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Govt. Comissions to assess condtions of Minorities is fine, but will it implement, their recommendations with same sprit ?

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The Commission noted that the minorities especially the Muslims are very much under-represented and sometimes wholly unrepresented in government jobs.

Many commissions are formed with sincere desire by the govt. to help the minorities and give them their rightful place in the society.  Many surveys and  commissions proved time and again that the minorities on India are left out and are a backward, in many areas of education, economic, social life. since the independence the condition of muslim minorities in particular has not shown signs of growth as it should have.  The minorities are supressed and disadvantaged due to their economic, educational and social backwardness which is growing as the years and decades pass by.

Why the Minorites are backward

Their backwardness has given way to very odd and unhealthy colors to some of them, as we know economic and education backwardness make an individual weak, he becomes the weak link and these elements due to personnel insecurity become tool in the hands of opportunists and evil masters of the anti-social colors.  

There is factor  contributing to this backward trend in minorities first and foremost the lack of inclination in the minority community to educate themselves, the other factor the environment, support and counselling by the organizations to motivate them and educate them about the various governmental schemes available for them to give them the necessary support, one other factor is the leadership in the Minorities is not focussed on doing their bit to support them with organised effort and guidance and support.

UPA sincere in Intentions.

However not all is dark as we like to present, the truth is the nation India is a the biggest democracy of the world with a billion population. The challenges faced by the country are big and diverse with voices, for and pro to all schools of thoughts and the diversity is bond to be influenced most of the times by the majority voice in the system we live in.

The govt of Dr. Manmohan Singh  for the benefit of the minorities formed commissions and committees to study and report and recommend suggestions to the govt. for takeing concrete measures in order to uplift the Minorities of India, commissions such as the Schachar committee, and Ranganath Mishra Commission. The findings of both are now public and recently on the 9th of Dec the Ranganth Mishra Commission findings and with its suggestions is placed in the parliament for the process to start and take action on its recommendations.

Justice Ranganth Commission Recommendations

The report of the National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities headed by former Chief Justice of India Rangnath Mishra, is considered a step ahead of Sachchar Committee report that went into the backwardness of minorities mainly Muslims.

The Commission, was notified in October 2004 and began functioning in 2005. Two years later, it submitted its report to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in May 2007

With regard to quota, the Commission says that 10% should be reserved for Muslims and  5 % for other minorities in central and state government jobs in all cadre and grades.

It added that in case of non-availability of Muslims to fill the 10% earmarked seats, these may be made available to other minorities but in “no case” shall any seat within the recommended 15% shall be given to anybody from the majority community.

OBC   “non-exclusion of ineligible” castes has hurt genuine backward groups.

The failure to exclude castes from the OBC list has led to a sharp increase in number of OBCs — provocation for Mishra panel to slam “political considerations” and “vested interests in remaining backward” for distortion of the system.

The purging of OBC list is a sensitive issue which saw the government plump for status quo when Mandal Commission completed 10 years in 2003 and the first exclusion exercise was to be taken up. Citing inclusion of Jats and Vokkaligas in OBC list as examples of “political compulsions”, the report said “non-exclusion of ineligible” castes has hurt genuine backward groups.

If the report’s comments threaten to touch a faultline in backward politics, its recommendation for 8% subquota for minorities within 27% OBC quota is a testing proposition too. The panel has suggested the measure for increasing representation of minorities in government jobs.

Dissent on the recommendations by Asha Das

Member Secretary of the Commission Asha Das has, however, given a note of dissent on the Commission’s recommendation for conferment of SC status on Dalit converts to Christianity and Islam saying there was “no justification” for it.

Besides, she has said that as Dalit converts to Christianity/Islam do not qualify for inclusion as SCs, they should continue to form part of OBCs and avail facilities and reservations given to the OBCs until a comprehensive list of Socially and Educationally Backward (SEB) is prepared.

The Commission has, however, rejected the contentions made by Das in the dissent note and said “(we) firmly stand by every word of the recommendations, we have made under this term of reference.”

Alternative Route Sujested by the Commission for satisfying the 15 % reservation for the Minorites.

The Commission also suggested an alternative route for reservation to minorities if there is “insurmountable difficulty” in implementing the recommendation for 15 reservation.

In this regard it said since minorities constitute 8.4 percent of the total OBC population according to the Mandal Commission report so in the 27 percent OBC quota, an 8.4 percent sub quota should be earmarked for minorities.

The internal break-up should be 6 percent for the Muslims, commensurate with their 73 percent share in the total minority population at the national level and 2.4 percent for other minorities.

Besides it has recommended that the reservation now extended to the Scheduled Tribes, which is a religion neutral class, should be carefully examined to assess the extent of minority presence in it and take remedial measures.

The Commission noted that the minorities especially the Muslims are very much under-represented and sometimes wholly unrepresented in government jobs.

Some are of the opinion that the reservations is not going to help the Muslims and the Minorities.

This can not be true in India one should understand that India since its formation was forced to protect and support its backward and supressed classes of populations,  the scheduled caste, backward caste, on the basis of caste, social placement, linguistic, and economic backwardness. It is to be understood that the SC Sheduled castes are mainly the caste originating from the Majority Hindu community and it is found that the SC category Hindu when converts to other religious belief is deleted from the SC category and he will not be treated as a SC he will have to be considered in the religious minority.

Among a host of recommendations, the Commission recommends delinking of Scheduled Caste status from religion and abrogation of the 1950 Scheduled Caste Order which “still excludes Muslims, Christians, Jains and Parsis from the SC net.”

The Order originally restricted the SC status to Hindus only but was later opened it to Buddhists and Sikhs.

In such as set up when every class and section of the population is given reservation it becomes more important that muslims should be given reservation to make up for the gap both socially and economically between them and the rest of the Indians.  If it is not done the effect will be multiple and the gap will be widened and will come to a level of apathy

National Effort to be made to influence and help the govt. to implement the recommendations at the earliest.

The Minorities across  political party line, regional and cultural divides should influence  and help the govt. with all available means to implement the recommendations of both the Ranganth Commission and the Sachar committee recommendations in true spirit.

This should be  single point focussed agenda of all the Minorities of India.

Indian Bill on Equal Rights. In wake of Discirmination faced by Minorities.

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(FILES)In this picture taken 15 August 2005, Dr Manmohan Singh a Minority Sikh Prime Minister of India delivers his speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort in New Delhi. The Red Fort complex was built as  fort by Shahjahan, the fifth Mughal Emperor of India, who reigned from 1628 to 1658.  It is possible a Dalit, a Muslim or a Cristian can address the nation on a Aug 15th from Red Fort As Prime Minister of India.

(FILES)In this picture taken 15 August 2005, Dr Manmohan Singh a Minority Sikh Prime Minister of India delivers his speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort in New Delhi. The Red Fort complex was built as fort by Shahjahan, the fifth Mughal Emperor of India, who reigned from 1628 to 1658. It is possible a Dalit, a Muslim or a Cristian can address the nation on a Aug 15th from Red Fort As Prime Minister of India.



























Govt on Right Side of Law.

The government move to think and introduce a bill in the parliament,  This has to stop,  discriminating on the basis of caste religion or region, will weaken the unity of our People and Nation.

This is seen in western world too, promoting racist tenderises, was common, in many parts of West,   it  has changing fast,  and thus we see in the election of Barack Hussain Obama as President of Democratic America has become a reality,  in nation plagued with racial hate and discrimination that few decades back   did not allow blacks the right to vote in US.  


Hurting the Ethos and Values on which our Nation Stands.

Discrimination of all kinds is un welcome. The Society for  homogeneous We  Indians are a cultured society, looking forward to reach heights of cultural growth and wellness of our nation.

It is not the question of a celebrity or a section of the society being discriminated, it is about how our so called elite of our society and cross section of our society think and act in their personnel life, how dear is Nation and its people to them. They only do lip service and still follow the age old evil act of discrimination which Father of the Nation fought and sacrificed his life for eradicating unsociability and right and bother hood of Hindus and Muslims we are hurting the ethos and values on which our nation stands.


Reports in media on discrimination in buying house in Mumbai 14TH OF Aug 2009 IBNlive.

New Delhi: First, actor Shabana Azmi alleged discrimination in buying a house in Mumbai, then her colleague from Bollywood Emran Hashmi too allegedly faced the same problem. Not just that, the Delhi Police recently released a booklet on how people from the Northeast should conduct themselves in the city. All these cases and many more have prompted the UPA government to finalise a law to provide equal opportunity to all.

The Bill in its current form gives powers to a Commission to deal with cases related to education, employment and any other area as notified by the government.

Sources in the Minority Affairs Ministry say housing will be first to be added to this list at the time of notification and the proposed law will be applicable to both public and private sector. The Equal Opportunity Commission will have powers to recommend to the states and the Centre to hand out disincentives.

For example, a housing society guilty of discrimination could have its tax incentives or water and power connections at concessional rates withdrawn.”Housing is the most important problem. It’s because of this we are witnessing the ghetto culture in major cities,” says spokesperson of All India Muslim Personal Board, S Q R Illyas.Soon the bill is to be put before the Cabinet for approval and the Government wants it to be introduced in parliament in the coming Winter Session. 


All are Eqal in the Eyes of Law.

Constitution gives us the fundamental right as Equals in the eyes of law, and when it comes to social and economic justice. We Indian belong to each inch of Indian where ever we are born in India, which ever Caste, Region, or Religion we belong. A tactical and instigative isolation or discrimination for all quarters of society should be punishable offence in the eyes of the nation and its people. This is not the first time there are bodies in Gujarat who boastfully spread hate and discrimination in housing societies against Muslims Minorities.

It may not be fully true in the case of Minorities alone; this can be the problem with Majority Community too, in Areas of the Society where the Minorities are dominant.

An act to punish such discriminators is most welcome to protect our national integration and unity and inculcate in our diverse sections UPA govt and its leaders and the Prime Minister should be supported in this matter.

India can see a Muslim, a Dalit, or a Christian its Prime Minister soon

Opening up the subject the right of equal opportunity is a very wide and right expression.  Our nation does not discriminate in its political and administrative set up when it comes to raising common men from all sections of the Indian diverse nation to the levels of President, Chief Justice, and Prime Minister and Defence Ministers we have examples, of Dr, Man Mohan Sing a Minority Sikh Community Becoming the Prime Minister and A P J Abul Kalam becoming President of Democratic India both were welcome with full respect and authority in the positions held.

Minority Prime Minister of India a Possibility.

There will be a day when a Muslim or a Dalit or a Christian will be seen to head the Post of Prime Minister of India the Constitution gives us all equal opportunity and regards our merits and right man will always be welcome to lead it is just that he needs to raise himself to the levels of competence like Dr Sing and   A P J Abdul Kalam.  Our children from Minority community of India can raise themselves to the level of leading our nation and taking it to new heights of success by becoming the Prime Minister of India. This is very health possibility of the future.

Rahul the Natural Leader

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rahul the boy learing a leason or two on politics from grand mother late indira gandhi.

rahul the boy learing a leason or two on politics from grand mother late indira gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi a disciplined silent revolutionary leader and hero of 2009 Election in India, Rahul cares and is concerned about the deprived in the society.  


Rahul like her Grand Mother Indira Gandhi is pleasant and magnetic personality, inheriting political wisdom from her Grand Mother, the Elegance of his Father Rajiv Gandhi, the Disciple and Patients of his Mother Sonia Gandhi, and Progressive, and Calculative in the company of Dr. Manmohan Sing, making Rahul a Leader with qualities needed to lead the Nation in 21st Century.  


Yet Rahul prefers to be close to ground reality, likes to understand the issues faced by the common man specifically and broadly always willing to keep himself informed about the affair of the party and the nation.


Some people are blessed and are born leaders who can carry with them masses and have the charisma to motivate people around them, Rahul is one such leader.


Like his Mother who took the major decision to refuse the post of PM in 2004 and spoiled the party of BJP and its allies to make a national issue of Foreigner becoming the PM of India, to streets and protest to halt a govt just elected. She sacrificed for building Congress and consolidating the family pride and kept the interest of the nation above herself and her family, and Dr. Sing became the PM. And how this team of Sonia and Manmohan Singh Clicked is proved in Verdict 2009.


Rahul taking lessons of leadership and sacrifice from her mother has said no to Cabinet Berth in 2009 formation of Govt. by Dr. Sing, he prefers to be close to the people and work to build Congress parties image and its cadre. Surely he will concentrate in regions where once Congress was an unchallenged force for decades.


The decision of Rahall Gandhi will be good for his growth as a leader with greater understanding of the ground reality and political know how, its if’s and but’s.

At the same time he will be able to priorities the needs and issues before the National Growth by 2014, when he will graduate to be true contender for the post of PM.



My best wishes are with him, and his family, I look in him the sprit Nehru, a true nationalist, Secular, Progressive, and Pleasant personality.


Dear. Rahul do keep Nation and its people, always above self and family.



The nation needs warriors who can fight the forces that are dividing the nation on the lines of caste, region and religion.

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India is Awake – Victory for Seculalrism and Virdect to Perform.

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L- R, Dr Manmohan Singh, Congress party president Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi

 Nation of Unity

Verdict for Performance, Unity, Secularism and Strong India, which can be groomed to lead the nations of the world in years to come. This is  a Historic moment for India as the Majority Hindus  community  has loved to see the Muslims brothers as equal    partners with them in journey to  building a new  India with renewed  confidence, unity, security and hard work. Victory for Indian Hindus and Muslims together.

 Effect Collective Leadershp

 Indian Voter has won, Indians have shown and put their confidence in Dr.Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi’s Dual capabilities, supported by Rahul and Pranab Mukerjee and their team. 

 Celebrations began as early as 9 am in the morning at Sonia Gandhi’s residence. This will be govt with determination and courage to take strong and bold decision which will be minus the road blocks set be left lost its redness and reduced  to pale yellow, even in West Bengal and Kerala.

 Son Rise in UP and  Mamta in Bengal.

 Congress has broken the dogma that Congress is no more a power in UP states like UP and West Bengal. Congress after decades found its roots again by performing winning them back. Due to good home work and performance of Rahul in UP and Mamta in West Bengal. 

 Almost all the states have performed,  greater than the expectations of the congress high command  even in states lik  Delhi,  and  Rajastan,  Andhra Pradesh. The strong holds of Congress.  

 BJP not Trusted  to Govrn India.

 Indian voter   Rejected BJP   led by L K Advani, and sent a message that BJP I not 

The party which the voter likes to entrust the faith to govern India in this verdict.

 It looks, India has no space for parties like BJP, who think they can rule India on the policy of Divide between people  on  religious lines, and play politics of hate against one particular community.

 Bigning of End of Modi

 In Gujrat Nareder Modi gets the taste of how it feels to get pushed to a corner and begin to get isolated, and suffocate with his party loosing badly in run up to Power in Parliament.  This is the beginning of the end of Modi in Gujrat and India. Thaks to the enlightiened Hindus voters who rejected Hinductva agenda, and leaders advocateing it very clearly with out any hasitation, and fear.   

 Emergence to people’s power,

 People have given a clear verdict that they will not tolerate the divisive political leaders and parties and allow India to be tainted as a communal, narrow, minded. 

 Mulsims thank  Hindu Brothers. 

 India is secular,   because Hindus are primarily secular by Heart.    Muslims appreciate this fact and would like to thank them for rejecting BJP. And giving India a new confidence and upholding the ethos and values it stood for ages. Long Live India.    

 Deserted in hour of  Pain

 BJP  leaders  deserted  L K  Advani in the hour of Pain when the elder leader in eighties was left alone with one to express his agony and coming to terms to the fact that he lost the last opportunity to be PM of  India as he is not expected to the around in 2014  Lok Sabha elections.  My sympathy is with him I wished he worked a better combination rather than Babri and Muslim agenda.  Even Sangh was not seen to share the pain of L K Advani in the hour of pain.

Congress caution, this is time to Perform Pl.

Sonia, Manmohan, Rahul, Pranab and their allies deserve to be congratulated for excellent work. This is for them with great expectations on performance in areas of interest which the voter expects them to deliver.  With  confidence and hope that this govt will deliver and use the power given by us to rule this nation in the norms of constitution and keep the common man and  advantaged in us

 This is enough for now I will be back with a comprehensive programme for our demands and expectation in the coming five years from UPA gotvt.

Is Hindutva barrier between L K Advani & PM”s Post ?

March 12, 2009 Comments off
Babri Masjid 93

Babri Masjid 93



Hate and Politics of Divide and Rule can not be the path one can take to be successful in a long run, and aim to be the PM of a Democratic and Secular Nation like ours.


By polarizing Hindu vote bank by yatras and demolishing the Babri Masjid and becoming the messiah of the Hindus for a short time, Mr. Advani is struggling to win an almost lost battle in run for the PM’s post of our Country.

Mr. Advaniji and his Party have ignored sentiments of Great Majority of Secular and Nationalist Hindus of our Nation who love this country and want peace, respect and success for all and growth of the nation with dignity and unity.

BJP and Advaniji boldly and knowingly hurt the feelings of Major Minority of 120 million Muslims of India with gross disrespect to the Constitution and the Human and Spiritual values, massacring the Law of the Land, in one act of Demolishing of Babri Masjid. In nineties. In return we agree they were successful for a short while too.

They forgot that this is nation with a fast growing Muslim Minority which is as strong as 180 million if I am not wrong. They did not respect the fact that to Govern India they need vote of Muslims too, I wish they thought about this in nineties.

I have heard and seen known almost all people and people in position from Majority Hindu Community be in Politics, Social Bodies or Media, in the past two decades came in defense of the Muslims of the Country and Have fearlessly condemned the acts of BJP and RSS and its leader Advaniji and his followers, be it the Demolition of Babri Masjid, or any measure that was against the rights of the Muslims, and Indian protectors of law, and fundamental rights of Indians.

I feel sad when a person like Advaniji is trapped in a situation that he can not openly and fearlessly express his affection and respect for this nation and its people, and its rights towards all its citizens, irrespective of what religion or caste they belong. I feel Advaniji is a nice man in wrong party. His hands are tied, we can understand.

“When he talked about Jinnah, he was abandoned by everybody including his own people. He was no longer above suspicion and was seen engaging in petty politics. He was seen aspiring to become the PM and changing his colors in order to achieve his goal The trust is broken, he is seen as somebody who is desperate to become the PM. “

It was a great opportunity for him when the RSS and the Hindutva Band Wagon called him with all names and labeled him as disloyal to the ideology of RSS, and lost trust in him, embarrassed him, both inside the party and out side.

Mr. Advaniji with his close followers should have launch a New Party of his own (i.e. Nav Bharat Party NBP) and Could Put Forward the Real Agenda of Being capable of taking the tough decision when it is needed most, And raise the national issues, of equality, social justice, infrastructure, good governance, image of the nation, security of all Indian, education, economic liberty, end of corruption, secured defense for the nation, happiness for the poor and the down under.

And work for bettering our socio political system and greater liberty and respect for all. This would have put pressure on the Congress and the other parties to perform better and match him and his ideology and thus improve the Nation. The Nation and the World would have appreciated and praised for providing positive and constructive competition. Bravo. Could have been the buss word.

There is time for him, let Mr. Advani come clean and apologies for what his party has done to this nation by demolishing the Babri Masjid and promise to do good to the nation and the Indians and pledge to unite India and Indians, and treat all Indians as equals and accept all Indians are Strength of India. And is part of this great nation. Irrespective of what religion and caste they belong.

Can Mr. Advani and his followers do this? So that a viable alternative is born to take on the Congress which is blamed as sudo secular and corrupt by BJP? And few other opposition parties.

Can Advaniji Come clean and make the way to be valid contender of PM’s post.

I sincerely wish he gives it a try and see the fruits and the strength he will get by doing so. Then we can say he is truly a contender for the Post of PM.

Note: Let us not be carried away by believing and accepting blind folded that UPA is the only alternative which this nation can put forward as a only viable and nationalist and secular option, if  UPA fails the voter is wise enough to throw out Congress lead UPA and the people of India are capable to bring to light a new force from with in.

It could be Young Brigade, It could be any, the annalists and the experts will predict, for all Indians to put up a better alternative which will be nationalist and secular with Respect for Constitution and Law of the Land