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Obama’s America Signals End of Recession. US Registers 3.5 % Economy Growth.

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Armed with cash from government support programs, consumers led the rebound in the third quarter, snapping up cars and homes.

Associated Press Reported on Thurday 29th Oct.The US economy grew at a 3.5 per cent pace in the third quarter, the best showing in two years, fueled by government-supported spending on cars homes.

The Commerce Department’s report Thursday delivered the strongest signal yet that the economy entered a new, though fragile, phase of recovery and that the worst recession since the 1930s has ended.

The much-awaited turnaround ended the streak of four straight quarters of contracting economic activity, the first time that’s happened on records dating to 1947.

It also marked the first increase since the spring of 2008, when the economy experienced a short-lived uptick in growth.

The third-quarter’s performance — the strongest since right before the country fell into recession in December 2007 — was slightly better than the 3.3 per cent growth rate economists expected.

Armed with cash from government support programs, consumers led the rebound in the third quarter, snapping up cars and homes.

Consumer spending on big-ticket manufactured goods soared at an annualized rate of 22.3 per cent in the third quarter, the most since the end of 2001. The jump largely reflected car purchases spurred by the government’s Cash for Clunkers program that offered a rebate of up to $4,500 to buy new cars and trade in old gas-guzzlers.

The housing MARKET also turned a corner in the summer. Spending on housing projects jumped at an annualized pace of 23.4 per cent, the largest jump since 1986. It was the first time since the end of 2005 that spending on housing was positive.

The government’s $8,000 tax credit for first time home buyers, supported the housing rebound. Congress is considering extending the credit, which expires on November 30.

The collapse of the housing market led the country into the recession. Rotten mortgage securities spiraled into a banking crisis. Home foreclosuers surged.

The sector’s return to good health is a crucial ingredient to a sustained economic recovery.

Brisk spending by the federal government, led by efforts to stimulate the economy and on defense, also played into the third-quarter turnaround.

Federal government spending rose at a rate of 7.9 per cent in the third quarter, on top of a 11.4 per cent growth rate in the second quarter.

This is a positve sign for many across globe. It was America which triggered economic recession across globe.

This time hopfully the postive signs in Economic revive in US will gererate positive sentiments in rest of the world too.

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Israel’s Voilations of UN Resolutions agaisnt it, between 1955 – 1992.

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UN General Assembly, resolutions are reduced to big mockery by Israel.


UN Resolutions Targeting Israel. Israel is the target of at least 65 UN Resolutions. And the Palestinians not targeted for any as per the records of UN General Assembly Resolutions.

Aside from the core issues—refugees, Jerusalem, borders—the major themes reflected in the U.N. resolutions against Israel over the years are its unlawful attacks on its neighbors; its violations of the human rights of the Palestinians, including deportations, demolitions of homes and other collective punishments; its confiscation of Palestinian land; its establishment of illegal settlements; and its refusal to abide by the U.N. Charter and the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War.- Donald Neff

Source: Paul Findley’s Deliberate Deceptions (1998, pages 192-4). This number only covers resolutions passed from 1955 through 1992.

Resolution 106: “…‘condemns’ Israel for Gaza raid” Read more…

Al Aqsa calling, “Wake up Oh Muslim, I am your first Qibla”

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Night View of Masjid Al Aqsa in Jerusalem, May Allah Keep the light of Glowing Al Aqsa Mosque for Ever and Ever and let the First Qibla of Muslim be protected and respected for all times Amin.















History manupulated by the tricky western nations in the past to give a hepocratic helping shoulder to jewish people in past seventy-odd years in Middle East.

The innocent people of Palestine left to suffer and the Jewish forced occupying people protected, supported,and helped. Can any one answer few simple questions on Middle East, where was Israel pre 1948 on the face  of World Map.

The reality of Palestine and Israel and its people, and the truth about the mentors of the Middle East Mess.

First the history, facts are in place there was no nation called Israel pre 1948. Israel was born with aggression and by force fully occupying the peaceful nation of Palestine.

The people of Palestine became refuge in their own country. Thousands of innocent men, women and children become homeless in Parts of Palestine State of Sixties. They were helpless, with no means, and politically weakened and thus continued to be so for decades, with the Arab nations doing not much to comfort them.

They became targets of instigation, and conspiracies most lost there homes and got humiliated, further humiliated by successful fragmentation in the forms of Al Fatha, Hamas and what not. In strips, and ghettos. and Heights. Read more…

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Forces in Hindutva, Sing self scripted Songs, each diferently. RSS Chief said BJP needs Chemotherapy.

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RSS Headquarters Gaurded by Police In Nagpur. on Monday in Jaipur Mohan Bagwat said "As far as the BJP is concerned, whatever surgery, medicine, chemotherapy is essential for them, it has to be diagnosed by them (BJP)," .

Mohan Bagwat the ciief of RSS, Efforts in August this year did not help to bring about the unity among the senior leaders in BJP. RSS is not ready to take any responsiblity of the mistakes BJP does.

RSS Head Mohan Bhagwat firmly believes that the inner squebels in BJP high ranks is internal matter of BJP.

He asked the top BJP leadership to sort out problems in the wake of the Lok Sabha debacle, now after the setback in the recent assembly elections in three states of Maharashtra, Haryana, and Arunachal, seemed to suggest that the party may need a “surgery” or even “chemotherapy” treatment, a view rejected by BJP chief Rajnath Singh.

“As far as the BJP is concerned, whatever surgery, medicine, chemotherapy is essential for them, it has to be diagnosed by them (BJP),” he told a press conference in Jaipur.

Bhagwat, who was in Delhi in August and had advised BJP leaders to resolve their internal squabbles, said, “If they (BJP) need any organisational help, if they ask for it, we will provide them.”

However, when BJP chief Rajnath Singh was asked if the party needed surgery, he said, “Not at all, who says that?”

On whether the morale of party workers is low, he shot back, “Our morale is high. Who is saying like this?”

However, senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi said, “The doctor can only talk about treatment, we are patients.”

Replying to questions, Bhagwat said RSS was not responsible for the sorry state of affairs in BJP.

On the defiance shown by former chief minister Vasundhara Raje, who resigned from the post of Leader of the Opposition nine weeks after being asked to step down, Bhagwat said it was for BJP and its leadership to find a solution.

On the issue of ‘Marathi manoos’, which was a key issue during the Maharashtra polls, the RSS chief said, “Every Indian belongs to India. There are various languages and religions which have their own identity.

Hindutva for us is considering them as part of one (entity) and we do not believe in things like Marathi pride.”

RSS like to be the idological head for the saffron influenced parties but is no longer in mood to take the responsibility when the idiologcal failure is apparent in several setbacks in past months and years when put to test in ballot boxes and performance and national mind set of the poeple of India.

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Sequential Destructions of Muslim Nations.

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 Guest Article  by Ali Khan,  selected  for interest of  visitors to my blog further to this i would try to eloborate and express in an aritcle soon. Mr. Ali Khan is professor of law at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas.


Peace and Positive Growth of a Nation is Highjacked by Policial system, Terror Net works, Intrusion, and Hate among People. Peace loving Pakistani will revolt.

Peace and Positive Growth of a Nation is Highjacked by Political system, Terror Net works, Intrusion, Agrassive Taliban, Foreign Influence, Wtih a Nation with no free will, gererating insecurity among People who Peace and better living in Pakistani will revolt if thing do not change very soon. The world community is not giving enough attention to the growing opinion among common simple and fair Pakistani in a touble Nation of Pakistan.












 A conspiratorial view of the world is frequently inaccurate, exposing more the paranoia of the view rather than the reality of the world.

The sequential destruction of Muslim nations — Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, (and Iran is on the list) — may or may not be a conspiracy hatched in Washington D.C., but it is becoming an international reality.
It is no secret that the United States and Europe, with varying degree of mutual cooperation and some make-believe internal discord, superintend the sequential destruction of Muslim nations.
This War of Sequential Destruction (WSD), despite Nobel-Laureate Barack Obama’s denials, refuses to go away.
The WSD is multi-frontal. It crosshairs Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas, Al-Bashir, Ahmadinejad, Sunni, Shia, Wahabi, Gaza, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan, and now Pakistan. Many Western policymakers rarely see Muslim nations, including allies, with any inherent respect. Vice President Dick Cheney described the Muslim world as “brute and nasty.” Obama advisers, though more guarded in their word choices, see Muslim nations no differently.The International Criminal Court headquartered in Holland has indicted the first sitting head of the state, the Muslim President of Sudan.
The United States and Europe, themselves armed with thousands of nuclear heads, are strategizing to punish Iran for asserting a treaty-based right to produce nuclear energy, leaving open the option of attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities.
After razing Iraq and Afghanistan, the WSD has now turned to ravage an ally, Muslim Pakistan.
Pakistan is a nation that the British, in 1947, carved out of India and that India, in 1971, broke into two, liberating Bangladesh from the murderous clutch of the Pakistani military.
Over the past sixty-two years, Pakistan’s military and civilian rulers, one after the other, and without exception, have turned to America for military training, weapons, money, and strategic instructions.
Eager to send their sons and daughters to Western cities for education and employment, Pakistani politicians, generals, and bureaucrats all look for ways, and create the ways, to oblige Western capitals, particularly Washington D.C. Partly for personal interests and partly out of faulty readings of geopolitical situations, Pakistani rulers, like most rulers in Muslim nations, frequently compromise national sovereignty and public welfare.

The Pakistani orientation for self-destruction serves American interests.


The idea that Islam is inherently violent, openly expressed during the Bush administration, continues to animate foreign policy.



 The White House holds a new President but Congressional leadership and Washington policymakers are more or less the same. Anti-Islamic policies of warfare and destabilization are intact.
Therefore, the WSD will continue and gather momentum. The picture is not pretty. Palestinians are penned in misery and their territorial cage is constantly shrinking to meet the “natural growth” of vociferous settlers. Oil-rich Iraq is under American occupation and its communities have been torn apart with irreversible harm.
Afghanistan, one of the poorest nations in the world, is placed under the boots of Western armies. Thousands of Afghans have been murdered, their houses bombed, their villages devastated.
American Army in Pakistan in Waziristan area.

American Army in Pakistan in Waziristan area.

Facing a failing campaign in Afghanistan, Obama advisers decided to expand the war into Waziristan and other parts of Pakistan. The United States desperately solicited the Pakistani military to join the Afghan war.

Pakistani rulers, this time a democratically elected government, listened to the American call.

They first permitted the CIA to fly drones armed with missiles, which killed a few militants but hundreds of civilians in the tribal areas.

The United States later urged Pakistan to invade Swat to kill militants. Pakistan did. Millions of civilians were made homeless.

The reaction to drone attacks and the ground offensive in Swat was fierce.

Pashtun and Punjabi militants began to attack soft and hard targets. They attacked police stations, military trucks, and even the military’s fortified headquarters in Rawalpindi. Citing these counter-offensives as a threat to Pakistan’s national security, the United States urged the Pakistani military to launch a ground offensive in Waziristan. The rulers listened to the call and sent 30,000 troops to Waziristan. Muslims fighting Muslims have been efficacious in weakening the Iraqi militancy.

The same formula, Obama advisers are betting, will crush the Pashtun resistance in Afghanistan.

Certainly, the United States can kill hundreds of thousands of Pashtuns on both sides of the AF-PAK border, even if no more troops are dispatched to the region. Killing militarily weak populations requires no sophisticated military strategy.

The convenient but thoroughly demonized label of “Taliban” provides the rhetorical shield to justify the ghastly massacres of civilians.

Taliban, even though weakened is a justification for presence.

Taliban, even though weakened is a justification for presence.

Since Pakistani military has joined the war, killings on both sides of the border will become even more robust. These killings will carry an air of logic, even legitimacy, since no military presumably kills is own people unless it sees a threat to national security.

Under coercion, Pakistan has started a civil war that will consume its economy, national security, and tear apart its social fabric. The civil war will spill into many parts of Pakistan. It already has arrived in some parts of Punjab. Militants are unlikely to confine this war to sparsely-populated Waziristan.

They are taking the war to the most populated cities, including Peshawar, Rawalpindi, and Lahore. Karachi, which appears to be quiet, is sitting on a tinderbox. Karachi can erupt any minute as its ethnic rivalries are primed for a civil war. It is sheer foolery and a grave analytical mistake to presume that the Pakistani military offensive will provoke no one but only a few misguided militants in the North.

It is not yet too late for Pakistan to return from the precipice of national suicide.

Pakistan must take a U-turn and preempt the civil war. Pakistan must say an emphatic no to President Obama who must also carefully weigh the stakes of expanding the WSD to Pakistan.

If the NATO forces cannot subdue the militancy in Afghanistan, adding one more military into the battlefield will not solve the problem of occupation and resistance. Furthermore, an internally torn Pakistan does not weaken but empowers militants.

Obama advisers must ponder over one thing more

 The people of Pakistan, like the people of Iran under the Shah, might rise to oppose the US hegemony over their internal affairs.

























Supporters indicipline, landed Jagan Mohan Reddy on sticky pitch. Jagan said not important to be CM now.

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Jagan Mohan  who has the caring touch of YSR, with a Flood victim in Cuddapah.

Jagan Mohan who has the caring touch of YSR, with a Flood victim in Cuddapah.

Jagan not keen to be CM of AP at least for now, this is a huge anticlimax to, his campaign to be CM of AP and to inherit the legacy of YSR

Jagan also renewed his appealed to party workers to strengthen the hands of Sonia Gandhi the Congress President.

Who is to be held responsible for the set back  Jagan is faced with, is it the indiciplined supporters of Jagan, who made is rough for Jagan.

Not all  went right in the hour-long meeting between Congress President Sonia Gandhi and son of late YSR’s son and MP from Cuddapah in Andhra Pradesh. 

This blog,  right from the day YSR the un questioned leader of AP  lost his life in a tragic Helicopter accident in Nalamala Hills near Kurnool, This blog raised several times the damage the supporters are causing to the interests of Jagan Mohan Reddy. and the legacy of YSR.

All the actions, and reactions by few of the ministers, in the state cabinet, and many MLS’s in the Assemble and few MP’s who openly violated the party discipline and wanted to be in very good books of the son of their leader YS Rajsheker Reddy forgot the fact that each of there action and word when acted and spelled against the norms of the party discipline can go against Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Repeated requests by the leaders of Congress and Many parity stalwarts did not discipline the unruly congressmen who heralded there support and posed as well wishers to the son of YSR. Even repeated appeal even by Jagan Mohan Reddy did not drive sence in them.  The result is a continued uncertainty to the future political responsibilities to be shouldered by Jangan Mohan Reddy.

Who else will understand more the damage these indicipline lot did by running a non co-operation to  the Present CM Roshaiah who has been a loyalist to YSR and seasoned worker of Congress who never objected to any responsibility given by High command and was willing even to put his papers if the high command wanted to make room for Jagan as CM. 

Some sections of the media  reported, few details of the meeting with Sonia Gandhi and Ahmed Patel.

Thru very respectable and reliable sources what exactly happened in the meeting which was attended by  Ahmed Patel  a Senior Congress leader and confidant of Sonia Gandhi and KVP Ramchander Rao the friend and right hand of YSR .   It is understood that few questions were asked to Jangan Mohan Reddy by Ahmed Patel and Sonia Gandhi, which Jagan Mohan Reddy did not expect he would be asked. 

There where question like 

 ” Mr. Jagan do you think you are having the experience and capabilities to head as CM to a such an Important and large State Like AP ?”

” Mr. Jagan as you will find difficulty in discussing with the top leaders in Congress we requested KVP to be present to help you in discussing with the leaders of Congress”

“Mr. Jangan Please make sure that  the CM Roshiah is respected and attended with full cooperation by all for smooth working of the govt.”

“Mr. Jangan some of the MLA’s called as ……………..and are not very sure …….about their support”

All question  originated from the very irresponsible and   acts of the MLA’s and MInisters who did not really knew what is the real interest of  Jagan Mohan Reddy.

The High command is firm and determined to keep the party discipline on its top priority, come what may.

Still the good thing is Mrs Sonia Gandhi will find a formula to protect the pride and legacy of YSR by a master move. What that move will be and when, still is not clear.

Where will the  “undisciplined  lot hide now, after embracing Jagan Mohan Reddy and not really helping him the way it was actually needed to be by being patient and obedient and takeing one thing at a time. The better lot of his supporters who genuinely were favouring Jagan are at pain, to see the situation changing in to long battle rather a comfortable walk, for their leader.  

 Jagan Praised Roshiah the present CM too, during the meeting. And left every thing to the High command, there are also unconfirmed  reports that he may to asked to takeup one of the Ministries at Centre. 

Congress is in a strong position with three win in three state in recent assembly elections.

There will be no tolerance to congress men who resort to messing arround and air confusion and indicipline with party and its leadership in state and centre.  

Sonia Gandhi is a huge successes when it comes to crisis management she has the wisdom and courage to act best in the worst situations.  


First Meeting of Junior YSR Jagan with Sonia Gandhi.

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Jagan Mohan Reddy in Delhi, met High Command, Much depends on this meeting, how the state of AP takes final call post Assembly Elections which gave Congress Victory.

Jagan Mohan Reddy in Delhi, met High Command, Much depends on this meeting, how the state of AP takes final call post Assembly Elections which gave Congress Victory.

 Jagan said  Sonia said. “Leave it to me  Jagan, I will take care of You”

Jaganmohan Reddy, son of late Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy after meeting Congress President Sonia Gandhi at her residence in New Delhi on Thursday. Said,

After his one-hour meeting with her, Jaganmohan shared,

 “I have been assured that my interests will be looked into, I will strengthen the party and I am with Sonia Gandhi and the party.”

There is little doubt about what’s on his agenda. Jaganmohan is accompanied by Ramachandra Rao, who was close to YSR Reddy, and is the man behind the Jagan-for-Chief Minister Campaign.  

In the meeting with Sonia the Congress leader Ahmed Patel was present too. Jagan also met Veerappa Moily Congress leader incharge for AP.

He met  Congress President Sonia Gandhi at her residence here amid demands by his supporters to make him chief minister of Andhra Pradesh.

 This is the first visit of Mr. Jaganmohan to the national capital after the death of his father in a helicopter crash.

The meeting between Ms. Gandhi and Mr. Jaganmohan lasted for over an hour but he refused to comment on what was discussed between the two.

On Wednesday, the 37-year-old first-time MP from Kadapa had sought an appointment with the Congress President.

His supporters must have kept there fingures crossed to know the out come of the meeting.  YSR son the MP is contender for the Post of CM in AP which the High command kept in indecisive mode due to Assembly Elections in States of Maharastra, Arunchal and Haryana.

How the Highcomnad moves now is to be seen the chances are bright for Jagan and he has to be given a greater role in the state politics, head the state as CM or help the Congress at the Centre  as the Central Minsiter will be known oon.

State needs dynamic leadership and comitted leader so does the centre.  We need to know how Sonia Gandhi will move in the direction of giving final view on future of  Jagan Mohan Reddy, and his supports from AP.

Jagan with the press

His interaction with the Press out side the Residence of Sonia Gandhi, revealed  Jagan Mohan Reddy has given an impression of a obident worker of Congress Party and he expressed he has faith in her and she will do the best and he will abide by her decision.

However when asked to comment of  the possibiility of him projected as CM and the talk about his claim he tactfully with great humility avoided the question with no clear answer.

He said speculative talks will not be good was the impression Jagan gave to the media.


Congress on Cloud Nine. With Maharashtra, Arunchal and Haryana retained. BJP should scratch window of wisdom.

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Colours of Congress Shine while the Saffron Colour Fades. 2009 Assemble Tri Victory of Secular Forces is Begining of a Rahul Lead 2014

Colours of Congress Shine while the Saffron Colour Fades. 2009 Assemble Tri Victory of Secular Forces is Begining of a Rahul Lead 2014










Congress Waves its Hand signaling  they are  Ahead.
Hindutva and Umbrella of RSS is nolonger a Magic Trick for BJP. Even the Stars in BJP have lost the glitter. The chintan in simla did more damage and evolved in to a big big issius of Chinta, in this elections 2009 Assemly in three Important states in Maharastra, Arunachal and Haryana, where Congress swept and raised its flag with pride and showing BJP the hand signallying we are way ahead friends, to BJP.  

Congress sticking to its secular plank, and performance as major support.

Due to lack of policies which could connect the people and masses with it BJP and its Allies have major setback.

BJP and its well wishers in the recent show down and indiscipline among senior leaders like Rajnath, Arun Jaittly, Jaswant, Yashwant, Advani.

Advani raised the issues like Ram Temple in these elections, it appears people like to hear defiantly from Advani on issues of common interests and better conditions of life and peace and prosperity of the people of the Naiton.

The whole brigade of RSS could not help them maintain discipline and induce confidence in the Voters to shift from Congress and its allies.

India is right of performance and unity of the people of the nation and not the divide of faiths which build disadvantage to the nation and its people.

In times like this when world is going thru several ifs and buts, and India faced with drought and floods and very new challenges and concerns.

Congress with its revived confidence and signal to perform and work of building the nation with greater determination and zeal should push hard on the issues which will benefit one all.

Sonia, Rahul, Manmohan triangle seems to be working consistently. Hope this will continue in the 2014 General Elections too to which Rahul is Eyes.

The people of the three states rejected the BJP and its Allies who in this elections too did not learn the lessons they should have.

Longest Flyover to Open Today, under growing demand, to rename it as “YS Rajsheker Reddy Flyover”.

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Hyderabad: The 11.6 kilometre elevated corridor, considered as the longest flyover in India connecting the state capital to the new airport, is expected to be thrown open for vehicular traffic Today.

Growing Demand to rename the longest flyover of Asia as YSR Flyover. 11.6 kms long flyover will be opened today for public.

Growing Demand to rename the longest flyover as YSR Flyover. 11.6 kms long flyover under final touchs, a week back, will be opened by AP CM Roshaiah today.

The Rs-600 crore expressway, which passes through various congested routes, would provide faster and hassle-free travel to new Shamshabad Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, which is 27 kilometers away from the city.

“The four-lane divided carriage way with length of 11.6 kms is built with state-of-the-art innovative technology by adopting segmental type post tensional construction of super structure,” Minister for Municipal Administration, Anam Ramnarayan Reddy told reporters.

Trial runs are being carry out on the flyover before its inauguration by the Chief Minister K Rosaiah next week. The flyover, which has been constructed by the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority.

The actual cost of the flyover is estimated to be Rs 439 crore while Rs 161 crore spent in acquiring lands for shifting of utilities, HMDA Commissioner Jawahar Reddy said. — PTI

A Safe Fly Over with an excellent constuction technique, tested for safety and declared as safe.

The construction and safety of this Fly Over originating from Mehdipatnam and Landing after a flight of  11.6 km on National Highway to Bangalore, to further connect to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport about another 16 kms drive on National highway, is  with no major safety and constructional flaw.

With many questions raised in recent times on the way our infrastructural projects are built, and the safety concerns on the way the contractors and designers.

The metro project in new Delhi had many questions in the minds of people. And questions were raised due to structural failures.

Hope and pray this fly over will be very safe and will serve the City of Hyderabad to make life of the people better by providing the much needed relief from the traffic jams the city business junction Mehdipatnam and Ring Road faced over last couple of years.

The people are of the opinion that the fly over which is with no exit for the present, should have the exits to allow further relief to the commuters.

The Minister and the Govt deserves to the congratulated.  This day how can we not remember the Visionary Leader Y S Rajsheker Reddy whose dynamic personality was the force behind the construction of this flyover like many other infrastructural projects in A P.

People of  A P want  it named  as ” YSR Fly Over”  It would have been a good gesture to name this fly over by his name  instead of  PVN Fly over.  this Should be named as  YSR Fly Over.

Hope the Admin. gives it a thought. 

 The poeple of the state are keen to show respects to there leader YSR by naming this fly over in his name. Its renaming as YSR Fly over will win the govt. friends.

Ready to go, take a drive make sure you do not go out of gas as the dirve will be as longs a 11.6 kms. with no exit for the moment.

Ready to go, take a drive make sure you do not go out of gas as the dirve will be as longs a 11.6 kms. with no exit for the moment.

‘Why do people hate you?’ question stuns Obama.

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New Orleans (Louisiana), Oct. 16: US President Barack Obama got a blunt question from an unexpected quarter on Thursday — a daring nine-year-old boy who asked “why do people hate you?”

Terry Soctt a 4 th grade, 10 year old, stunned Obama,  with a Question.  A childs mind so observing and blant.

Terry Soctt a 4 th grade, 10 year old, stunned Obama, with a Question. A childs mind so observing and blant.

Mr Obama, caught up in a divisive political row over his plans for healthcare reform, called on the boy, Tyren Scott, in a public meeting during his first visit to hurricane-ravaged New Orleans as President. “I have to say, why do people hate you? They supposed to love you. God is love,” Tyren, from Paulina, Louisiana asked.

Mr Obama, appeared tickled by the question, saying “hey, that’s what I’m talking about,” adding “I did get elected President, so not everybody hates me now… I got a whole lot of votes.”

“If you were watching TV lately, it seems like everybody’s just getting mad all the time. And you know, I think that you’ve got to take it with a grain of salt. Some of it is just what’s called politics.

”Are words coming faster than actions”  ? For Obama.


Mr Obama also promised that he would not forget the lingering misery of hurricane-ravaged New Orleans. Facing claims his stay of less than four hours gave short shrift to pledges to New Orleans he made as a candidate, Mr Obama vowed not to repeat the “failure of government” seen after Hurricane Katrina lashed the city in 2005. “The government was not adequately prepared, and did not adequately respond,” Mr Obama said, just over four years after the Katrina’s storm.

US People growing warth  on various fronts.  Obama to act fast to do the damage control of  his image ?

However, in recent times Barack Obama has been facing the wrath of the US people for various reasons including the gay laws to the troops in Afghanistan which increased further after he was declared the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009. And handling of the Middle East, and Israeli. The stretching of Isreal and its voilations  and disrespect to the religious sites by Isreali Police is seen   disrespect to the authority of US and the President of America.