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SC Said “No Government wants strong Judiciary?”. Are our politicians ethically bank

February 14, 2011 Leave a comment

For many days, I am consciously concern and disturbed on the issue of growing of law less-ness in our society, basic problem looks to be failure our social and ethical bonds at a speed coconut fall.

If we, look around our structures of society rich or poor, educated or illiterates, flourishing and disadvantaged, in power and out of power, attached to social and religious bodies or free thinking and so called liberal and moderates all are in one way or the other have shown signs of growing unrest, selfishness, ego, anger, rudeness, less respect for others, growing as introverts, with bare minimal tolerance and respect for the feelings and law and rights of others. Read more…

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Court Rejects bail plea for Amit Shah. Justice Sytem and Enfocement agencies are applauded. NDA on back foot.

July 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Victory Sign ? About ?

The Govt of Narender Modi, is in a isolation mode, and even the party at finding it highly uncomfortable to handle and face the fact that a Minister is in such a soup, and the type of allegations and positioning by the investigative and enforcement authorities of the NATION are to reach to surface and find the truth behind the fake encounter of late Sorabuddin and his late Wife, are commendable.

This is going to help the system and to build confidence among the common public that there justice and enforcement mechanism is active and will be rightfully harsh on the culprits and will not spare any individual or organization.

The rejection of the bail plea by the courts is a sign oust f how heinous is the crime committed by this Shah in the cattagory of Modi. Read more…

” Minorities of India Denied Fair Chance to grow in Independent India ?”

June 6, 2010 2 comments

Independence, with the British casted us division of Indian Nation. We though unwillingly for many willingly for some, we  divided United India in to  two, Pakistan and India.  May be the British succeeded in dividing us or some in us who did not like to share power with  the rest. There there must have been millions of  hearts burnt and feeling smashed.  The dream of united Indian Power which they saw together and  fought for Independence with the British  was broken.   Independence at cost of blood or lakhs of Hindus and Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians, was allowed to be at shame by  in its division so quick  again on the ugly sketches of partition.

Poverty, has become the order of the land, to keep the social divide alive to make the political divide possible, is it ture or false ?

Then we took our first step  in independent India which actually divided Indians internal and legitimized the evils done by the upper castes thinking they will be purified and forgiven for the past acts of the upper cates in Hindus. By the Dalits. Nothing like that has happened even today a Dalit feels the same as he was felling decades in the past about the Hindu upper caste. Very sad the objective is not fully achieved.

Our forebears consulted among themselves and agreed to keep divided the Majority Hindu community in the Name of caste, sects, sub sects and shudras, forward and back ward, tribal and so on and so forth. There was a sense of loss in the millions who were suffering from hundreds of year in the hands of the upper caste Hindus.

Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi Jawaharlal Lal Nehru, and Dr. Ambedker thought it was very important to protect the interest of the sections of the society who were suffering at the hands of  the upper caste with shameful discrimination at every level of public and social life, for ages. Read more…

Obama delighted to visit India in November. So are Indians, to see him on Indain Soil.

June 4, 2010 1 comment

(Obama with S M Krishna and H Clinton) India is one of the centres of influence in the 21st century. Relationship between India and US is unique due to sharing of common interest, values and deep connections among our people," said Barack Obama.

 US President Barack Obama has said he is proud to visit India as he announced his travel plans to the country in early November. 

“During his State Visit, the Prime Minister (Dr  Manmohan  Singh) graciously invited me and my family to visit India this year, and I happily accepted. And as I confirmed to him when we spoke last week, I’m delighted to announce tonight that I plan to visit India in early November,” he said. 

 “So I look forward to advancing our partnership, to experiencing all that India and its people and its incredible ancient culture have to offer,” Obama said at a reception hosted by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in honour of External Affairs Minister, S M Krishna, at the Foggy Bottom headquarters of the State Department. 

This will be a great opportunity for Indians to see and hear,  best orator and thinker of our times Obama. Obama  understands and speaks  great sense of responsibility. Barack Hussein Obama, the President of America the first Afro-American, who broke the racial divide and united American under the pledged to change the way America and American think and act. Read more…

” Is Sonia Gandhi Living Legacy of Indira Gandhi ? ”

May 31, 2010 1 comment

Sonia in Centre seen with Mother Inlaw Late Indira Gandhi, Husband Late Rajiv Gandhi Son Rahul with Rajiv, Priyanka in front of her. Also seen are Maneka Gandhi behind Sonia and Varun Gandhi left of Indira. See the amount of sacrifice of Gandhi's and Sonia. Sonia lost most in her Rajiv and Indira.

A  Friend of Mine who is from Bihar now staying in Canada by Name Anwar Khurisheed  has commented on one of my articles in this week on  YSR jr.  He wrote. “am little concern over congress high commands over congress dealing with prominent state leaders.

Like Janga Mohan Reddy in AP is not first state, High command & INA IN Delhi had serious conflict and problems in other state to, Recently, a little more than a month back there was differences & complication between Mr.Jagdish Tytler and congress chief of Bihar Pradesh Congress committee, Where assembly Election is right at the corner in November…

How Congress is going obtain majority in States and on national front when” THE STATE OF THE CONGRESS AUTHOROTIES IN THE CENTER IS NOT IN A GOOD STATE ITSELF “They need to have a ‘INDIRA GANDHI’ approach to deal with party leaders, OR the absence of congress is going to be felt again as after the Death of Indira ji & Rajiv ji

In my reply to him I wrote.

Brother Khursheed, it is true Congress has tough shoulders to its big leaders in many instances, it happened in Bihar, In Maharashtra with Sharad Pawar, with few more. The choice these people give congress are little too. We have to see, Congress has to survive on the merits of its performance, its cadre, and it politics of holding control in states at all costs. Read more…

Shah Faisal of Kashmir role model for the youth of India, and particularly the Muslim Youth.

May 10, 2010 30 comments

Dr. Shah Faisal

Shah Faisal, a Doctor from Jamu and Kashmir, resident of Srinagar, topped Indian Administrative Examinations in India.

Breaking several myths and overcoming rather complicated geo-political situation around him, Shah Faesal, a doctor from Srinagar, has topped India’s top civil services examination 2009. Faesal, who prepared at Hamdard Study Circle, is at No. 1 among 875 successful candidates. The result was announced on 7th May 2010.

What is more striking about Faisal and his current achievement that he was a socially active youngster. He has been an active member of the RTI movement in Jammu Kashmir. Read more…

Kasab May get Life or Death, Brains behind, will they be punished ?

Ajamal Kasab, the face that terrorised, the Indians, and the living Villain of 26/11 Terror attack on Indian Security and the City of Mumbai

 Jamal Kasab, who is this man, is a Hindu, A Muslim, A Christian, A Sikh, A Jew, A Buddhist, or an Atheist, No I do not, this he is any of this. He is a Terrorist, and a Terrorist is a sick fellow, who does not even have value for his life, and he enjoys killing innocent people. These people are Criminals, and Enemies… of Mankind.

 They are worst than animals. They need no sympathy. Justice and the rule of the land have to prevail. Think of this nation India, It gave a fair trial to a person who did have right to live for a minute going by his heinous crime which created havoc and killed hundreds of innocent people, in together with his other inhuman lot.

On 26/11 when World Shocked to the acts of terror unleashed by these Animals worst than beasts. The brains who consipired, will Pak hand them over to India, how many more will get exposed by Headly, one of the important conspirators with the masked conspirators from across, boarder.

Pakistan is the worst effected. Pakistan, with the terror of the conspirators,  Life normal Pakistani is filled with fear and threat to his life and property with the tick of the clock, and Pakistan has witnessed henious and most horrific cirmes by terror groups, the Country has not learned its lesson even in loss of their Dynamic Leader Benazir Bhutto to the bullets of Terrorist.  

When will Pakistan come out openly and punish and expose the whole terror net which is a threat to Pakistan too.

Will it be death for Ajmal Kasab or a life term in prison? The 26/11 trial court will share its decision on Thursday. Read more…