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Who is responsible for Yadiaiah’s immolaition & loss of life ? Why could’t he be saved ?

Yadiaiah who immolated himself, scummed to injuries, why could't he be saved. Who should be blamed for his un-timely death.?

A 19-year-old youth, who attempted self-immolation on the Osmania University campus here in support of a separate Telangana state, has died, police said on Sunday.

S. Yadaiah from Nagaram village in adjacent Ranga Reddy district, who had come to the university to take part in the students’ agitation for Telangana, had poured petrol over his body and set himself on fire on Saturday evening.

He was rushed to the Apollo Hospital, where he succumbed to the burns on Saturday night, police said.

The question is how to make sure that no one commits suicide, and immolates?

This is a very disturbing and painful incident, when Yadiaiah was on fire; he was surrounded by tens of police personnel’s, and media and common public.

No one succeeded in saving his life, a police inspector helplessly tried to put the flames off the body using his police cap, off  Yadaiah but in vain, his body was 80% burned. 

Had there been fire exenguisers, or means to protect and provide immediate measures to put the flames off possible Yadiaiah would be alive.

Is police equipped to act and help in situations of emergency like like this and save life?  How good it would be if life was saved.  Sorrow filled state, and nation is in a state of shock.

Fearing a backlash from the student community, the Andhra Pradesh Police got the body shifted to his native place early on Sunday morning.

City police commissioner A.K. Khan said Yadaiah’s post-mortem was conducted and the body taken to his village.

Yadaiah, who set himself ablaze shouting pro-Telangana slogans in the campus yesterday, was identified with help of some certificates found in his bag along with a suicide note.

The note, purportedly written by him in Telugu, said the government is not responding to the agitation for a separate Telangana.

 “People like me will get jobs if Telangana state is formed. I am giving life for Telangana and please don’t stop this movement till Telangana is achieved,” the note said.

The incident last night sparked off tension in the university area, where police sealed off the campus to prevent students from participating in the ‘assembly muttadi’ (siege) announced by the Osmania University Students Joint Action Committee.

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  1. Abdulaziz Norat
    February 22, 2010 at 8:30 am

    Government should take immediate action and short out some amicable solution before any thing happend serious.Usually it so happend that after the deterioting situation occured, government, police and political parties come in to action, at that time flood have done its work and paralised all and damaged unexpectedly.

  2. shujauddin khan @shakeel
    February 22, 2010 at 3:13 pm

    Sir It is no one but yadaiah himself is responsible for his death . I want clarification as to how separete Telangana is going to create more jobs. Keeping in mind that that the Government Central and State is discouraging rather stopped any new recruitements on permanant staff. Today very seldom new vehicles are bought by the Government and fresh Drivers appointed. No recruitements of Sweepers , Watchman , Ayaahs, Peons , sevak all are hired privately by respective Agencies. vehicles are leased out. It is very difficult to educate and convince these poor innocent class of people who are keeping high hopes on Separete Telangana. Instaed today why dont we sit along with Coastal Andhraites , Seemaites along with the Central Government and chalk out advantages revenue and agricultural incentives benefits funds factories PSUs Projects Reservoirs , Dams , Canals(LIke Chevella Jalangam). Make Telangana a very prosperous and developing region and lets not see yadaiahs immolating and committing suicides.

  3. Indian
    February 22, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    Maybe andhra’s will intensify there campaign to label the protesters as maoists and get permission from the ministry to shoot them down. This is not a conspiracy theory. The andhra’s did exactly that back in 1969 by yelling that the agitators were naxals resulting in the police shooting down 370 kids who turned out to be students. They further used the naxal excuse to implement curfews in the city for months to crush the agitation.

    I think, given a chance the andhra’s would shoot the telangana’s like dogs. They only need the permission from the centre to chase away news camera men covering the agitation. Afterwards they will take out there automatic weapons and aim at the students head. Problem solved. No?

    Cheers to indian democracy.

  4. An Indian
    March 2, 2010 at 1:18 am

    I believe and support views from Shujauddin Khan and Indian above. I would like to add that GOI and Opposition have propped this SEPARATE TELANGANA issue to:

    a) Divert attention of public from three reports tabled in Parliament i.e. Sachaar Commission, Ranganath Mishra Commission, and Liberhan Commission reports – and it’s implementation

    b) CV (Communal Violence) Bill tabled in parliament, for which both GOI and Opposition are haggling, not to implement legal experts, human rights defenders and secular activists recommendations, which protect PUBLIC, instead of defending POLICE / POLITICIANS / ADMINISTRATION.

    c) Continue GOI’s “Operation Green Hunt” to chase-away adivasis / tribals from the Golden Mineral Corridoor (Indian Jungles) to GIVE to MNC and overseas nationals to mine and benefit from our underground minerals.

    Indian Citizens are being “fooled” by both GOI and Opposition – who are dis-illusioning, obfuscating, and diverting public attention from main issues.

    Wake up Indians !!!

  5. March 7, 2010 at 3:35 pm

    మన తెలంగానాంధ్ర లొల్లి హాలీవుడ్ ని కుడా తాకినట్టుంది…….ఇక్కడ చూడండి


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