.  will infact weaken the Iranian Nation.

Allegation of Un Fair Elections in Iran and Curbing of Peacefull Protests by the Govt. will infact weaken the Iranian Nation.

May effect the Middle East Peace Process. World needs a stong Govt. In Iran which can face the Challenges of Today.

The Iran Crisis is one big challenge for the Obama Administrations, The President who moved the wheel for meaningful dialogue on various issues concerning to the Muslim World and the U S will have to be extra cautious with the present crisis in Iran though U S has reacted with great caution to the curbing of basic right of expression and freedom of speech using the peaceful means,.


Obama has not supported openly the protests and allegations rose by the Iranian Opposition groups charging the President Ahmedinejad with election rigging and power thru un-fare means, curbing the legitimate voice of the people of Iran.


The Middle East peace plan of Obama adm. needs better relations with Iran and process which will address the issue of Nuclear Capabilities of Iran and its alleged softness towards few of the extremist organization, by the west and Israel.


In the Two Nation solution to Middle East Crisis the major hurdle projected by the Israelis is Iran and its Nuclear Capabilities, and Issue of Security.


Israel will take this as another opportunity to be evasive and drive the issues of peace at crawling pace which is not in the interest of the Palestinians, Arabs, US and Muslim world. 


President Ahmedinejad got the shock when the supreme council ordered for a probe after, a dozen protestor were killed as thousands came out across the capital from Tehran’s Vali Asr Square to the Tehran University calling President Ahmedinejad’s re-election rigged, and clashing with pro-regime militiamen.

Pro-Ahmedinejad rallies came out in the Iranian capital too.

Seeing the country plunging into chaos, Iran’s most powerful body, the 12-member Guardian Council announced a re-counting of the disputed votes, a day after Supreme Leader Khameini ordered probe into the elections.

But Ahmadinejad’s opponent, Mir Hossein Moussavi said at his first public appearance after the results that he will settle for nothing less than re-election as the polls – according to him – were marred by fraud and robbed him of victory.

Meanwhile, the world was watching it all. There was even a veiled warning from the US President Barack Obama.

“The democratic process, free speech, the ability of people to peacefully dissent – all those are universal values and need to be respected,” President Obama said.

But Obama’s statement just further irritated Tehran.

Parliament Speaker, Ali Larijani said, “Americans had better not worry about Iran and its election. You must be worried about how to clear your political and security scandals of the past. It is good that you revealed your real face which was hidden under the mask of your deceiving remarks of the past couple of months.”

And within hours, the eyes of the world were shut, with Tehran banning all foreign media from reporting any protests, rallies against Ahmadinejad.

Now the recount could take 10 days, but inquiries into similar allegations of fraud made during the last elections are yet to see the light of day.

Will this tussle between the Opposition and the Ruling Party end on a Bargain of Power as some analyst predict?

It looks very unlikely there will be fresh elections. In Iran. The crisis is giving Israel the needed reason to blame on the fragility of governance in Iran this will be more so as the Governance will definitely be with reduced public support this time for 4 years term of the re elected president.

What ? If Israel continues to be Evasive, like always.

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Obama Addressing the World Which distanced it self due to failures  of Bush Administration the Islamic World,1.5 billion Mulsims.

Obama Addressing the World Which distanced it self due to failures of Bush Administration the Islamic World,1.5 billion Mulsims.





        Mr. President your message from Cairo Al AzherUniv. to the Islamic World was a pleasant breeze of a definite hope of a unified effort between the Muslims and the Americans to inclusively make this world better. Mr. President your expressions gave a great hope for all those Muslims who in past have been subject to uncertain relations with America and its people.

 It will also help the American people to look at the unfortunate incidents like 9/11 and Terror acts by a very small minority who unfortunately call themselves Muslim fundamentalists in different parts of the world, as acts of mindless few who are seen by the Muslims and World in general as threat to the Muslim cause and the Islamic Ethos. 


We expect  the Palestinians to forget and forgive   the Israelis  who are apparently seem responsible for 60 long years of aggression, isolation, abuse, insecurity, destabilization, forced occupation, loss of home, loss of opportunity, loss of self-respect, disrespected leaders, pained women  and children losing there loved ones. in hopeless conditions of grave darkness of uncertainties and abuse of all kinds.


All this in the shadow of all powerful weaponry of the Israelis in Uniform looking for reason to punish and abuse  the blood of the Palestinians for decades.  World has seen it all. Now we expect them to forget and forgive in hope of Peace and well being of its people, and their adversaries Israelis.  Well  well..


We can’t put a blind eye on attacks in the past on the innocent Israeli People who lost their lives for no mistake of theirs. The people in Israel also became targets to the Palestinian extremist groups too. A helpless suppressed lot if Palestinian expressed their agony and pain by resorting to acts of terror,    with out caring for their and their loved ones lives.


As a child I remember the first Al Fatha lady Suicide Bomber who was motivated   kill herself and many others in Israel in early seventies. She can be a martyr for many but, she has done no good to Mankind or   to the Palestinian Cause.


But, But…. one has to think what made her to kill herself so mercilessly with out caring for her loved ones?


We know Islam will never approve killing of any innocent soul, on the other hand will condemn killing of innocent soul as killing of whole of Mankind.


Can the Israelis realise the amount of pain and agony that brings on being hostage in your own country, for generations.  Yes I believe they can realise as the history shows us that for hundreds of years in past Jews were subjected to such pain but never at the hands of the Muslims, or Islamic Rulers, and Nations. One needs to go deep and turn the pages of history to realise this fact.


History of yesteryears paves paths for present and future. Mr. Obamais a man with a golden heart and he cares for the people of Palestine.


It is important to spell the action the American administration proposes,  in  the event if the Israelis are adamant on their stand and do not peacefully agree for a two nation solution to the whole middle east issue. 


The Palestinians,  Arab and Islamic World, Europeans, Asians and the African agree for the two nations, Obama witha golden heart for peace to prevail will be firm and committed withpeople of United States desires a respectful living for the people of both Israel and Palestine.


But, but… in the event  Israel  continues to  disrespect  the feelings of the world community and their willingness to reach a respectable solution with out conflict of any kind,  what is the option the world has to offer, will Mr Obama  and his Administration be assertive enough to   say  to Israel  enough is enough, you have no choice but to respect the world opinion and agree on two nations solution and give the people of Israel the most needed relief and option for lasting peace with its neighbour Palestine.


The body language of Mr. Netanyahuin his meeting with Mr. Obama when he met him in US was of low in energy that could be instrumental in forging a solution as we expect. A Two Nation Solution to M E.


Failure and non co operation from Israel will put the world which hopes for a lasting solution for M E in a very uncertain phase. It would be very unfortunate is such situation is born due to lack of wisdom on the part of Israel.


Palestine in Occupation and Mixed with Israel it is Confusing and un clear.

Palestine in Occupation and Mixed with Israel it is Confusing and un clear.

Decades of Experience has shown us that your processors though willed to put this issue to rest on peace lines, with great truthful intentions, every time they fall short of belling Israel.  I have strong belief  that this time with your  noble intentions and persuasion with the blessings of Creator of this Universe the God of All Human beings, your are the blessed President of America and its People are destined to achieve the goal of bringing lasting peace to Middle East by making Two nations Israel and Palestine a reality in your time.


As peace is always and will always be Priceless, Mr. President this time let Peace stay for ever in the homes of Palestinians and Israelis.  With formation of Two happy nations Israel and Palestine –  Inshallah (God willing) That will be moment of celebration for mankind 

In the light of Mr. Obama’s commitment that Americans will not show their back to the people of Palestine in persuasion of their legitimate right of a Nation of their own.


Let there be no doubt: Thesituation for the Palestinian people is intolerable.  And America will not turn our backs on the legitimate Palestinian aspiration for dignity, opportunity, and a state of their own.”(President Obama said in Al Azhar in Cairo on 4thjune.2009 addressing the Muslim World.) 



Mr. Obama is seen as Messiah of peace and a man who is on mission of serious business.  Obamais not just another President of America. He works for time frames in the light of truth and facts.


Holy Bible tells us:  “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”

The Messiah of the Suppressed and the Disadvantaged ended his one hour talk saying.  

The people of the world can live together in peace.  We know that is God’s vision.  Now that must be our work here on Earth.


It will not be easy for Israel to be evasive this time, with this President of American people who is fast paving a path to hold the honour of being accepted as Un Crowned Prince of those suppressed, disadvantaged, and truthful people of the World.


 For them surely Mr. President you are their voice.  I wish I could share the air you breath in.  

 Obama with his courageous speech and display of confidence and will to March on the path of rightful horizons for beautiful people of the world, under the cover of Almighty. Is sure to succeed.

Obama supported by World Leaders on Two Nation Solution to M E.

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President Obama and King Abdullah in Riyadh on 3rd June 2009

President Obama and King Abdullah in Riyadh on 3rd June 2009

Mr. Obama you are the selected one by God,to bring peace to the region of MIddle East.

Confilict of Middle East is as old as our history. This confilict like any other confilicts sure does have a solution. I agree this is a hard nut to crack but you Mr. President are blessed with tooth to crack this hardnut.

The factor missing is willingness of one of them involved Israel. Though the world community, the Palestinians, and your Nation US backs you in your two nation solution to middle east issue, it is surprising to see the Israeli leaders hasitant.

They should be equally serious to cash this oppertunity floated by you and your administration. Which comes out of zeal and truthfulness, from you, with great concern for world peace and well being of the people of the region. And a relief for US and the people of the world.

What is stopping Israel and its Leaders from seeing the wisdom in the proposal. Is it Iran and its Neucliar Capabilities.
or a shear Ego.

The friends in Israel should understand that the threat for the safey of Israel defuses with formation of Palestinian State and a Israeli State with blesssing of all in the region, be it Arab and Islamic nations, Eropiean, Asians and US.

How can the wolrd leave Iran to act smart now or after. Iran will be checked, we known it is on your agenda too, Mr. Pesident.

 Iran”s Nuclear Capabilities are a different subject not related to the issue which is as old as 60 years, by the way Isreal is also Nuclear Power this is a factor of balance there is not much to be added to it and hold the peace in M. E.

We the people of the World are proud of you and admier your capabiliteis and skills of negotions, for being so firm, so comitted, so cautious, vocal about two nations soution for Middle East Issue.

Your clear message to the Israel authorites with regads to stopping the settelements in West Bank and Gaza, and unofficial check posts in them is firm, too.

Be it the Palestinian nation or be it the Israeli nation. People of both (nations) deserve to live in peace and security, with equal oppertunity to prosper like all the other nationions of the world.

And grow as happy and prosperous nations contributing to the world positively, ending guilt and fear in the region.

The energies used in hating and protecting due to fear of hurt can be channelleised for the wellbeing of the people of the region.

You are going to do it in your term Mr.Oabama, the people of the region both the Isrealis and the Palestinaians look up to you for getting a lasting soution to provide relief to the pain they are subjected to for decades.

Happy they will be on formation of two nations living side by side in peace.

This is a face-saver for Israel, your persuation for the soultion should be a great relief for Israel. What makes them so resistive to the idea ? Are they not for the safety and secuity to their people which gives them fine oppertunity to prosper in free air of positivity.

The World leaders and peole of all Nations thank you for being so good as President of Great Nation America we pray for American people for having faith in you and support you in you efforts for peace and propertity of we poeple, wheree ever we are. amin.